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The Ultimate Tecovas Sizing Guide: Read Before Buying

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
7 min read
Key Takeaways

Tecovas boots run true to size. You should order the same size you would with sneakers or dress shoes. Tecovas boots are smaller than other boot brands like Red Wing and Wolverine, so if you own a traditional pair of boots, your Tecovas should be a half-size to full size larger. Tecovas also offers wide EE sizes for those who have wider feet.

Thinking about buying a new pair of Tecovas?

Shopping online for a pair of boots can be a bit tricky, but you have a few things going in your favor. 

First, finding the right fit for your Tecovas boots is pretty simple, and I’ll help you through the process here. And second, even if you pick the wrong size for your cowboy boots, they have an excellent return and exchange policy.

But you’re not going to need that exchange policy after reading this article. This Tecovas sizing guide will get you the right fit on your first try. 

How do Tecovas Fit?

Tecovas Sizing for Men

Tecovas Cartwright boot on grass
Tecovas Cartwright

Finding the correct size of Tecovas boots for your feet is actually easier than for most other boot brands. 

Order the same size Tecovas boots as you would sneakers or dress shoes.

So if you have a pair of Nike’s, Adidas, Converse, etc: you’ll want the same size. 

For example, in all of my dress shoes and sneakers, I’m a size 10.5. I ordered my Tecovas Cartwright in a 10.5, and they fit perfectly. 

And if you’re referencing your Tecovas size against other boot brands, this might help: I order a size 10 in Red Wing, Wolverine, Timberland, and Thursday boots. Those brands fit more like traditional boots, so I order a half size smaller. 

But that’s not the case with Tecovas. 

There are a few key things to note before getting your Tecovas, though. 

model in waxed jacket and Tecovas Cartwright boots

Do you have wider feet? Tecovas offers EE width sizing (wide). If you sometimes buy E widths, I recommend getting the EE width rather than sizing up a half size. 

If your feet are more narrow than standard (B width instead of D width), then you may want to order a half size smaller. If you’re not sure what width your foot is, there’s a good chance you’re a standard D width. 

Tecovas stockton bison leather
Wearing my Tecovas Stockton work boots

It’s also important to know how to put on a pair of cowboy boots, because a lot of people open their new Tecovas, have trouble getting them on, and assume they ordered their boots too small. 

You can’t pull your cowboy boots on. You must stand up, slip your foot into the boot, and press your heel into the boot using your weight. They’re not like Chelsea boots where you can use your arms to get the boots on—you’ll need your body weight. 

If you read through the reviews for the pair of boots you’re eyeing, you may find a few people who said they couldn’t get their boots on, and I’d bet that was the issue. 

Tecovas ships their boots with a pre-paid return label in the box, so it really couldn’t be easier to exchange your boots if you accidentally get the wrong size. But seriously, just go look in your closet and find out what size you most commonly get for your sneakers and dress shoes: that’s your Tecovas sizing. 

How do Tecovas work boots fit?

Tecovas work boots fit just like the rest of their line: true to size. One benefit of their work boots is that they have removable insoles so if your feel swell or your boots are feeling a bit tight, you can remove the insole and give yourself a little more room. But still order your true Brannock size in Tecovas work boots.

Tecovas Stockton

While the Tecovas Stockton is a bit difficult to put on, it’s a tough, rugged boot at a fantastic price, given the material quality. I can easily say It's my favorite western work boot.

Check Price Read Our Review

Tecovas Sizing for Women

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Tecovas has made it just as easy for ladies to find their perfect size as they have for us guys. 

Your best bet is to order the same size boots as you would for a pair of heels or sneakers. Whatever size shows up most in your closet: get that size for your new boots. 

If your shoes are split 50/50 (say between a size 7 and 7.5), then try ordering the smaller of the two (so get a size 7). Because boots are leather, they’ll stretch a little as you wear them. 

Tecovas doesn’t offer any wide widths for women, so if your feet are wider than the standard B width, try getting a half-size larger. 

Again, Tecovas ships their new boots with a pre-paid return label that makes it super easy to return or exchange, so if you’re not loving the fit of your new boots, they’ll get you the right size asap.

Like with men’s cowboy boots, you should always stand when putting your boots on. Use your weight to push your heel into the boot: don’t try to pull them on with your arm strength—that’ll make putting your boots on much easier (and you won’t worry that you got a size too small). 

Tecovas Size Chart

Tecovas Sizing Chart 1

I’ve created a Tecovas sizing chart above if you’re used to EU or UK sizing. I think it’s still a better idea to use your dress shoe or sneaker size if you’re based in the US (rather than try to measure your foot in inches).

You can also read my guide on how cowboy boots should fit if you want some general tips on what a new pair of cowboy boots feel like when they’re on your feet. 

How to Break In Tecovas Boots

jeans over Tecovas Cartwright boot shaft

Tecovas boots don’t have much of a break in period at all. The leather is soft and supple, so they crease gently and stretch a bit as you wear them. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how to break in cowboy boots, but honestly, I don’t think you’ll need it. 

If anything, wear a thicker pair of socks the first few times you wear your new Tecovas out. That’ll keep you from getting any blisters. But after a few miles of walking, the leather should be fully broken in

author wearing Tecovas stockton work boots

The only other issue you may face when breaking in Tecovas boots is that the footbed and sole are both leather, which doesn’t give you much shock absorption. This can cause your feet to be sore after a long day of walking or standing. There isn’t much you can do other than play through the pain, but in my experience, it’s really not that big of a deal. 

Plus, because the sole and insole are leather, it’ll shape to your foot in a few wears and will feel almost like your boots were custom made for you. 

Ready for a New Pair of Boots?

Don’t overthink it: getting the right size for Tecovas boots should be fairly easy. 

Just order the same size that pops up in your closet most often.

For guys, that means ordering the same size you get in your sneakers and dress shoes. If you have wider feet, get your usual sneaker size, but in the EE width. 

For ladies, the same is true. 

And remember: Tecovas ships a pre-paid return label with your new boots, so even if you get the wrong size, it couldn’t be easier to exchange for the correct size. But with this guide, you shouldn’t have that issue. 

My first Tecovas boots were the Cartwright, and I’m stoked on them. So which Tecovas are you getting? 


How do Tecovas sizes run?

Tecovas boots fit similarly to dress shoes and sneakers. If you are a size 11 in sneakers like Nike, Adidas, or Converse, you will be a size 11 in Tecovas. If you’re a size 11 in boots like Red Wing or Wolverine, you’ll want a larger size for your Tecovas, like an 11.5.

What’s the difference between D and EE in cowboy boots?

D will fit a standard foot width, whereas EE will fit wider feet. Most men should get a D width boot, but if the sides of your feet ever feel cramped in sneakers, an EE width is a better choice.

How much room should be in the toe of a cowboy boot?

You should have about one thumbs width of room at the toe of your cowboy boots. However, it can be difficult to tell as the toe box may be reinforced. You shouldn’t ever feel your toes touch the front of your boots, even if you push them toward the front.


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