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thursday boots vs taft

Thursday Boots vs Taft: Who Wins the Battle?

Direct to consumer brands are crushing it, but few do it quite like Thursday Boot Company and Taft. We compare them head to head to see which brand is best.

Brunt boots sizing guide

Brunt Boots Sizing: How to Find the Right Fit

What’s worse than opening a new pair of boots, only to send them right back. With this Brunt boots sizing guide, you’ll get the right fit the first time.

taft sizing guide

Taft Size Chart: How Should Taft Boots Fit?

Let’s get you a pair of boots that fits right the first time, ok? This Taft size chart and sizing guide will help you get the perfect fit and avoid the return.

are timberland boots good in snow

Are Timberlands Good for Snow? A Guide to Wearing Timberlands in Winter

If you’re about to lace up your Timberlands and head outside in the snow and ice, read this guide first to make sure you’re not about to ruin your boots.

Knock off Doc Martens Doc Marten Dupe on blank background

9 Dr. Martens Alternatives That Are Actually Worth a Look in 2022

Looking for decent Doc Martens dupes? Whether you want lower prices, higher quality, or slight design modifications, these nine alternatives are your best bet.

Best Blundstone Alternatives and Boots like Blundstones

Boots Like Blundstones: 5 Better Blundstone Alternatives

Blundstones are overrated. Here are five of the best Blundstone alternatives available right now. Get a similar style with better quality and a lower price.

allen edmonds sizing guide 1

Allen Edmonds Sizing Guide: How do Allen Edmonds Fit?

Don’t get a pair of Allen Edmonds before you read this full Allen Edmonds sizing guide. Learn how their different lasts REALLY affect the fit.

Clint Eastwood Boots 1

Clint Eastwood Boots: What Kind of Boots Does He Wear?

Want to know what boots Clint Eastwood wore in all his most famous roles? Do you feel lucky? Huh? Do ya? These are the most popular Clint Eastwood boots.

best chukka boots for men

7 Best Chukka Boots for Men: The King of Ankle Boots

Chukka boots can be tricky. If you don’t get high quality, they can look floppy. But quality doesn’t always mean expensive. These are the best chukka boots.

Helm boots interview

Interview with Brad Day, CEO of HELM Boots

HELM designs their boots in Austin, Texas, and given that I’m a fan of the brand, I wanted to learn more about them. Their CEO was supplied the goods.

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman review chelsea boots

R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Review: Australia’s Chelsea Boot

If it’s good enough for the entire continent of Australia, it’s good enough to at least try, right? This R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman review tells all.

Grant Stone Chelsea Boot Review

Grant Stone Chelsea Boot Review: Goodyear Welted Goodness

Grant Stone is known for their quality, but how’s the style of their popular Chelsea boot? This Grant Stone Chelsea Boot review dives into all the details.