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boot construction

Ultimate Guide to Boot Construction: Blake Stitch vs Goodyear Welt vs Stitchdown

In this guide, I will try to break down Blake stitch, Stitchdown, and Goodyear welt boot construction as clearly as possible with their pros & cons.

best snow boots

6 Best Snow Boots for Men: Cozy and Sturdy

Are things about to get frosty? Check out our picks of the six best snow boots, from ultra-insulated to luxury designer to get you through the winter chill.

history of american military boots

The Fascinating History of American Military Boots

Strap on your Tanker boots or jump into your Corcorans and read on as I guide you through the fascinating history of American military boots.

how to lace in boot zippers

How to Lace In Boot Zippers (+ The Best Boot Zippers)

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn what the best boot zips are and how to install them properly on your boots so you get it right the first time.

what is aniline leather

What is Aniline Leather?

Read this guide to learn exactly what aniline leather is, what it’s great for, where its flaws lie, and whether it’s the right material for your boots.

custom boots online

Where Can You Get Custom Boots Online? A Made To Order Guide

Made to order boots are well within reach. Here you can find the best options out there for getting your hands on a pair of custom boots online.

best desert boots

5 Best Desert Boots for Men: Smart-Casual Style

Want to hit the heat in boots? Check out our carefully selected picks of the 5 best desert boots that will keep your feet happy on the hottest days of the year.

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5 Best Leather Conditioners for Boots: Top 11 Tested and Reviewed

I picked up 11 leather conditioners and tested them all in a controlled environment so you can decide which is the best option for your boots.

lems boulder boot review

Lems Boulder Boot Review: Are Zero-Drop Boots For You?

Curious about getting zero drop boots but worried they’re a fad? Check out my Lems Boulder Boot review for a closer look and to find out if they’re for you.

kangaroo leather boots

Kangaroo Leather Boots: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Not a lot of boot brands use kangaroo leather. But here are a few reasons why kangaroo leather makes great boots, and some drawbacks, too.

oakley light assault boot 2 review

Oakley Light Assault Boot 2 Review: Not Your Tactical Boot

In this hands-on Oakley Light Assault Boot 2 review, I dive into the details of this combat boot so you can decide if it’s worth picking up.

boot anatomy

The Ultimate Guide to Boot Anatomy: Every Part of a Boot Explained

Confused about navigating boot-related terms? Here you can learn every part of the boot anatomy to find exactly the shape and style you’re looking for.