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Author Image William Barton

William put on a pair of army boots when he was seven and barely even took them off to sleep. He had to give them up at nine when they were three sizes too small, but his love of boots is just as strong as ever today. Reach out to him for your own personalized boot recommendation at william@bootspy.com or say what's up on our Instagram or YouTube channel.
carmina rain review 1

Carmina Rain Review: A Perfect Finish

Check out my Carmina Rain review where I share everything I learned about this legendary Spanish shoemaker after trying out their classy Zip boots.

thursday boots legend review

Thursday Boots Legend Review: The Chunky Chelsea

I picked up a pair of the Thursday Legends and put them to the test so you can decide if this weather-ready Chelsea boot is right for you.

JK Boots Climber review

JK Boots Climber Review: Serious Duty Work Boots

Wondering if you should go with Pacific Northwest boot brands? Check out my hands-on JK Boots Climber review for the complete scoop before buying.

rocky S2V tactical boots review

Rocky S2V Tactical Boots Review: Middle Ground Marchers

When you’re out there performing, you need a boot that can back you up. Check out my hands-on Rocky S2V Tactical boots review to find out if it stacks up.

georgia logger boots review

Georgia Logger Boots Review: The Best Value Logger?

They look great but are they worth it? In this Georgia Logger boots review, I break down my experience with this boot so you can decide if it’s worth your cash.

best socks for red wing boots

3 Best Socks for Red Wing Boots: Great Red Wing Companions

Well, I’ve tried a lot of different sock brands, and in this guide, I’ll share with you my picks for the best socks to rock with your Red Wing boots.

best socks for cowboy boots

5 Best Socks for Cowboy Boots: No More Sweaty Feet

I tested dozens of sock brands and narrowed down to these five as the best for cowboy boots. These socks reduce heel slip, keep your feet dry, and stay up.

taft stitchdown collection

TAFT Goes Old-School with a New Stitchdown Boot Line

TAFT goes old school and releases their new Stitchdown Collection, blending modern style with old-world bootmaking methods.

nicks boots tactical review

Nicks Tactical Boot Review: The Most Durable Tactical Boot?

Searching for a durable tactical boot? Check out my hands-on Nicks Boots Tactical review and find out if the world’s most rugged tactical boot is right for you.

how to lace in boot zippers

How to Lace In Boot Zippers (+ The Best Boot Zippers)

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn what the best boot zips are and how to install them properly on your boots so you get it right the first time.

best leather conditioners for boots

5 Best Leather Conditioners for Boots: Top 11 Tested and Reviewed

I picked up 11 leather conditioners and tested them all in a controlled environment so you can decide which is the best option for your boots.

lems boulder boot review

Lems Boulder Boot Review: Are Zero-Drop Boots For You?

Curious about getting zero drop boots but worried they’re a fad? Check out my Lems Boulder Boot review for a closer look and to find out if they’re for you.

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