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BootSpy's Best Boots of 2023

Our top 17 boots you can get this year.


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Founder of BootSpy William Barton 2

Hi, I’m William

I founded BootSpy in 2020 with a simple mission: test and review men’s boots and give a real, honest opinion.

At the very beginning, we set out some ground-rules for how we’d do our boot reviews and care guides. You can read our full review process here, but in short:

  • we buy the boots
  • we test them ourselves and take our own pictures
  • we don’t take sponsorships from brands for reviews
  • and we give our honest opinions on whether we like the boots or not

We also have the BootSpy YouTube channel where over 30,000+ subscribers get new boot reviews, unboxings, and care guides every single week.

Hands-On and Unbiased Boot Reviews

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