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Modern Classic: The Tellason Coverall Jacket

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
3 min read

In this first edition of Modern Classic—a column that uncovers the pieces that define brands—I’m diving into the Tellason Coverall Jacket.

Tellason is a San Francisco-based denim brand, and while they have an entire lineup of denim jeans, chinos, jackets, and more, the Coverall Jacket is their pièce de résistance.

Tellason Coverall

Since this is the first Modern Classic column, I feel the need to outline how this is gonna go:

First, I’ll dive into what the jacket is, what kind of options you can get—all the details.

Then, I’ll show you how some folks style it and how it looks as it ages. Sound good?

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The Tellason Coverall: Yes, There’s a Pocket For That

denim texture tellason coverall

I love pieces that are easily recognized. You know when you see a pair of Iron Rangers. And similarly, the Tellason Coverall has a few distinct features that mean it can’t be mistaken for any other denim jacket.

If you like pockets, well, you’ll love this.

This bad boy has five pockets on the front at various angles with various depths. On the left side, over the heart, you have what could be described as a knife pocket, a deeeep foot-long pocket, and another waist pocket sewn on top.

Tellason Coverall Ecru
Here’s the 13.5oz Ecru color. You can see all those pockets pretty well against the natural cloth color.

That same guy who cried over the double rainbow is weeping his sweet little heart out over this triple pocket.

You also get a nifty internal pocket as well. While not as flashy, it’s probably the most actually helpful pocket on the jacket.

Let’s not kid ourselves, though: the main reason for all the pockets is because it makes the jacket look cool.

Ain’t no way you’re filling those pockets on a daily basis.

Denim Options

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With the Coverall, you’re not confined to one type of denim.

On the high end, you can get it blanket-lined in 16.5oz denim. Or if you want a lighter denim jacket, opt for the 12.5oz selvedge version.

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As a true denim-head’s brand, Tellason sources their denim from several mills. The Ecru version is in selvedge from Candiani. The 14oz weight utilizes natural indigo dyed sanforized denim from Kuroki. The heavy 16.5oz Coverall makes use of Tellason’s proprietary collab with Kaihara.

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That’s one thing I love about the Coverall—if you’re into denim and have distinct preferences for your next pick-up, there’s a good chance Tellason has an option that’s at least close enough.

Tellason Coverall Jacket 16.5oz. Selvedge Denim

The 16.5oz Kaihara denim is the most popular version of the Tellason Coverall. Expect the sickest of fades.

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Styling the Tellason Coverall

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Obviously double-denim is expected—encouraged, even—when wearing the Tellason Coverall.

I believe the jeans you’re seeing in the pic above are from Left Field. Of course, hard to do double-denim wrong with Red Wing Classic Mocs on.

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Apparently there are people out there who plan on using all six pockets. My wrench ain’t that big.

Also, note the rare discontinued Red Wing 8134s. That’s a tasty basic boot.

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Go as old-timey as you want with the style. The better your mustache, the more likely you’ll pull it off. My mustache game is non-existent, so I stay out of this lane.

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The Coverall isn’t just for guys. There’s at least one lady getting in on the Tellason action here.

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This guy full on styled this jacket with shorts and a dog. That’s a win in my book.

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The above look is definitely Japanese all the way. Props for the denim bucket hat. I don’t even know where you get something like that. Also, I wouldn’t wear my belt like that, for fear of it being mistaken for something else and then being arrested.

But otherwise, a very interesting way to style the Coverall indeed.

Get the Tellason Coverall

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If you’re torn between all the different denims, mills, and colors, here’s my opinion on the Tellason Coverall: I’d get their 16.5oz Kaihara raw selvedge version.

They’ve had it for 9 years and it’s probably their best-selling item.

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I’m definitely intrigued by the other options, but if you want to experience the Tellason brand, this is the most emblematic piece.

Check out what options there are over at Tellason and get this modern classic now.

Tellason Coverall Jacket 16.5oz. Selvedge Denim

The 16.5oz Kaihara denim is the most popular version of the Tellason Coverall. Expect the sickest of fades.

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