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Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about boots. From how they’re made, to how they should fit, to how to clean them—this is your handbook to a healthier relationship with your boots.

What Is Horween Chromexcel Leather? Here’s Why It’s Special

By William Barton
vegetable tanning vs oil tanning vs chrome tanning

Vegetable Tanning vs Oil Tanning vs Chrome Tanning: What’s the Difference?

I explain the differences between vegetable tanning, oil tanning, and chrome tanning, and explore the characteristics and environmental impacts of each method.

irish setter size chart - irish setter ely boot with a measuring tape

Irish Setter Size Chart: My Guide to Irish Setter Boots Sizing

Not sure if the Irish Setter boots you’re looking at will fit correctly? I’ve got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at fit & sizing in this Irish Setter size guide.

cowboy boot toe types - wide square toe, round toe, square toe, cutter toe

14 Different Cowboy Boot Toe Types

Cowboy boot toe shapes can be more than just square or round. I’ll walk you through them all, from the common toes to the lesser-known (and lesser-used) shapes.

Lace Up vs Pull On Boots - Ariat Endeavor & Ariat Intrepid boots

Lace Up vs Pull On Boots: Which is Better for Work Boots?

In this lace up vs pull on boots guide, I’ll cover as many scenarios as possible so you leave knowing the exact type of work boots that’s going to help you get the job done. 

are blundstones waterproof

Аre Blundstоnes Wаterрrооf? Everything Yоu Need tо Knоw Befоre Getting Yоur Blundstоnes Wet

Are Blundstones waterproof? I’ll explain the answer and the differences between waterproof vs water restistant boots as we we examine the Blundstones brand.

georgia boot sizing - georgia logger boot with a measuring tape

Georgia Boot Sizing: Comprehensive Size Chart and Fitting Guide

Within this guide on Georgia boot sizing, I aim to equip you with all the knowledge you’ll need to ensure your purchase from Georgia is spot-on from the get-go.

how to stretch cowboy boots

3 Simple Tricks to Stretch Cowboy Boots the Right Way

Come learn the three best and easiest methods to stretch out your cowboy boots so they get comfortable as quick as possible.

how to shorten shoelaces

How to Shorten Shoelaces in 5 Minutes or Less

Come learn the quickest and easiest solutions to shorten your shoelaces (it’ll literally take minutes) so you can stride in style and security.

types of boot heels

11 Types of Boot Heels: Ride, Walk, and Work the Right Way

In this guide, we dive into the many types of boot heels used today so you’ll know exactly what any pair of boots you’re considering will be useful for.

square toe vs round toe cowboy boots

Square Toe vs Round Toe Cowboy Boots: Which Are Better?

Cowboy boots aren’t just a fashion choice. Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about square toe vs round toe cowboy boots so you can pick your next pair.

boot cobblers

Ultimate Guide to Boot Cobblers: What to Expect on a Visit

Are your boots on their last legs? Check out this guide and learn how to find great boot cobblers in the USA and know what to ask before they start the repairs.

boot construction

Boot Construction Explained: Blake Stitch vs Goodyear Welt vs Stitchdown

In this guide, I will try to break down Blake stitch, Stitchdown, and Goodyear welt boot construction as clearly as possible with their pros & cons.

how to lace in boot zippers

How to Lace In Boot Zippers (& Which Zippers You Should Buy)

In this practical guide, I explain what boot zips are, which ones you should buy, and how to install them properly on your boots so you get it right first time.

kangaroo leather boots

Kangaroo Leather Boots: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Not a lot of boot brands use kangaroo leather. But here are a few reasons why kangaroo leather makes great boots, and some drawbacks, too.

boot anatomy

The Ultimate Guide to Boot Anatomy: Every Part Explained

Confused about navigating boot-related terms? Here you can learn every part of the boot anatomy to find exactly the shape and style you’re looking for.

lems boulder boot sizing (1)

Lems Boulder Boot Sizing: How to Get the Right Fit in Lems

In this Lems Boulder Boot sizing guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about how they fit and how to choose the correct size for your foot shape.

monkey boots

Monkey Boots: What Are They and Which Are the Best?

What’s the deal with monkey boots? Why are these stubby things getting so popular? Come dive into the history and where to find the best monkey boots right now.

viberg sizing

Viberg Sizing Guide: How to Pick Your Size in Viberg Boots

Viberg’s ain’t cheap—so let’s get your size right. Learn how to find the right Viberg fit for each last so you can decide which boot shape is right for you.

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