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Georgia Boot Sizing: Comprehensive Size Chart and Fitting Guide

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
5 min read
Key Takeaways

Georgia boots are true to size and generally align with your standard sneaker size. While some brands like Red Wing tend to fit a bit larger, Georgia Boots have conventional sizing standards. For instance, if sneakers in size 10 fit you best, then a size 10 in Georgia boots should be your pick. Georgia only offers two widths on their boots M (medium or D width), and W (wide, or EE width).

Georgia provides limited advice on choosing the right boot size, and it can be a big bummer to send back boots that don’t fit immediately upon trying.

With this guide on Georgia boot sizing, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make sure your purchase from Georgia is spot-on from the get-go.

In addition to the size chart, I’ll compare Georgia’s sizing against renowned brands like Red Wing, Ariat, and Wolverine to give you a clearer perspective on sizing and boot width.

The Ultimate Georgia Boots Sizing Guide

Georgia boots Logger profile close up

Georgia Boots follow standard footwear sizing conventions. In relation to other leading boot brands, they fit true to size. For example, if you’re accustomed to a size 10 in Nike sneakers, the same size would suit you for Georgia boots.

This differs from the sizing of brands like Red Wing, Thorogood, and Wolverine. Based on my personal experience, Red Wing boots tend to be roomier. Even though I wear a size 10.5 for both sneakers and formal shoes, I opt for size 10 in brands like Red Wing, Thorogood, and Wolverine, which turns out to be an impeccable fit (essentially half a size down from my typical sneaker size).

However, with Georgia boots, I stick with my regular sneaker size: 10.5M.

Iconic Georgia boot designs, such as the Logger, are slightly more confined at the toe. Personally, this hasn’t posed a problem for me, but it’s commendable that Georgia provides a limited selection of widths. They call these widths M and W (medium and wide). 

These widths correspond to D and EE on a Brannock device. 

For those with broader toes who often face discomfort with other brands, the W or EE width might be a game-changer.

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Finding the Correct Width 

author wearing Georgia Logger boots

Georgia Boots offers their work boots in widths M and W, which correspond to D and EE

If you’re not sure about choosing between D and E, the E might be a safer bet. Especially during exhaustive workdays or hot conditions, feet have a tendency to swell, making a slightly roomier boot more accommodating. You wouldn’t want your boots to feel tight in the morning and then become unbearable by the afternoon.

Echoing my earlier sentiment, a size 10.5 in sneakers translates to a 10.5 M (D)  in Georgia work boots for me. However, if you wear a 10.5 in sneakers and find there’s ample space at the toe, perhaps a 10 W would be a better fit.

How Do Georgia Logger Boots Measure Up? 

Georgia Logger outsole tread walking up steps

Georgia Loggers stand out as a top pick within the brand’s lineup. Everything that holds for Georgia Boots in general also applies to their Logger.

Bear in mind, your feet might expand slightly when wearing the Logger, particularly if you’re exposed to hot temperatures in summer or performing strenuous tasks. 

So, a bit of extra space in the boot’s middle section is advisable. Definitely make sure your heel remains stable to prevent unnecessary discomfort or blisters.

Georgia Boot Sizing Chart 

Georgia Boot Size Chart 1

The best way to be absolutely sure of your foot width is by using a Brannock device. However, sometimes all ya’ got is a ruler. 

The Georgia Boot size chart can be used as a general reference if you’re in a hurry to get a new pair of boots and you just want to double-check check you’re getting the correct length and width. 

There’s a lot more to foot sizing than just the length and width in inches, so really, a Brannock measurement is a lot better. But this is a quick and dirty version that’ll give you some more info. 

For those familiar with UK and EU sizing from other brands, I’ve included those as well to aid in cross-referencing for an ideal fit.

Georgia Logger

The Georgia Logger offers a fantastic balance between value for money and sturdy durability. It's waterproof, plus you can find steel and composite toe versions as well.

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Georgia Boots vs. Red Wing and Ariat Sizing 

Georgia Logger leather demonstration

Red Wing boots tend to be more generous in size than Georgia boots. This pattern also holds true for brands like Wolverine, Thorogood, Danner, and Timberland.

Drawing from my experience, the sizing of Ariat boots aligns closely with that of Georgia, both mirroring most sneaker brands rather than traditional boot brands.


My experience with the Georgia Logger has been a good one. These are comfortable and durable boots (maybe a bit chunky, though). 

If you want my opinion, I wish Georgia was a little more clear with their sizing. 

However, here’s my short answer to how Georgia Boots fit:

Georgia Boots fit more like sneakers than they do most boots. You shouldn’t size down with Georgia Boots. Get your normal sneaker or dress shoe size (this corresponds with your Brannock measurement if you know that).

Georgia only offers a M and W width, which is the same as a D and EE width on the Brannock. 

If you don’t know whether you have standard or wide feet, you likely have standard width feet. 

However, if you have more than an inch and half of room at the front of most of your shoes and boots, then you likely have E or EE (wide) feet and don’t even know it. If that’s the case, get a pair of W width Georgia Boots. 

Georgia Logger

The Georgia Logger offers a fantastic balance between value for money and sturdy durability. It's waterproof, plus you can find steel and composite toe versions as well.

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How should Georgia Boots fit?

Your Georgia Boots should have roughly an inch of room in the front of the toes, with some space to wiggle your toes, too. You shouldn’t feel any tightness or pinching around the ball of your foot. If you have that sensation, size up to a W width (or EE). The boot should also bend and crease at the ball of your foot—if it’s creasing elsewhere, the boot is either too long or too short.

Are Georgia Boots comfortable?

Georgia Boots are comfortable, especially if you leave the removable insole in the boots. I have the Georgia Logger, and though I felt the boot was a little heavy, it was very comfortable to stand in for 10+ hours in a day. Plus, the logger heel was comfortable for my back and posture.


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