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New Boot Releases: March 26th – April 1st 

Travis Khachatoorian

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Travis is an Emmy and Edward R Murrow award winning journalist with 10 years reporting experience with NBC and CBS. He's followed stories around the world: into the path of Hurricane Michael in Florida, with Alaskan dogs on the trail of The Iditarod, and in the belly of a C-130 with US Paratroopers off the coast of Australia. Travis left the news to live a less action packed life with his wife and son in Southern California, but he’s still passionate about quality reporting and heritage style boots. Read full bio.

Published: Mar 26, 2024
4 min read

The sun is still out when I get home from work, neighborhood kids are back playing in the street, the hills are green from a rainy winter, and of course, bootmakers are showcasing their best in the annual Spring boot drops.

What’s not to love about this time of year?

Oak Street Bootmakers

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This announcement stopped my IG scroll in its tracks.

Oak Street Bootmakers is re-releasing their stunning U.S.N. Field Shoes (N-1). These were developed to match the exact specifications of soldiers who fought in the Pacific Theater in World War Two.

This field boot is constructed with beautiful light tan Horween Chromexel Roughout, a hand-lasted Goodyear welt buildout, an unstructured toe, and period appropriate stamps on the heel and the upper.

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The N-1 was originally dropped in a limited batch last year, and thankfully, Oak Street brought it back for another limited release. 

These might be the perfect Spring boot: sturdy, Earth-toned, and easily paired with light denim and a T-shirt.

White’s Boots

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White’s is teasing a small batch release that’s got my attention.

The Perry is one of White’s most popular and iconic boots. And this week, it will be outfitted in Rosewood Kudu from Charles F. Stead Tannery.

Charles F. Stead is a legendary tannery out of England with more than 100 years of history under its belt. I’m currently wearing a pair of Grant Stone boots with in C.F. Stead Kudu, and I’m addicted to how this leather is aging.

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The Kudu is breaking in beautifully and fairly quickly. It has a ton of character and is developing a one of a kind wear-in along the waist that’s much different than what I’ve experienced with cow leather. 

To have this Kudu leather on a Perry would be, without a doubt, a boot that would draw compliments.

White’s has teased the release on their social media channels and plan to ultimately put the limited drop up for grabs on March 27.

Russell Moc

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If you’re looking out at the rising thermometer and sneakers are seeming more appetizing than a pair of thick heritage-style boots, I hear you.

But don’t throw in the towel for fast fashion because the suns out. Russell Moccasin Company just released a new loafer, the B-52, with a premium buildout that will last a lifetime.

They used a throwback moccasin design from Russell Moc’s 1952 catalog, and they built the reimagined loafer with a solid boot construction.

Russell moc loafers

It’s got thick water-resistant leather, a full pig-skin lining so you can wear them without shoes, and a Dainite sole to get you from the house to the office and most everywhere in between.

I love the look of this loafer: it perfectly mixes classic with contemporary, with an understated swagger.

Helm Boots

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You get a small batch release! You get a small batch release! You get a small batch release!

The Oprah Show continues with Helm Boots’ latest announcement of their Hynes chukka boot in a laid back tan leather.

helm chukkas

This chukka doesn’t have any hardware in its eyelets, giving it a clean overall presentation. It’s constructed with a Blake Rapid Stitch and features a padded collar around the ankle for comfort.

Helm says only 100 of these tan chukkas have been made, so don’t sleep on this one if you got your eyes on it.

Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch is jumping into spring fashion with a smooth retro look in their new Harwich Shirt.

This looks straight out of a vintage store. It features a relaxed collar, a tailored cut, and stark contrasting piping along the middle.

The shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is being released in two easy-going pastel tones, perfect for chilling hard on a hot day.

Taylorstitch newshirt

You gotta be putting off the right aura if you go with this shirt. If you pull it off, you might just put out 1960’s Hugh Hefner vibes… or you might look like you’re heading to a local bowling tournament. 

It’s all in completing the outfit and owning the look.

Hiroshi Kato

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I’ve been really digging corduroys this past winter, so I’m excited to see Hiroshi Kato is back with a corduroy companion for the other half of the year.

The Cove Shorts are another vintage style that screams weekend chillin’.

These are a new rendition of the classic surf corduroys of the 60s and 70s, reimagined to fit in with a modern wardrobe.

hiroshi kato corduroy

The cut of these shorts really hits the sweet spot, not too high and not too baggy, and sits right above the knee.

The downside is these are on the very expensive end of the summer shorts spectrum.

Nudie Jeans

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Nudie Jeans is bringing us a big old deadstock drop.

Deadstock means that these fabrics are no longer being created. The denim factories either went out of business or moved onto other projects, but years later, the leftover raw denim is finally being put to good use.

nudiejeans deadstock

Nudie Jeans is describing this drop as “a modern fit with vintage soul”. Three different colored fabrics from 2016 are being released. They’re all under 12oz weight denim, meaning these can be worn all summer long.

The black and indigo deadstock jeans have copper trim and hardware, and a variety of cuts worth checking out. 

See You Next Week

Heritage fashion brands are sending a very clear message heading into spring: out with the new and in with the old.

Between a WWII Field Boot, a 1950s mocassin loafer, corduroy shorts and a shirt featuring heavy piping on the collar, reimagined vintage styles are reigning supreme. 

Personally, I dig it.

In the meantime, start thinking up that garden you’ve always wanted, go wash your car, and plan that summer camping trip. The good times are here to stay.


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  1. was soo disappointed! saw your post that a WWII boot has been re-issued, I was really hoping it was the Type II service shoe – russet, the cap toe boots that were supplied to the Army Air Corps. I’d love to find a good repro of that boot.