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Toes, welts, shanks, uppers, stays, and insteps—the anatomy maketh the boot, and each boot is different. In these guides, we’ll help you understand how boots are made which will make it more likely that you’ll find a quality pair that will last.

What Is Horween Chromexcel Leather? Here’s Why It’s Special

By William Barton
vegetable tanning vs oil tanning vs chrome tanning

Vegetable Tanning vs Oil Tanning vs Chrome Tanning: What’s the Difference?

I explain the differences between vegetable tanning, oil tanning, and chrome tanning, and explore the characteristics and environmental impacts of each method.

cowboy boot toe types - wide square toe, round toe, square toe, cutter toe

14 Different Cowboy Boot Toe Types

Cowboy boot toe shapes can be more than just square or round. I’ll walk you through them all, from the common toes to the lesser-known (and lesser-used) shapes.

Lace Up vs Pull On Boots - Ariat Endeavor & Ariat Intrepid boots

Lace Up vs Pull On Boots: Which is Better for Work Boots?

In this lace up vs pull on boots guide, I’ll cover as many scenarios as possible so you leave knowing the exact type of work boots that’s going to help you get the job done. 

are blundstones waterproof

Аre Blundstоnes Wаterрrооf? Everything Yоu Need tо Knоw Befоre Getting Yоur Blundstоnes Wet

Are Blundstones waterproof? I’ll explain the answer and the differences between waterproof vs water restistant boots as we we examine the Blundstones brand.

types of boot heels

11 Types of Boot Heels: Ride, Walk, and Work the Right Way

In this guide, we dive into the many types of boot heels used today so you’ll know exactly what any pair of boots you’re considering will be useful for.

boot construction

Boot Construction Explained: Blake Stitch vs Goodyear Welt vs Stitchdown

In this guide, I will try to break down Blake stitch, Stitchdown, and Goodyear welt boot construction as clearly as possible with their pros & cons.

boot anatomy

The Ultimate Guide to Boot Anatomy: Every Part Explained

Confused about navigating boot-related terms? Here you can learn every part of the boot anatomy to find exactly the shape and style you’re looking for.

goodyear welt

Goodyear Welt Construction: Are Goodyear Welt Boots Better?

Read this this article to find out all about Goodyear welted construction. By the end, you’ll know if this type of footwear is right for your style and wallet.

boot shank

What Is a Steel Shank in a Boot? Boot Shanks Explained

In this guide, I’m breaking down exactly what a boot shank is, what it does, and the downsides of steel shanks compared to a different material.

boot soles

14 Types of Boot Soles You Need to Know

There’s no more important part of a boot than its sole. So here’s a list of the boot soles you should know about to pick the one that’s fit for purpose.

what does comp toe mean

What Does Comp Toe Mean? Should I Get Steel Toe Instead?

If you need safety boots and can’t decide between steel toe and comp toe, this guide gives pros and cons to help with your decision-making.

what is a boot jack

What Is a Boot Jack (And How Do You Use One)?

Taking off your boots can be a hassle. Or a complete mess. This is where a boot jack can help and this guide has everything you need to know.

Pros and Cons of a Boot Kiltie 1

What Are Boot Kilties (& Where Can You Buy Some)?

A boot kiltie adds an extra layer of protection to your boots. But what are benefits of wearing them, is worth it, and where can you buy them? Find out here.

Boot Shaft Cartoon Drawing of Man Wearing Cowboy Boots Measuring Shaft of Boot

What Is a Boot Shaft and How Do You Measure It?

What is the boot shaft? You can learn to measure the shaft of your boot, ensuring you get the proper fit and protection you need. Find out how in this guide.

Crepe Sole What is it and Should You Prefer it for Boots

Crepe Sole: What is it and Should You Prefer it for Boots?

Not sure what a crepe sole is? Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to know before buying boots with a crepe sole.