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Viberg Sizing Guide: How to Pick Your Size in Viberg Boots

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
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Key Takeaways

Viberg boots run large. They don’t fit true to Brannock sizing conventions. Each last shape is different, but in general, I recommend sizing a full size down from your sneaker size for Viberg boots. Take note that a standard Viberg boot is an E width (wide) and not the regular D width.

I recently picked up a pair of Viberg Service Boots and was surprised at how wide they felt when I first put them on. 

After looking through a ton of Viberg sizing information, I realized that Viberg’s standard fit is an E width (wide). 

For whatever reason, I missed that in the buying process. And given that I got the 310 Service Boot, I could’ve gone a half-size smaller for sure. 

So to help you avoid making the same mistake I did, I’m breaking down exactly how to find the right Viberg fit. Plus, I explain the differences between the various Viberg lasts so you can decide which boot shape is right for you. 

Ultimate Guide to Viberg Sizing

author wearing Viberg Service Boot

Viberg Service Boots are notoriously difficult to size correctly. And that’s because Viberg uses a seemingly different sizing convention than most boot makers on the market. 

So I’m going to break down the subtle differences between all the last shapes and give my thoughts on which size you should get. 

As a general rule, for most Viberg boots I recommend ordering a full size down from your Brannock size if you have a D width (standard) foot. So whatever your most common sneaker or dress shoe size is, get a full size smaller. 

Viberg Service Boot 310

The construction and quality of materials on the Viberg Service Boot is the best I’ve ever seen. Standard Viberg Service Boots run wide, including the 310 last I have. I wish I’d ordered a full size down instead of a half-size, because Viberg boots run large---even compared to other boot brands.

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For example, I’m a size 10.5D, and the best fit for me in almost all Viberg lasts (beside the 2050) is a 9.5E. 

Viberg Service Boot profile view on stairs

If you’re used to boot sizes for brands like Red Wing, I’ll also compare how Viberg fits to popular American boot brands

Viberg 2030 Last Sizing

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The Viberg 2030 Service Boot is the brand’s most popular, iconic boot. The 2030 has an almond shaped toe and is wider at the forefoot than it is in the heel. 

Viberg Service Boot

The Service Boot has been a Viberg icon since the 1930s. It's versatile, rugged, and Viberg makes one of the best versions of this boot you can find. But you gotta be willing to pay the price.

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This is an E-width last, so it’s wider than most boots. Because of this, I recommend ordering a full size smaller than you would with your sneakers or dress shoes

Even with the almond toe, the forefoot is quite wide, so even with a full size down, you should get a snug but not restrictive fit. 

Viberg 1035 Last Sizing

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The 1035 is pretty similar to the 2030, but instead of an almond shaped toe, it’s more rounded in the forefoot. 

Viberg Service Boot 1035
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If you’re concerned about the almond toe being a bit too snug for your feet (or if you tend to get a lot of blisters on your pinky toe), then the 1035 might be your best option for a new service boot

While I don’t think the difference in toe box room is dramatic enough to warrant getting a different size than you would with the 2030, it’s true that the 1035 offers a touch more room for your foot. 

Otherwise, my advice for sizing is the same here: get a full size smaller than you would with sneakers and dress shoes. 

Viberg 2040 Last Sizing

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The 2040 features a bump toe, so you’re getting more vertical room in the toe box. The 2040 is based off of the 2045, which is an EE width and is super roomy. 

But the 2040 is more narrow than the 2045, so it fits similarly to how the 2030 and 1035 do. 

However, I think the 2040 is worthwhile if you’re after a slightly more rugged look. The bump toe here gives the boot a bulkier look that works better with straight cut jeans in my opinion when compared with the slimmer 2030 Service Boot

The 2040 is also a great option if you have more vertical volume in your foot, or if you’ve noticed that your big toe nail tends to get sore after walking a few miles. If that’s the case, you’d likely benefit from having some extra vertical space in the toe box, and that’s exactly what a bump toe last like the 2040 is good for. 

Viberg Service Boot 2040
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Viberg 2050 Last Sizing

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The Viberg isn’t very common, but the brand sometimes carries some laceless boots and shoes built on this last. 

Unlike most Viberg lasts, the 2050 is a D-width and is much more narrow than the 2030. 

This is the one last that I’d recommend only sizing down half a step from your Brannock or sneaker size. 

So given that I’m a 10.5D, a size 10D in the Viberg 2050 would be a perfect fit

If you have wider feet (E or EE) then I recommend skipping any Viberg boot that’s built on the 2050. You’ll have a much better fit with the 2030, 2040, or 310 last. 

Viberg 310 Last Sizing

author william barton wearing Viberg Service Boots

The Viberg 310 last is special, and it’s one of the oldest last shapes they have. It features a pronounced, squared off bump toe that’s very uncommon in the world of boots today. 

That’s why I picked up the 310 Service Boot. I was thinking about going with the popular 2030, but I wanted something unusual and the 310 fit the bill. 

The 310 is fairly narrow at the waist and heel, but expands out to a solid E width at the forefoot and leaves a ton of room in the lifted, squared toe. 

model putting on Viberg Service Boots

I’m a 10.5D on the Brannock, and I typically get size 10.5 sneakers and dress shoes. I also typically get size 10D in Red Wing, Thursday, Grant Stone, etc. 

I got the size 10 in the 310 last and it’s a bit too big. I should’ve gotten the 9.5E. That would be the ideal fit, though I know the break in period would be a bit tougher at the waist of the foot. 

The 310 is the most forgiving of all the Viberg lasts in terms of boot length because there’s such a prominent bump toe. It’d be pretty difficult to get a boot too short here because of the size of the toe. So don’t be afraid to order a full size down if you have standard width feet. I wouldn’t go smaller than that, though. 

Viberg 110 Last Sizing

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The Viberg 110 last is much less common and the brand only occasionally offers boots in this shape. 

The sizing is quite similar to the 2030, but the 110 last has much more vertical volume. So if your metatarsal bones are higher that average and you notice that a lot of boots tend to rub your instep, then the Viberg 110 might be the way to go. 

I think the style isn’t as sleek because the instep on the 110 is so high. And I’ve heard of some people ordering a full size down from their Brannock reading and still feeling like there was some extra room in the 110. 

That said, I wouldn’t go 1.5 sizes down with the 110 last. One full size is plenty—any more and you’ll risk cramping your toes. 

How Does Viberg Sizing Compare to Red Wing? 

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So you’re probably familiar with the idea that most boots run big. 

For example, if you’re buying a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers, you might get a half-size smaller than you normally would with your sneakers or dress shoes. 

You’re a 9.5D on the Brannock, so you get a size 9D in Red Wings

Viberg boots run even larger than that. Because almost all Viberg boots are built to an E width as standard, you can order a full size smaller than your Brannock, or common sneaker sizing. 

So you’re a 9.5D on the Brannock: you get a size 9D in Red Wing, and a size 8.5 in Viberg (likely an E width). 

But if you’re an E width, getting a half-size smaller than your sneakers or Brannock is fine. 

Like I said, I’m a 10.5D Brannock and got the 10E 310 Viberg. They’re a bit too big, but it’s not so bad that I can’t wear them. If I was a 10.5E on the Brannock, the 310 10E would fit perfectly. 

Choose Your Viberg Last

As a basic rule, order a full size down from your Brannock reading, or a full size smaller than you normally would for sneakers and dress shoes. 

That’s assuming you’re a D width (standard width) foot. 

If you have an E width foot, then order just a half size smaller than your Brannock or common sneaker size. 

There isn’t a dramatic difference between the fits of the various lasts (2030, 2040, 1035, 310, etc). 

However, there are some minor differences that might make one last a lot more comfortable for you. So read through those subtle differences to see if maybe you need a wider toe box, or more room in your instep. 

Viberg Service Boot 310

The construction and quality of materials on the Viberg Service Boot is the best I’ve ever seen. Standard Viberg Service Boots run wide, including the 310 last I have. I wish I’d ordered a full size down instead of a half-size, because Viberg boots run large---even compared to other boot brands.

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Does Viberg use UK sizing?

Technically, no, Viberg doesn’t use UK sizing. Their lasts are E width, so many of their boots fit a full size smaller than what you’d order for your sneakers and dress shoes. Because UK sizing is often a full size smaller than US sizing, many people think Viberg uses UK sizing standards. But it’s best to understand the width and length of your foot based on a Brannock device and judge your Viberg sizing off of that.

Do Viberg boots break in?

Yes, Viberg boots take a few weeks to break in because they have a leather insole, midsole, and a leather upper. With all this leather, Viberg boots get more comfortable as they break in.

Can Vibergs be resoled?

Yes, Viberg boots can be resoled. All stitchdown boots can be resoled as many times as you need, so long as the leather around the front of the boot doesn’t rip over time.


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