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Our Review Process

There’s a reason why 7+ million readers and viewers have trusted our reviews since we started in 2020.

model sitting wearing RM Williams Comfort Craftsman

My name is William, and I founded BootSpy because I was tired of seeing boot reviews from people who didn’t know much about high quality footwear and had obviously never tried the boots they were reviewing.

That’s why when we review boots on BootSpy, we follow a set of rules:

  • We buy every boot we review
  • All photos are our own unless otherwise noted—we want to show the boots exactly as they show up at our doorstep and how they age
  • We don’t take sponsorships from brands for our reviews

I do want to make something clear—BootSpy uses affiliate links in all our reviews. We make a small commission if you follow our links and make a purchase. It doesn’t cost you anything extra but allows us to invest in buying and testing more boots.

When you read our reviews, you’ll see that we’re honest about our thoughts. I want you to know the good and the bad about every boot.

For that reason, we never let brands have a say in our review process or what we publish.

My philosophy is simple: honesty is best for both of us.

For specific types of boots where job-site performance is critical, we also run scientific tests like what you can find in the video below.

We rank all the boots we test on 5 main categories:

  1. Style
  2. Leather Quality
  3. Sole Quality
  4. Fit and Sizing
  5. Durability

And when we reach a verdict on a new boot, our experience with 100+ boot reviews gives us the ability to judge boots fairly and accurately.

With so many good boot brands out there, we’re not fooled by marketing hype.

I’ve personally recrafted boots, taken them apart, and am familiar with every step of the bootmaking process. I’ve also interviewed and spoken with dozens of boot brand owners to get a birds-eye view on the industry.

Yes, our review process takes a long time. But my #1 goal is that you get valuable information on the boots you’re considering, and that you know how those boots stack up in their respective category.

If there’s a boot you’re interested in that we haven’t reviewed yet, reach out to me at william@bootspy.com

You can also send a DM via our Instagram page or through our Facebook page if that’s easier for you.

If you’re just getting started down the boot rabbit-hole, these are our 10 best posts:

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