Thursday Boots Sizing Guide: How Should Thursdays Fit?

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by  William Barton | Last Updated: 

So you’re about to buy a pair of Thursdays, but you’re double-checking which size to get before you check out. 

Smart move.

I own ten pairs of Thursday Boots myself, so you can bet I know their sizing like the back of my hand (more like the bottom of my foot). 

In this Thursday Boots sizing guide, I’ll give you detailed info on how to find the perfect fit for your new Thursdays and compare the Thursday fit to some other popular boot brands so you can get the right size the first time around.

Because nobody wants to return new boots. It’s too much. 

Thursday Boots Sizing Guide

Thursday Boots Size Chart 1

Of all the boot brands I shop with, Thursday Boots offers the widest variety of sizes for their popular boots, with most models ranging from sizes 6-16, with half-sizes available at each step. 

Thursday recommends you check each individual product page for an accurate reading on which size to get, and if you click their “Find my size” button, they’ll ask you a few questions to lead you to the right answer. 

In my experience, you should order a half-size smaller than your sneaker size. 

model wearing Thursday Scout

I’m a 10.5 in my Nike’s and all other sneakers. When I buy my Thursdays, I get a size 10 and they fit perfectly. 

This is generally true for most guys. 

author modeling Thursday Boots Duke Chelsea boots

If you’ve ever bought Red Wing, Wolverine, Thorogood, or pretty much any other major boot brand, it’s the same story: you should order a half-size smaller than your sneaker size. 

If you have wide feet (EE or EEE), there are fewer options for you, but Thursday does offer their most popular models in wide sizes. 

The easiest boot to find in wide widths is the Captain, where there are 10 leather options with wide sizes available at the time of writing, but you can also snag the President, Cavalier, Legend, Scout, and Duke in EE/EEE sizes. You’ll be more limited in leather options, but you can still find something comfortable. 

Thursday Boots Captain outfit 1

When you first get your Thursdays, they may feel a little snug. I know when I got my first pair, I was a bit wary of ordering a size 10 when I’m used to buying a size 10.5.

If it’s firm on the sides of your foot, that’s ok. Just make sure you have some room in the toe, and that your feet don’t start to tingle. 

I recommend wearing your new Thursday boots in the house for at least an hour. If your feet begin to tingle, then you may have to return the boots because they’re too tight. Otherwise, the leather will stretch at the sides and you’ll have a comfortable boot. 

Thursday Boots Captain Sizing

Thursday Boots Captain arizona adobe close up 1

The Thursday Captain is the brand’s most popular boot, and you’ll find the largest variety of sizes and leather options here. 

If you have wide feet, I recommend looking through the Captain first—at the time of writing, they offer 10 different leather options in EE/EEE widths. 

Getting the correct size for your Thursday Captains is a fairly easy process. I recommend ordering a half-size smaller than your sneaker size. 

So if you’re a size 11 in sneakers and dress shoes, pick up a size 10.5 for your Thursday Captains.

If you own any other Thursdays, you’ll know that they all fit similarly. So the Captain fits the same as the Duke, Scout, President, and other popular Thursdays. 

Thursday Captain
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Do Thursday Boots Run Big?

Yes, Thursday Boots run a half-size larger than regular sneaker sizes. That means you should order a half-size smaller than you would with your sneakers or your dress shoes. 

If you own a pair of boots like Red Wing or Wolverines, Thursday’s fit and sizing is similar to those heritage boot brands.

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Thursday Boots Sizing for Women

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Thursday’s line of women’s boots is a totally different story: their women’s boots tend to run a little small (whereas the men’s runs large). 

I haven’t picked up a pair of Thursdays for my wife (yet), so I’m just going off of what they say on their site. 

Order either your true size for a more snug fit, or a half-size larger than you normally would for your shoes if you’re a woman. 

How to Break In Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots Captain arizona adobe walking down steps 1

I own 10 pairs of Thursday Boots, so I know a thing or two about breaking them in. Truthfully, the best way to break in Thursdays is to wear them.

Most Thursdays feature a Poron midsole with a DuraEVA comfort strip, so they’re quite comfortable right out of the box. 

The one exception is that sometimes the leather can feel quite snug when you first put them on. In my experience, the leather stretches slightly within the first five wears—especially if it’s warmer outside. 

Thursday Boots Vanguard model with denim shirt

I’ve never developed any blisters from my Thursday Boots, but I always recommend wearing a thicker pair of socks the first time you walk around in any new pair of boots. 

Thicker socks help protect your feet, and they also help stretch the leather a little more. I don’t think you need to bust out any other fancy break-in tricks with Thursdays because they’re really comfortable right away. But here’s a list of heavy boot breaking tactics just in case.

Thursday Boots Returns

Thursday Boots Captain storm king sitting next to river

So let’s say the worst happens: you order the wrong size for your Thursday Boots. Yes, it’s annoying that you have to return them, but the brand’s return policy is pretty rock solid, so it’s not going to put you out of any money.

Thursday offers free 30-day returns and exchanges so long as your boots are in re-sellable condition. 

What counts as re-sellable? Imagine how you’d like your new boots to look when you open the box: that’s how you should return yours.

I always put my new boots on and stand for an hour or two on a carpeted surface. Since I have a standing desk, this is easy for me. If my feet start to tingle, I know I ordered too small, and they’re easy to exchange. 

Thursday Explorer eight inch lace up boots on cement

You can also put your new boots on and sit on the couch and watch some TV. Take a few steps around on a carpet. If they feel fine, then you know you have the right size. 

The main thing to avoid is scuffs and marks on the sole, and excessive creasing at the toe. 

Luckily, Thursday Boots don’t crease very easily at the toe during the first few wears, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. You can also relax the laces a lot to get your foot into the boot the first time, which will further reduce the amount of creasing you cause. 

Is it Thursday Yet?

I know shopping for boots online can be difficult, but you know everything you need to in order to get the right Thursday Boots size the first try.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, my favorite Thursday is the Captain

Thursday Captain
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Watch the video below to see how I rank all 10 of my Thursdays from worst to best. 

And if that’s not enough, you can see below how I like to style my Thursday Captains.


Do Thursday Boots run small or big?

Thursday Boots run big, so you should order a half-size smaller than you normally would for sneakers. However, their sizing is consistent with other boot-makers like Red Wing and Wolverine.

Are Thursday Boots real?

Thursday Boots are the real-deal. They offer outstanding value for money, and while they’re not the best boots in the world, I own ten pairs myself because they’re good quality for an excellent price.

Do Thursday Boots have good arch support?

Yes, Thursday Boots have good arch support. Most Thursdays have a steel shank, which helps arches. If you typically wear an orthopedic insert, I recommend ordering Thursdays in your usual sneaker size so you have room to add your insert into the boot.