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Thursday Boots Review: I’ve Tried 12+ Boots Over 5+ Years

William Barton

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024
34 min read

Is Thursday Boot Company overhyped? If you’re looking to buy a high quality pair of boots, but you’re not looking to spend $300 or more, there’s no doubt Thursday has popped up in the conversation.

In my hands-on Thursday Boots review, you’ll get an in-depth look at 12 of their most popular boots (including pairs that are five years old) so you can decide whether this popular New York based brand is right for you.

The best value for any $200 boot budget
Review Feature Image/Icon Image source: Thursday Boot Company
Thursday Boots
At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon

Bottom line: Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for anyone looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. After 100+ boots hand-tested, I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200. If your budget is higher, there are a few more brands worth looking at, but Thursday is a fantastic brand to start with.

Ratings: At a Glance Feature Image/Icon  Design At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon  Quality of Materials At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon  Craftsmanship At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon  Fit & Sizing At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon  Customer Service At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon At a Glance Feature Image/Icon
  • Thursday has a huge variety of boot styles, leather options, and sizes
  • Most of their models strike a balance between rugged and refined, which is excellent for modern styling
  • Because of the Poron insoles and DuraEVA comfort strip, these boots are very comfortable and easy to walk several miles in
  • The brand’s customer service is top-notch---free shipping, and free exchanges and returns within 30 days
  • Compared to many heritage brands, Thursday doesn’t offer a lot of EE/EEE wide sizes---they do have options in their most popular boots, but many styles are only in standard D width

I bought my first pair of Thursday boots five years ago. 

Now I have over 12 pairs (and I’m probably going to pick up a few more). 

My first Thursday Captains are what got me started in the world of boots. Over the past five years, I’ve tested Thursday Boot Company thoroughly, and I’ve had the chance to compare this brand to the best boots in the world. 

I’ve tested the brand’s 12 most popular boots myself. You can watch the videos if you want to see what each boot looks like on foot, and each sub-section is linked to a more in-depth review, so if there’s a particular model you’re interested in, you can learn everything there is to know about it.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether Thursday Boot Company is the right brand for you.

What Is Thursday Boot Company?

Thursday Boots Captain arizona adobe walking down steps 1
Wearing my Thursday Captains in Arizona Adobe.

Thursday Boot Company launched as a Kickstarter back in 2014, and the project was an enormous success

Their three original models were the Captain, President, and Diplomat. Since 2014, Thursday Boots has exploded in popularity and has become one of the major players in the boot industry.

While names like Red Wing and Wolverine are practically household at this point, I see more guys wearing Thursdays around town than almost any other boot.

Thursday Boots Captain outfit 1
Wearing my Thursday Captains in Arizona Adobe.

Thursday’s mission is to make stylish boots at an affordable price. While you could certainly pull a tough shift at a job site or go hiking in Thursdays, they’re really built for style. 

They’ve done an incredible job taking traditionally rugged styles like Moc Toe and Service boots and have slimmed them down so they make a solid pairing with tapered jeans and a more fashion-forward guy.

Thursday also now makes a huge variety of women’s boots (24 styles last I counted). Many styles are really unique, too. So you and your lady can do some matching if that’s what you’re into.  

Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for people looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200.

Shop Thursday Boots

Things to Consider Before Buying

Thursday Explorer boots on model
My Thursday Explorer in Olive

Thursday is one of my favorite brands, but there are certain occasions I don’t wear my Thursdays.

From a value-for-money perspective, the fact that almost every Thursday boot has a 360-degree Goodyear welt, good quality leather, steel shanks, and solid outsoles—all for under $200 on their most popular boots—it’s hard to beat Thursday. 

I think they’re the best boot you can get if you want something for everyday use, you walk around or are on your feet a lot throughout the day, you want a great quality boot, and you don’t have a massive budget. 

model sitting on stairs with Thursday Diplomat boots
Wearing my Thursday Diplomat.

Also, Thursday boots are really meant for style, so while you can hike or do the odd backyard chore, I don’t recommend Thursdays as a go-to for either of those scenarios.

I also think there are other better brands for dress boots (which I’ll get into in the alternatives section below). This is mainly because Thursday has leaned heavily into their Rugged & Resilient leathers, which are very casual looking. 

truman boot toe compared to red wing nicks and thursday boots
Comparing the toe shapes of several different brands. Thursday is the most sleek.

As someone who wears slim fit jeans and describes their style as “rugged yet refined,” Thursday Boots are ideal for me. If you’re in the same boat, I think they may be ideal for you, too. 

My Hands-On Reviews

I own over 15 pairs of Thursday Boots (I doubled up on some). I’ve reviewed 12 of them and you can find videos and links to the full detailed reviews below. 

To keep this article short and to the point, I don’t go into extreme detail for each boot—if you want to learn more, you can either watch the video review or go to the individual review I’ve linked. 

1. Thursday Captain

Thursday Boots Captain arizona adobe close up 1

The Thursday Captain is the brand’s most popular boot. I picked up my first pair of Thursday Captains five years ago, and since then I’ve picked up two new versions.

The Captain is a cap toe boot, but it’s not bulbous or bulky like many other popular cap toe boots. Now this slimmer, sleeker style is pretty widely available, but at the time Thursday first made these boots, it was nearly impossible.

To see how my Captains have held up after four years and over 1,000 miles of wear, watch my video review below:

Featuring a 360-degree Goodyear welt, a Poron insole, EVA comfort strip, steel shank, and a solid rubber studded sole, this boot almost feels like a sneaker. I’ve walked easily 1,000 miles in my three Captains, and they’re the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. 

If you’d like to see how I style my Thursday Captains, watch the video below:

Because Thursday uses more synthetic materials than heritage boot brands like Red Wing, they don’t have quite the same durability through the insole and midsole, but for the amount that I usually walk and stand, it’s worth it in my opinion.

Thursday Boots Captain storm king lug sole
Wearing my Thursday Captain Storm King in Tobacco Leather.

At the time of writing, the Captain comes in several Thursday Chrome leathers, Rugged & Resilient, and a few WeatherSafe suede choices. I personally like the Arizona Adobe the best, though I also like the Brown and Tobacco Storm King.

What’s the difference between the Captain and Storm King?

The Captain Storm King features Thursday’s Storm King outsole, which is a heavy rubber lug sole rather than the standard rubber stud sole. This heavy-duty sole offers more traction in wintery conditions, so it’s a fantastic choice for a winter boot. 

You may also just prefer the look of the heavier Storm King outsole. Both boots are built the same otherwise, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other. 

If you’re debating between the Captain and the Captain Storm King, check out my breakdown below:

Thursday Captain

The Thursday Captain is an excellent deal. Made with Thursday's Chrome leather from Le Farc tannery (often compared to Horween Chromexcel), these boots are still holding up well after five years of wear. When (if?) these ever wear out, I’ll be getting them again.

Check Price Read Our Review
I ended up resoling my Captains after 5 years. They still look amazing.

2. Thursday President

Thursday President rugged and resilient tobacco leather

The Thursday President is nearly identical to the Captain, though it’s a plain toe boot and there’s a different selection of leathers. 

From a comfort and quality standpoint, most Thursday Boots are the same. If you’re debating between different models, it should be purely on a style-basis—the quality among the core line is the same. I go fully into the differences between the Captain and President in the video below:

I compared the President against the Captain to see the differences.

I have the President in Tobacco Rugged & Resilient leather, and it’s my go-to beater boot. For a more fashionable boot, I’m surprised at how tough the President actually is. 

One downside with plain toe boots is that they have less structure around the toe. While I recommend getting a pair of cedar shoe trees for all your boots, it’s especially important with plain toe boots like the President. 

At the time of writing, there are 12 different leather options available for the President, and two are also available in wide EE/EEE sizing. This is a pretty stellar variety, but still not as extensive as their line of Captains. 

While I haven’t put in as many miles with my Presidents, I think they’ve taken more of a beating. Because I like the cap toe style more, I tend to wear my Presidents for more rugged adventures. So they were put to the test and I’m happy with how they’ve held up. 

Thursday President

The Thursday Boots President offers outstanding value for money considering the leather quality, Goodyear welt, and awesome slimmed down style. With options available in Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient leather, plus a durable rubber stud sole and plenty of cushion, the President marks an excellent balance between style, longevity, and comfort.

Check Price Read Our Review
My YouTube review of the Thursday President.

3. Thursday Explorer

Thursday Explorer eight inch lace up boots on cement
I got the Thursday Explorer in Olive Suede

The Thursday Explorer is one of my new favorite winter boots, and it’s quite different than the rest of Thursdays boots. 

The Explorer features a storm welt, which adds even more weather resistance that the standard Goodyear welt, and the sole is a thick lugged foam.

It looks like a really heavy boot, but the Vibram foam outsole keeps it surprisingly lightweight. I have the Explorer in the Dark Olive Suede, which is made with Thursday’s WeatherSafe suede. The leather is tanned with hydrophobic compounds, so even though it’s suede, water just beads up and drips off. 

My full video review of the Thursday Explorer

Combine the water resistance leather, grippy lug sole, and solid storm welt, and you have an excellent boot for rain and snow. Plus, it’s an eight-inch boot (compared to the regular six-inch shaft of the Captain and President). 

I love the padded cuff at the top of the shaft, and I think it’s awesome that Thursday drew inspiration from actual combat boots. We all know Doc Martens don’t cut it as combat boots any more. 

The biggest downside to the Explorer is that the boot takes forever to put on. It has speed laces for the top five eyelets, but even then it still takes longer than almost any of my other boots. 

Thursday Explorer sole detail

I’m happy to spend the time lacing my boots if I’m going out for several hours on a snowy winter day, but otherwise, it’s a bit of a hassle. That means I wear it less often. You’ll have to decide for yourself how important this issue is. 

Overall, this is one of the best value-for-money winter boots I’ve found, and it’s one of the few winter boots that works really well for guys who wear slim jeans. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Explorer is a great choice. 

However, because the Explorer is a more unique looking boot, I usually recommend the Captain first because it goes with a much greater variety of styles. But if you already have a few casual boots and are looking for a special purpose boot that can really make a certain outfit, then the Explorer is a sure bet. 

4. Thursday Diplomat

model Thursday Diplomat tying laces
Tying my Thursday Diplomats.

The Thursday Diplomat is a rugged moc toe style boot, but it’s nothing like its competition. 

Moc toe boots are most often used as work boots, so the Diplomat is often compared to the Red Wing Moc Toe, the Thorogood Moc Toe, and the Danner Bull Run

Thursday Diplomat vs Red Wing Classic Moc Comparison

While I like those alternate boots listed above, none are as stylish as the Thursday Diplomat. 

It has a much lower profile and slimmer toe box. This means you can actually wear these moc toe boots with a pair of slim fit jeans. If you’ve ever worn a pair of Red Wings with tapered jeans, you probably didn’t like the clown-shoe look. 

My full video review of the Thursday Diplomat

The Diplomat is the first moc toe I’ve found that I actually enjoy wearing as part of a casual style outfit. 

It’s one of the original three Thursday boots (released along with the Captain and President), though it’s not nearly as popular. I think that’s just because the style is more specific and not quite as versatile as a cap toe or plain toe boot. 

At the time of writing, the Diplomat comes in four different leather options (with a fifth on the way), all of which are in Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient leather. 

I love the look of the Rugged & Resilient leather—it’s matte and fits a casual aesthetic well. Plus, it’s easy to care for.

One of the best things about the Diplomat is the Vibram Christy outsole. When I tested it against Red Wing, Thorogood, and Danner, I found that the Vibram Christy Outsole had just as much oil slip resistance as Red Wing’s. But the price is drastically lower. You can watch my video comparison between the most popular moc toes below:

While I don’t think I’d wear the Diplomat in a working situation, it’s a fantastic boot for fall and winter looks where you want to bring in a little work-wear vibe without getting a huge, bulbous boot. 

Thursday Diplomat

The Thursday Boots Diplomat is a one-of-a-kind moc toe. Most comparable boots have a huge toe box that doesn’t work well with a pair of fitted jeans or chinos. Combine a slim design with high quality materials like a Vibram Christy wedge sole, steel shank, and Thursday’s excellent oil-tanned Rugged & Resilient leather, and you’ve got a winner here.

Check Price Read Our Review

5. Thursday Duke

author modeling Thursday Boots Duke Chelsea boots
Wearing my Thursday Duke Chelseas in Honey Suede.

If I’m heading out to work in a coffee shop or run some errands for the day, the Thursday Duke is the boot I reach for most often. 

Compared to other Thursday Chelsea boots, it has a little more heft to it, especially in the outsole (though not nearly as beefy as the Thursday Legend). 

Thursday Duke boots honey suede close up

I picked up my Dukes in Honey Suede, which is a WeatherSafe suede. Unlike other “waterproof” suede boots, Thursday’s WeatherSafe suede is actually tanned with hydrophobic compounds, meaning that it will repel water throughout its lifetime. Many other brands just apply a silicone spray that can wear off in a few months (which means you can discolor the suede). 

My Thursday Duke video review

Like many other Thursday Boots, the Duke is decked out with Poron insole and a DuraEVA comfort strip, so you can easily walk five or six miles (or more, you overachiever) when they’re fresh out of the box. 

If you’re debating between the Duke and Cavalier, I’ll say this: the Duke is my favorite for everyday casual wear. The Cavalier is a better choice for more dressy occasions. The Cavalier is slimmer, lower profile, and has a leather sole. This means it’s a better fit for suits, skinny jeans, or just a very slim aesthetic.

model standing wearing Thursday Duke honey suede boots

But the Duke is more comfortable and more durable thanks to the rubber studded outsole and the thick toplift (or heel cap). 

I still get plenty of use from my Cavaliers, but I reach for the Duke more often because it suits my everyday needs better. 

Thursday Duke

The Duke is Thursday’s first Chelsea boot, and it brings the brand's hallmark construction quality and value for money. This is a fantastic everyday Chelsea.

Check Price Read Our Review

If you’re not sure which Thursday Chelsea boot to get, you’ll want to watch my comparison of the brand’s three styles below:

I compared the Thursday Duke, Cavalier, and Legend.

6. Thursday Scout

model wearing Thursday Boots Scout chukka in mocha

The Thursday Scout has something that no other Thursday Boot has: a stitchdown construction. 

Most Thursday Boots have a 360-degree Goodyear welt, which helps boost the weather resistance and overall durability. The Scout however, has the upper leather stitched directly to the midsole. 

Overall, I don’t think this difference in construction is a huge deal, nor will it make any significant difference in the overall longevity of the boot. But because Thursday makes the Scout in such a way, it allows for a lower price. 

model wearing Thursday Scout chukka boots

The Scout is Thursday’s least expensive boot, and it’s a phenomenal value for the money. This chukka could pass as a dress boot because it has a one-inch heel and the shape is slim and stylish. 

Compared to the Clarks Desert Boot (the common ancestor of all chukka boots), the Scout has a more pointed toe, a lower profile, a way better outsole, and a narrower waist (the middle of the boot). 

If you’re looking for a dress chukka, stick with one of Thursday’s full grain leathers like their Brown or Black. But if you’re going casual with it, I personally really like their Mocha WeatherSafe suede. The burnishing on the toe and heel makes for a dynamic look that I enjoy. 

Thursday Scout mocha weathersafe suede burnishing leather detail

In my experience, many chukka boots don’t feel very substantial. After all, the construction is incredibly simple for any pair of chukkas—there’s not too much leather, no welt, and basically no hardware like eyelets or speed hooks. 

I wouldn’t get the Scout if you regularly walk several miles at a time because the minimal two-eyelet system doesn’t offer a ton of ankle support and can cause your feet to tire out more quickly. This isn’t an issue just for the Scout—it’s true of all chukkas I’ve worn. 

But if you’re looking for a boot you can throw on to spruce up a simple outfit for a date night and you don’t need to do a ton of walking, then the Scout is a great choice. In fact, it’s at the top of my list of best chukka boots.

Thursday Scout

The Thursday Scout is one of the best bang-for-buck chukkas on the market. With Thursday's proprietary leather and a stitchdown construction, this boot is hard to beat for value.

Check Price Read Our Review
Not to spoil the thumbnail…but yes, it’s my favorite chukka.

7. Thursday Vanguard

Thursday Boots Vanguard horween leather detail
Wearing my Thursday Vanguard boots in French Roast leather.

Thursday has stepped into the American heritage game with these American made boots. The Vanguard is constructed here in the states with all-American materials like Horween leather.

While the Vanguard looks pretty similar to the Captain, there are a few differences: probably the most noticeable is that the Vanguard doesn’t have any speed hooks. And it comes with leather laces. 

My video comparison between the Vanguard and the Captain

The lack of speed hooks is actually a downside for me, as the boot takes an extra 30 seconds to put on. I guess I’m an impatient guy because that extra 30 seconds bothers me for whatever reason. 

Another big difference between the Vanguard and Captain is what’s on the inside: the Vanguard has a leather insole, with a cork filler and leather midsole. Unlike most Thursday boots that use poron and DuraEVA, the Vanguard sticks with natural materials throughout.

This makes for a less comfortable experience out of the box, but you get the added advantage of greater durability and the leather insole contours to the shape of your foot over time (at which point it becomes very comfortable). 

The outsole is the same rubber studded sole that Thursday uses for most of their other boots, but the heel is slightly taller on the Vanguard compared to the Captain.

model in Thursday Boots Vanguard leather

Also, it’s built on a lower profile last, so the Vanguard has a little less room in the toe box. When you’re wearing the boot, you get a bit more elevation in the heel and there’s more of a decline toward the toe. 

Between the two, I prefer the Captain, mainly because the speed hooks on the Captain make it easier to throw on and get out the door. But there are two big reasons why you might prefer to get the Vanguard: first, it’s made in the United States. Second, there are Horween Chromexcel leather options. 

Horween Chromexcel is an excellent leather and it ages and patinas well. I own five pairs of Chromexcel boots from different brands and they crease gently and are easy to care for. As they get to be a year old, they develop a distinguished look that you don’t get with Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient leather. 

Thursday Vanguard

The Thursday Vanguard has some subtle design differences that make it more sophisticated than the super-popular Captain. Plus, the materials are next level in comparison, and the value for price is phenomenal for a USA-made boot.

Check Price Read Our Review

8. Thursday Logger

Thursday Boots Logger with cuffed slub denim
Wearing my Thursday Boots Loggers in Waxed Cocoa leather.

I’m torn on the Thursday Logger: it has some major pros and a few major cons. 

I’ll start with what I love: the Logger has an interesting shape to it, I like the logger heel, I love that it balances bulk with a slim, stylish silhouette, and the Horween Waxed Cocoa leather is incredible. 

But the toplift (the piece of rubber on the heel), is only 5mm thick. That’s thinner than the heel of the Captain, Duke, and pretty much all other Thursday boots. I don’t know why they opted for such a thin toplift—it basically means that if you wear the Logger with any regularity, you’ll need to get a new toplift applied in about six months. 

My video review of the Thursday Logger

It’s an inexpensive and easy task for any shoe-repair shop, but I’d rather not have to get any work done on a pair of boots within at least the first year. 

Otherwise, the Logger has a super heavy-duty Vibram lug outsole, which makes the dainty top lift even more strange. I’m assuming Thursday had to make the heel cap thinner because the heel on the logger is so tall, so a thicker toplift would put your feet at a strange angle. 

Thursday Boots Logger on model

The Logger is the only other Thursday Boot beside the Vanguard that’s made in the USA. The upper shape is very similar to the Captain and the Vanguard, though it’s an 8-inch boot, meaning the shaft comes higher up the ankle. 

I don’t know that this added height makes a difference with ankle support, but it looks awesome. If you cuff your jeans and want to show a little extra boot leather, the Logger has a unique look that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Thursday Logger

The Thursday Boots Logger is an excellent rugged city boot---I wouldn’t use it in a working application (like for actual logging), but it’s well-built and easily the most stylish logger boot on the market.

Check Price Read Our Review

9. Thursday Cavalier

Thursday Boots Cavalier grey suede
Wearing my Thursday Cavalier in Shadow Grey Suede.

The Thursday Cavalier is the brand’s second Chelsea boot and it’s a slimmer, more streamlined look compared to the Duke.

While the Cavalier still features a 360-degree welt, it has a low profile leather sole with rubber studs. Thursday also dispensed with the nylon pull tab on the back of the boot, which is great if your pants tend to get stuck on that tab often (mine do). 

The Cavalier is available in six different leather options at the time of writing, two of which are made with Thursday Chrome leather—the others are suede. 

My video review of the Thursday Cavalier

Mine are in the Shadow Gray suede, which makes for a nice casual look. However, I think I’d prefer the Black Chrome leather. Because the Cavalier is slimmer and more dressy Chelsea, it’s better to go with a dressy leather so the boot is more versatile. 

I wouldn’t wear the Shadow Gray suede with a suit, but you could definitely rock the Black Chrome leather with a snazzy outfit. Both options look great paired with jeans, a tee, and some sweet accessories. 

Thursday Boots Cavalier model sitting

With the leather sole, you get less shock absorption, so compared to the Duke, the Cavalier is a bit less comfortable for walking multiple miles in. I still think it’s a comfortable boot, but if your daily commute consists of a mile or more of walking, you may prefer the Duke

Thursday Duke vs cavalier chelsea boot comparison
Thursday Duke (left) vs Thursday Cavalier (right)

Over the 18 months I’ve owned my Cavaliers, I’ve noticed that the leather stretches around my foot and has a cool casual worn in look to it. This is great if you have a laid-back, faded black jeans and oversized tee style. They make you look like you’re in a rock band. 

You’ll want to get a pair of cedar shoe trees with your Cavaliers to make sure they keep their shape for as long as possible (and that’s true for any Chelsea boot). 

Thursday Boots Cavalier leaning against wall

Overall, I really like the Cavalier, especially as it has aged and developed a more slubby look to it. However, if I was going to do it all over again, I probably would’ve got the Black Chrome leather to use the Cavalier as dress boots. 

And if I could only choose one Thursday Chelsea boot, I’d choose the Duke because it’s sturdier sole makes for a more durable and comfortable everyday walk-around-town boot. 

Thursday Cavalier

The Thursday Cavalier is Goodyear welted, leather lined, and offers excellent value. This particular Shadow Grey version is forever battling it out for the title of my favorite casual everyday Chelsea boot, and even with 20+ pairs of shoes in my closet, it's very often my go-to.

Check Price Read Our Review

10. Thursday Boots Legend

william barton wearing Thursday Legend
Wearing my Thursday Boots Legend in Matte Black.

I’ve had my Thursday Legends for about a year now, and they became a go-to in the winter when there was a lot of rain. When you combine the Rugged & Resilient leather with a storm welt and the StormKing lug outsole, you basically get a waterproof boot.

One thing I really like about the Legend is that it’s still fairly slim and sleek. For a heftier Chelsea boot, it’s not too much of a departure that it goes outside of what I’d normally wear with straight cut or slim fit jeans.

I got the Matte Black Rugged & Resilient leather option, which I really like for this style.

Thursday Boots Legend

If you’re looking for a Chelsea boot that can stand up to a tough, snowy, rainy winter, then you should check out the Legend.

Check Price Read Our Review
My YouTube review of the Thursday Boots Legend.

11. Thursday Hero

close up Thursday Boots Titan in rainy weather

The Thursday Hero is a newer addition to the Thursday Boot Co. lineup. It’s exclusively in Rugged & Resilient leathers and has a StormKing outsole.

I got this one a few months after getting my Legends, and I split time over the winter between wearing the Hero and the Legend.

author william barton wearing Thursday Boots Titan
Wearing my Thursday Hero’s in Tan Matte.

I was really drawn to the Hero in waxed flesh leather, but ultimately I went with the Tan Matte Rugged & Resilient.

The Captain got a StormKing versions, and I’m tempted to say that the Hero is basically a StormKing version of the President, but that’s not totally accurate. It’s a wide wider and has more room in the toe and throughout the instep.

Plus, there aren’t any speedhooks, so lacing up is a bit more of a chore, but it has a cleaner look overall.

If I’m honest, I don’t wear the Hero as often as some of my other Thursdays. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with it—I think I just prefer the other styles a bit more.

Thursday Boots Hero

The Thursday Hero is the brand's most winter-ready boot. But despite being such a hefty boot, it's still got plenty of the slim, sleek style Thursday is so well known for.

Check Price Read Our Review
My review of the Thursday Hero on YouTube. It used to be called the Titan, but the name changed, hence why I keep calling it the Titan throughout.

12. Thursday Wingtip

model walking in thursday wingtip dress boot
Wearing my Thursday Boots Wingtip in Color #77.

The Thursday Wingtip is one of my favorite dress boots. It has such a unique, distinctive style, even among other Thursday boots.

The leather is completely different, the last (shape) is completely different. I don’t know what got into the design team on these, but I’m a huge fan.

I got these for a wedding I was attending and they got a lot of compliments. One thing that’s worth noting: these are the slimmest Thursday boots out there, so if you have wide feet, I wouldn’t recommend the Wingtip.

Thursday Wingtip style when walking

The Wingtip is fairly long, too. This definitely gives your foot a more slender look, which works really well with a slim pair of jeans or even a suit.

The Thursday Boots Wingtip doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s really one of the best value-for-money dress boots you can find.

Thursday Boots Wingtip

The Thursday Wingtip has a super slim shape---it’d be tough to manage if you have wide feet, but the profile looks rich.

The Wingtip is one of those boots that easily looks three times what it actually costs. 

Check Price Read Our Review
My YouTube review of the Thursday Boots Wingtip.

Thursday Boots Sizing

Thursday captain boots on wet ground
Thursday Captains after 4 years

Getting the correct size for your Thursday Boots is fairly simple. The brand recommends ordering a half-size smaller than you normally would for your sneakers. 

For example, I’m a size 10.5 in Nike, Converse, and pretty much any dress shoe or other sneaker. For all my Thursdays, I’ve ordered a size 10 and they fit well. 

Thursday has a wide variety of sizes for all their models, often with sizes 6-16 available, and with each model usually having some EE/EEE width available. If you have wider feet, you’ll be limited in the leather choices you have, but you can still find their most popular styles in your width.

If you’d like a full in-depth breakdown of how to pick the correct size for your new boots, you can check out my Thursday Boots sizing guide here

How to Treat Thursday Boots Leather

All of my Thursday Boots are easy to care for as the brand specifically makes their proprietary leathers tough and low maintenance. 

The main types of leather you’ll find are Thursday Chrome leather, Rugged & Resilient leather, and WeatherSafe suede. 

Thursday also has a few other types of leather like Horween Chromexcel, but their proprietary leathers are the most common. 

Thursday Boot Care thursday chrome leather cleaning
The French Roast Vanguard uses Horween Chromexcel leather, which is similar to Thursday Chrome leather.

My favorite leather balm to use for Thursday Chrome leather is Venetian leather balm. It doesn’t change the color of the leather and it keeps a little of the shine without ever looking too polished. I feel that Venetian restores the leather close to how it looks out of the box.

Venetian Imperial Leather Balm

After testing 10 of the most popular leather conditioners, Venetian came out as my top pick because it nourishes leather, doesn't change the color, and actually adds a decent amount of weather resistance as well.

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For Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient line, the brand recommends just wiping the leather with a damp towel, but I actually do a completely different method. It gets a bit complicated, so if you’re curious how to care for your Thursdays, you can read my full Thursday Boots care guide here

spraying renovatuer suede conditioner on Thursday President boot
I use Saphir Renovateur spray on the Rugged and Resilient leathers.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

There’s no shortage of boot reviews available for Thursday. The Captain alone has over 19,000 reviews at the time of writing on the Thursday site, and the brand itself has over 50,000 reviews. Pretty impressive. 

The average for those 50,000 reviews is a 4.9 star out of five. Reading through dozens of them, it’s clear that many reviewers love the style. Customer service came up as a positive (including returns), and comfort is mentioned often. 

Thursday Boots Alternatives

Red Wing

Red Wing is a big competitor for Thursday and that’s by Thursday’s own design. After following both brands for several years, it seems that Thursday’s most popular boots are inspired by Red Wing’s most popular boots. 

Thursday Boots Captain vs Iron Ranger0
The silhouette of the Red Wing Iron Ranger (left) and the Thursday Captain (right).

The Captain is a slimmed down, more style-forward cap toe boot. Compare that to the Red Wing Iron Ranger, which is a bulbous, workwear inspired boot. Similar comparisons could be made between the Thursday Diplomat and the Red Wing Classic Moc.

After owning several pairs of boots from both brands, I can say that Red Wing is more durable but less comfortable. They’re also much larger in profile, so if you wear tapered jeans often, you’ll often prefer the styling of Thursdays. 

red wing iron ranger boot being tied in amber harness leather

Red Wings are definitely better for working applications, while Thursday boots are better for style. And the Poron and DuraEVA comfort strip in Thursdays make them much more comfortable for long walking commutes. 

Overall, I prefer Thursday Boots because they have a huge variety of styles. While they’re not as durable as Red Wings, they’re far less expensive, and the quality is still solid. After all, both are sturdy Goodyear welted boots. 

Beckett Simonon

model in suit wearing Beckett Simonon Elliot

Beckett Simonon is the most compelling competitor to Thursday I’ve found. 

In fact, for dress boots, I like Beckett Simonon better. But there’s one huge caveat to shopping with Beckett Simonon. They hand make their boots to order, so they can take up to 12 weeks to arrive. 

The benefit is that you can get boots that are comparable with $400 boot for nearly half the price.

Beckett Simonon is a bit more pricey than Thursday, but not by a lot. I like Thursdays for their more rugged workwear inspired styles, but when I want a dress boot, I go with Beckett Simonon because their leather is the best I’ve seen at the price. 

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Beckett Simonon Elliot Balmoral Boot
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Made with buttery smooth full grain Italian leather, the Elliot Balmoral boot offers a restrained brogue pattern and a formal closed lace construction.

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Grant Stone

Grant Stone Diesel profile view closeup
Grant Stone Diesel

Grant Stone is a lot like Thursday, but in a higher tier. 

Thursday is disrupting the $300 and $400 boot brands with their low-cost and high quality boots. 

Grant Stone is disrupting the $500 and $600 boot brands. 

While Grant Stones are almost twice the cost of Thursday Boots, if you have the budget, it could be worth checking out a few of their models. The styling is more classic (whereas Thursday is more modern and slim), but if you’re looking for the highest quality boots, Grant Stone is a good place to start. 

Grant Stone Diesel

The Grant Stone Diesel is a no-frills mid-weight boot built with superb attention to detail and materials. The quality is comparable to other boot makers who retail for $450-600, but the Diesel is much less expensive. It’s one of the better price for value buys you’ll find.

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Other Common Comparisons

On the BootSpy YouTube channel, I get a lot of comments asking how Thursday compares to other brands, too. I want to quickly address the most common of those comparisons below.


thursday vs blundstone 4
Thursday Legend on the left, Blundstone 500 on the right

Blundstones and Thursdays are about the same price. Thursday Boots are far better quality in every respect. 

I have a pair of Blundstone 500s and 550s, and the leather is much thinner, there’s less weather resistance, less comfort when walking, and the overall construction of the boot isn’t as well-done as Thursday. 

If you’re debating between a pair of Blundstones and Thursdays, you’ll have a better experience with Thursday. 

You can check out my full Thursday Boots vs Blundstone breakdown here.


Taft is another popular young brand, and I own three pairs of their boots. Taft has some wildly interesting boot leathers and options. 

For everyday wear, Thursdays are usually more versatile. But there are some Taft models that are show-stoppers. I can’t say that Thursday offers any boots that demand compliments quite the same way that Taft does. 

Personally, I like Thursday better because I’m usually reaching for a simple good looking boot that goes well with everything. But there are some situations where a stunner boot is needed and that’s where Taft comes in. 


Wolverine is hitting back at Thursday with their BLVD line, and from what I’ve heard, the quality is solid and the prices are comparable. 

I really like my 1000 Mile boots from Wolverine, though it has the same pros and cons as Red Wing. Because it’s a heritage boot, it’s more durable but less comfortable. Also, many reviews I’ve read say they’ve had issues with spotty quality control from Wolverine.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never had issues with Wolverine, but it’s mentioned so often in reviews, it’s worth bringing up. 

My Overall Thoughts

What I Like

  • I love the variety of styles Thursday offers, and each style has a wide range of leather options and sizes.

  • The models Thursday carries strike a balance between rugged and refined, which is ideal for a lot of guys with modern styles.

  • With Poron insoles and the DuraEVA comfort strip, Thursday boots are super comfortable and they’re easy to walk several miles in. 

  • Thursday Boot Company has excellent and responsive customer service with free shipping, free exchanges, and returns within 30 days. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Thursday has a limited range of EE/EEE wide sizes. Their most popular styles have wide varieties, but only in select leathers. 

Who is Thursday Boot Company for?

Thursday Boot Company is an excellent brand if you’re interested in getting a high quality pair of boots for a relatively inexpensive price. If you’re getting your first pair of Goodyear welted boots, Thursday is the best brand to start with.

The Verdict

Thursday Boot Company is one of my three favorite boot brands. And they’re always the brand I recommend to people looking to get their first pair of high quality boots. 

I think Thursday’s strongest point is in the variety of boot-styles they have. You can find a huge range of rugged and versatile options, all of which complement a modern aesthetic. 

I also like that Thursdays are more narrow and slim. For someone like myself who wears a lot of tapered jeans and chinos, the narrow look is ideal. Before Thursday, there weren’t any other brands offering traditionally rugged styles in a “dress boot” silhouette. 

As for quality and durability, Thursdays are solid. Most of their boots feature a 360-degree Goodyear welt, which is the industry gold standard.

If you have wide feet and need an EE / EEE size, you may have to do a bit of searching through their site to find a style and leather option that’ll fit your feet.

A few models have some quirks, which I’ve mentioned in the individual boot reviews above, but for the most part, you can’t go wrong with any of Thursday’s boots. 

Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for people looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200.

Shop Thursday Boots

If you want to see how I rank all my Thursday boots from my least favorite to my top picks, check out my video below to get a better idea of which boot might be best for you. 

Ranking my Thursday collection (it’s missing a few pairs, though).


Is Thursday a good brand?

Thursday Boot Company is an excellent brand. I’ve tried 10 of their styles and haven’t had a poor experience with any of them. Their customer service is responsive and reasonable, and their prices are great considering the quality of their boots.

Are Thursday Boots comfortable to walk in?

Thursday Boots use a Poron footbed and have a DuraEVA comfort strip in them, so their boots are very comfortable right out of the box. You can walk several miles a day in Thursdays without your feet getting tired or sore.

Are Thursday Boots made in China?

No, Thursday Boots are made in Leon, Mexico, which is the boot and shoemaking capital of North America. Several other amazing brands, including Tecovas, Taylor Stitch, Yuketen, and Unmarked, are all made in Leon, Mexico as well.

Do Thursday Boots have good arch support?

Thursday Boots feature a steel shank and offer excellent arch support. If you need to use a custom insert, you may want to order a half size larger than you normally would as the insoles for Thursdays aren’t removable.

Are Thursday boots durable?

For everyday walking, yes, Thursday Boots are durable. The leather is saturated with oils and waxes, so it doesn’t need much regular conditioning. The soles hold up well after one and a half years of use on city streets and traveling.

Can Thursday Boots keep you warm?

Yes, Thursday Boots do an excellent job keeping your feet dry and warm. And if you want extra protection from the elements, throw on a thick pair of socks and you’ll have toasty toes all day.

Do Thursday Boots get more comfortable?

Yes, Thursday Boots get more comfortable as the leather breaks in and the cork filler under the insole starts to shape to your foot. Thursday boots don’t have too harsh of a break in period in my experience, but they’re still more comfortable a month after wearing them for the first time.


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