Beckett Simonon vs Thursday Boots: Which Brand is Better?

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by  William Barton | Last Updated: 

Slow, but classy

Beckett Simonon

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Different style every day

Thursday Boot Company

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Beckett Simonon offers incredible value for money and they’re my go-to for dress boots and shoes. I prefer their leather over Thursday’s, especially for dress boots. Their wait time is pesky, and I think Thursday offers a more interesting range of boots.

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I wear Thursday Boots more than any other brand. I love the variety of styles they offer, though they’re almost exclusively in casual and rugged styles. When I want to dress up a bit, I reach for my Beckett Simonons because the leather is more classy and higher quality in general.

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  • The leather is the best I’ve seen on a boot this price
  • Excellent customer service and communication through the long wait time
  • Several models of professional and dressy boots and shoes, with a few rugged options, too
  • Excellent 360-degree Goodyear welt construction for nearly every boot and shoe they offer
  • Thursday has many leather options that are highly weather resistant and rugged
  • They have a huge variety of casual boot styles, and their sizing options are expansive


  • The wait time is anywhere between 4-12 weeks (and usually on the longer side)
  • Their focus is more on casual and rugged boots---their dress shoes aren’t as shapely, and they only have one true dress boot