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Thursday Boots vs Blundstone: It’s a Clear Choice

William Barton

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Last Updated: Apr 3, 2024
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Thursday Boots60%

The Upstart

Thursday Boots

Vs Feature Image

Resting on Laurels


Vs Feature Image

Thursday boots are much better than Blundstones in every aspect. They offer better water resistance, they’re comfortable for longer (the cork midsole will last longer than the synthetic materials in Blunnies), and in my opinion, they’re much more stylish because of the tapered toe. Both brands cost roughly the same amount, and I would get a Thursday every time.

Shop Thursday Boot Company

Blundstone boots aren’t what they used to be. Every single corner that could be cut when making this boot was cut. Thursday boots have 2.5mm of leather---Blundstones have 1.5mm (and it’s genuine grade and not full grain like Thursday’s). Blundstone’s feature mold-injected soles, which rely on cement to keep the sole attached to the upper---Thursday’s use the durable Goodyear welt. In my opinion, it’s no contest.

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  • 360-degree Goodyear welted construction means solid durability and excellent weather resistance
  • Slimmer and more versatile (can look rugged or more dressed up)
  • Free shipping, free returns, excellent customer service
  • Unique style that’s well known around the world.
  • There are waterproof and insulated versions (the 584)
  • Blundstones have a wide toe box, so they feel quite comfortable


  • Not as popular as Blundstone, so you don’t get that “brand” look
  • Mold-injected rubber sole construction is extremely prone to lifting from the upper leather, which can just let water straight into your boot, even if it’s a “waterproof” boot
  • A lot of people experience hydrolysis, which is basically when the rubber sole dries out and starts crumbling (though this only happens if you don’t wear them for a few months---consistent wearing will mitigate this)
  • The leather is comparable to what you can find on boots half the price---it’s a thin genuine leather that’s only dyed on the surface, so scratches and scuff show through

Blundstone boots are wildly popular—seriously, just go into the closest coffee shop and look at the feet of the barista. 100% guarantee they’re wearing a pair of Blundstones right now. 

A few months ago, I checked out Blundstone’s myself and a lot of comments I got on my YouTube Blundstone review asked about how Blunnies compare to Thursday boots. 

Well, Thursday has long been one of my favorite brands, and when I tried Blundstones, I was seriously underwhelmed. 

If you want a short answer on the debate of Thursday Boots vs Blundstone: get Thursdays. 

But there are a few legit reasons why Blundstones might be a better choice, and I’ll cover all the details so you can decide which brand is going to be worthwhile for you. 

logo blundstone logo
Thursday Boots Blundstone
Upper Full grain leather Genuine leather
Sole Poron footbed with cork midsole High density foam and fiberboard footbed
Outsole Goodyear welted lug Mold-injected rubber
Warranty Free 30-day returns Free 30-day returns
Shop Thursday Boot Company Shop Blundstone

Thursday Boots vs Blundstone Overview

Thursday Boots

closeup Thursday Boots Captain in arizona adobe against concrete 1
Wearing in my Thursday Captain boots in Arizona Adobe leather

Thursday Boot Company was founded in 2014, and since launching with their popular Captain boot, they’ve become one of the biggest stars in the boot-world. 

In fact, I picked up the Thursday Captain five years ago—it was my very first high quality boot—and I’ve been obsessed with boots ever since. 

I think to really compare Thursdays and Blunnies, it’s best to pick a specific boot, so I’ll highlight the Thursday Legend: it’s a Chelsea boot with a heavy rubber lug outsole and is the closest thing Thursday offers to the classic Blundstone Chelsea. 

Thursday Legend shape demonstration
Wearing my Thursday Legend boots in Matte Black

Thursday boots feature a 360-degree Goodyear welt, which is basically a strip of leather that gets stitched to both the upper leather and then through the sole. A Goodyear welt accomplishes two big things: they’re very water resistant, and the sole doesn’t split apart from the upper. 

Also, you can get a Goodyear welted boot resoled easily, though the cost for resoling either a Thursday Boot or Blundstone is prohibitive (i.e. most likely will cost more than just getting a new pair). 

Thursday Boots Legend

If you’re looking for a Chelsea boot that can stand up to a tough, snowy, rainy winter, then you should check out the Legend.

Check Price Read Our Review

Thursdays also feature a variety of fantastic full grain leathers—usually a thick 2mm upper with a 0.5-1mm lining. That’s a lot of leather for a $200 boot—and the leather is good quality, too. 

Overall, the leather quality, durability, and construction quality of Thursday boots is better than Blundstone. I also happen to like the style better because Thursdays generally have a more narrow, slim toe, though style preference is subjective. 

Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for people looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200.

Shop Thursday Boots Read Our Review
Watch my Thursday Legend review on YouTube


Blundstone has been around since 1870. That’s before light bulbs even existed. So that’s pretty nuts. 

They’re a huge brand, and I’d say they’re in the top-three most popular boots of all time next to Dr. Martens and Timberlands. Maybe the Clarks Desert Boot sneaks in there, but my point is the same: it’s common to see someone wearing Blundstones. 

Blundstone has their collection numbered, which can lead to some confusion—I tried to clear up some of that by comparing the Blundstone 500 to the 550.

Of all the Blundstones available, the 550 has that iconic look most people are after, and it’s marginally better than the 500 (the Original) for only about $20 more.

I’ll get into specifics later, but after looking at both the Blundstone 500 and 550, Blundstones are overpriced. 

Blundstone 550

The style of a Chelsea boot and the ruggedness of a work boot in one super comfortable package. With pull-up straps in the front and back, these are easy to slip on and wear any time.

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The materials and construction is similar to what I have in boots that cost between $100 and $150. It’s ok. And I don’t doubt anyone who says they’ve had their Blunnies for five years and are still loving them. I just don’t think they’ve experienced what quality actually feels like. Sorry for the saucy take, but I’m just being honest.

I think the best reason to get a pair of Blundstones is for the style and for the specific look. There’s no other boot that has the same exact style as Blundstones. 

Some people recommend Redbacks and Jim Green’s, and while those boots are objectively better made, they don’t look the same. 

If you place value in the popularity of products, then Blundstone is worth it. A good example is with Dr. Martens: they have that yellow stitch. Those boots are pretty terrible. But people know right away that they’re Docs. 

Does that make them worth it? Only you can decide. The same is true with Blundstone.

5 Alternatives to Blundstones I think are way better

Thursday and Blundstone Features Face to Face


thursday vs blundstone 4
Thursday Legend on the left, Blundstone 500 on the right

You’re likely already familiar with how Blundstones look—I’m sure you’ve seen several people wearing them. You probably even had a friend recommend them to you. They’re super popular.

Blundstones are fairly wide, especially around the toe. They’re a Chelsea boot style, with two elastic gore panels and pull tabs in the front and the back of the boot. 

I’ll say this: Blundstones are the only boots I think actually look cool with a pair of shorts. 

Thursday boots are more slim and narrow through the toe. They look much more refined when paired with a slim fit pair of jeans

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll really focus on the Thursday Legend, which I think is the closest comparison to the iconic Blundstone Chelsea. Most things about the Thursday Legend are true about the brand’s entire line (at least regarding leather and construction quality—the style is the only major difference). 

You can check out how both of these styles look on me in this side-by-side:

thursday vs blundstone
Thursday Legend on the left, Blundstone 500 on the right

You get more work-vibes with Blundstones compared to Thursdays, but Thursdays are much more versatile. 

Thursday Boots Legend

If you’re looking for a Chelsea boot that can stand up to a tough, snowy, rainy winter, then you should check out the Legend.

Check Price Read Our Review

Leather Quality

Thursday uses one of three different types of leather: Thursday Chrome, Rugged & Resilient, and WeatherSafe suede. These are all full grain leathers (besides the suede, which is…suede), which is generally known as the highest grade of leather.

close up Thursday Boots Titan in rainy weather
Waterproof leather on my Thursday Hero

Blundstone uses genuine leather, which is a grade below full grain. 

Thursday’s boots have a 2mm upper with a 1mm lining (that varies depending on style, but is true in 90% of their line), which gives you a whopping 3mm of leather. 

Compare that to the Blundstone 500, which has about 2.5mm of leather in the upper and no lining. 

Blundstone 500

But my biggest issue with Blundstone leathers is that they’re not dyed all the way through, meaning that as you scuff and scrape the boot through normal use, the natural leather color shows through. You might not mind this look, but if you get a smooth brown leather, it looks pretty beat up within just a few short months. 

In my experience, Thursday’s leather is far better than Blundstones.

Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for people looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200.

Shop Thursday Boots Read Our Review

Sole Quality and Construction

Blundstone Crosscut Diagram with Materials
I’m pointing out some of the things I think will make the Blundstone break down much faster.

The construction of these boots is really the defining aspect: Thursday boots employ a 360-degree Goodyear welt, and Blundstone boots have mold-injected soles that are glued to the upper. 

If you’re not familiar with those terms, I’ll break them down this way: for Thursdays, the leather upper is attached to the sole with a stitch that runs through a strip of leather (called a welt). The strip of leather is also sewn into a leather midsole, and is also sewn to the rubber outsole. All of these parts are also glued (aka cemented).

Thursday Boots Titan outsole performance demonstration in rain
This is the Storm King outsole that’s found on a lot of different Thursday Boots

Goodyear welting is known for its durability and water resistance. Many of the best boots in the world use this method of construction.

Blundstones use mold-injected soles, which is basically where they pump polyurethane into a mold that’s attached to the boot in a highly mechanized and pretty cool process. 

But there are two big problems with mold-injected soles: the first is that they fail often—even if your boots are waterproof, there’s a good chance that within six months, you’ll notice water creeping in between the sole and the upper. 

The second issue is if you put your boots away during the spring and summer—polyurethane outsoles experience something called hydrolysis when they’re not worn for a few months, and the rubber can start to crumble and crack. 

Don’t worry about hydrolysis if you’re wearing your boots often—regular use keeps the structure strong (why? IDK, science?). But if you decide on Blunnies, make sure you’re wearing them at least once a week to avoid that hydrolysis. 

Again, comparing the soles and construction of the two brands, Thursday Boots win easily. 

Which is Best for You?

There’s only one reason to get Blundstones: you like the look, and you don’t mind overpaying to get that specific style. 

Don’t get me wrong: I see the value in doing that. Sometimes you just want to be part of the trend—there’s no shame in that. 

But in every objective quality sense Thursday Boots are better. 

I also think Thursday Boots are more stylish and versatile because of the slimmer toe box. 

Given that Blundstones are more expensive than Thursdays, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher that Thursday has far better leather, and a much more sturdy construction method. But I guess that’s branding. 

If you can only get one boot, get a pair of Thursdays. 

If you can get two boots, get two pairs of Thursdays. I’d skip Blundstone altogether. 

Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boots is my top recommendation for people looking to buy their first great-quality pair of boots. Their value for money is excellent. I haven’t found another brand that makes boots this good for under $200.

Shop Thursday Boots Read Our Review


Do Thursday boots have arch support?

Yes, Thursday boots feature a steel shank, which means the arch of the boot won’t flex or bend, which means they’ll maintain their arch support for years.

How many years do Blundstones last?

Blundstones last about two years if you wear them four to five times per week and take good care of them. They can’t be resoled, so once the sole wears out, they’re done.

Thursday Boots or Blundstone? Which do you prefer?

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  1. Now the website says they are not waterproof but water resistant, but they have a spray for waterproofing them. Have you tried the waterproofability of the spray on Thursday’s boots? Blundstones seem to have a waterproof boot.

    • They’re not technically waterproof, but I don’t recommend truly waterproof boots anyway – they usually have a plastic liner than makes your foot sweat a ton. The leather on the Captain is plenty water resistant – to get your feet wet, you’d need to stand in a deep puddle for a while. So while they’re not technically waterproof, I’ve never once had an issue in the rain wearing Thursdays

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