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R.M. Williams Sizing Guide: Get the Perfect Size First Time

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
6 min read
Key Takeaways

R.M. Williams run by common UK sizing standards, which are a full size larger than US mens sizes. 


Their boots are relatively narrow, though they offer a wide size for many boots as well (H in UK sizing, or the equivalent EE in US sizing). 


Order the UK boot size that corresponds to your US sneaker and dress shoe size (i.e. if you’re a 10.5 standard width foot, then a 9.5G in UK sizing will be the best fit).

When I went to buy my R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman boots, I was so confused with the site and I followed the sizing guide on their site and got a pair that was too tight. 

It’s a huge hassle sending the boots back and waiting for a new pair…

I figured some straight-forward advice on R.M. Williams sizing and how the boots actually fit is needed. 

So let’s make sure you don’t have to return your new boots like I did. Sound good?

R.M. Williams Sizing: What You Need to Know

Stick with me because this gets a little complicated. 

R.M. Williams is an Australian company, so they use UK shoe sizing standards, which are different from what we use in the US. 

In general, UK sizes are a full size smaller than US (i.e. a size 10 US is a size 9 UK).

I found that R.M. Williams boots fit true to size. I’m a 10.5 in sneakers and dress shoes, and a size 10 in most boots. R.M. Williams fits more like sneakers and dress shoes. 

Using my feet as an example, the 9.5 UK size (which is equivalent to a 10.5 US) fits me perfectly

You might be used to other boot brands like Red Wing, Thursday, or Wolverine, which recommend you order a half-size smaller than your usual sneaker and dress shoe size. Often, boots run a bit large, so this advice makes sense. 

But R.M. Williams make relatively narrow boots, and you’re better off not sizing down. 

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman square toe detail from top down

Take a look in your closet: if you mostly have size 11 shoes and you buy US shoes and boots, then you should order a size 10 UK (size 11 US). 

Now let’s discuss the widths: R.M. Williams also offers three different width options (F, G, and H). 

F is narrow and corresponds to a US B width—this is an uncommon foot width. 

G is standard and corresponds to a US D width—this is the most common foot width size. If you don’t know what foot width you are, it’s probably never been an issue for you and you’re most likely this width. 

H is wide and corresponds to a US EE width—this is somewhat common. If you’ve ever noticed that you need to order shoes that are much longer than your feet (1.5 to 2” longer as an example) to accommodate the ball of your foot, you may just need wide sizing. 

I highly recommend ordering your R.M. Williams boots through their site here—when you’re choosing your size, you can clearly mark whether you want to shop in US, UK, or EU sizes.  

Selecting your R.M. Williams sizing

Shopping through the R.M. Williams site takes the conversion from US to UK out of the question, which makes finding your correct size much easier. 

That said, I used the R.M. Williams ShoeAI sizing recommendation, which is designed to allow you to choose the size you wear in a variety of different brands and get your correct R.M. Williams size. In practice though, it just spits out whatever you put in, which isn’t necessarily correct.

For example, my Red Wing size is a 10D, and it recommended a 10G US (standard width) in R.M. Williams. That’s wrong. I’m a 10.5G US in R.M. Williams (9.5G in UK). My Brannock size is 10.5D US. 

R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman

The R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman is one of the most comfortable boots I own, period. And it’s a wholecut Chelsea made with Yearling leather, so it's classy and sophisticated. 

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Do R.M. Williams Stretch and Loosen Up?

closeup front view of RM Williams Comfort Craftsman 1

R.M. Williams boots will stretch and loosen up a bit over time—particularly in the first five or six wears, but if they’re uncomfortable when you first put them on, they won’t become dramatically more comfortable. 

They don’t stretch out enough to make up a half-size. 

If your feet start to tingle when you’re wearing your new boots, then they’re too small and no amount of stretching will make them comfortable. 

How Much Height Do R.M. Williams Give?

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman while leaning on wall

The R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman adds about an inch and a half to your height (or roughly 4cm).

If you’d like a larger height boost, check out the Yearling boot, which has a taller heel. However, some guys don’t like the Cuban heel shape (the amount of comments I get on the BootSpy YouTube channel that claim Cuban heels look like women’s shoes is annoying). 

I think the Cuban heel look is awesome for guys who aren’t afraid to be more adventurous with their style—it’s unique and people will notice you have your fashion-sense together. 

R.M.Williams Yearling Boot

Compared to the popular YSL Chelsea, this R.M. Williams Yearling has a much easier to digest price, plus the quality is far better.

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R.M. Williams Size Chart

rm williams size chart

In the R.M. Williams size chart above, I listed out how the US and UK sizes compare with the measurement of your foot in inches. 

I wouldn’t rely on that measurement alone, as there are a lot of other factors that go into finding the right size boots for your foot. But if you read the entire section above and still couldn’t figure out what size you are in R.M. Williams, this size chart can be an effective last resort. 

You’ll notice that the UK sizing is exactly one number smaller than the US sizing (i.e. a US 9 is a UK 8). 

You can also find the EU equivalents of both if you’re shopping in Europe. 

Again, the easiest way to find the correct size you need without doing the conversion yourself is to shop through the R.M. Williams site. They do the conversion for you automatically. 


You’re ready to order your new boots. I definitely recommend ordering through R.M. Williams rather than a third party retailer—they make it obvious if you’re ordering US or UK sizing.

You definitely don’t want to get hosed by a retailer that isn’t aware of the difference between how Australians and Americans size their shoes. Returning something that just arrived in the mail is the worst. 

But with this guide, you’re equipped with everything you need to know. So what are you waiting for?

R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman

The R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman is one of the most comfortable boots I own, period. And it’s a wholecut Chelsea made with Yearling leather, so it's classy and sophisticated. 

Check Price Read Our Review
Watch my review of the R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman


Should you use shoe trees in R.M. Williams?

Yes, cedar shoe trees will keep your R.M. Williams boots looking great for much longer than going without. Shoe trees help keep the original shape of the boot and they also prevent too much moisture from lingering, which can lead to mold.

Are R.M. Williams boots comfortable?

Yes, R.M. Williams boots are some of the most comfortable Chelsea boots I’ve ever worn. The Comfort Craftsman lives up to its name.

How can I stretch my R.M. Williams?

The best way is to use a boot stretcher, which is a wood and metal device that allows you to slowly expand the leather mechanically. Don’t try any “hacks” like putting them in the freezer, and if you can avoid leather-relaxing sprays, do. Those should only be used as a last resort because they’re tough on the longevity of the leather.


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