Blundstone Sizing Guide: How to Pick the Correct Size for Your Blundstone Boots

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Who knew picking out the right size Blundstone boots was such a chore?

I went to buy a pair of Blunnies for myself and spent way more time than I thought I would trying to make sure I got the correct size the first time around. 

You’ve already spent enough time trying to figure out the correct Blundstone sizing. Let’s get you a quick answer and get you on with your life, ok? 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know when you’re converting Blundstone’s AU sizing to US sizing.

First, I’ll discuss how AU and US sizing is different (for both men and women), plus how that relates to your foot. 

Below that, I’ve also created a Blundstone sizing chart you can reference when you’re about to buy your new boots. Let’s get to it.

The Ultimate Blundstone Sizing Guide

Blundstone 500 on model walking on train track 1

Because AU and US sizing is so different, there’s a ton of confusion for US-based buyers when picking up a pair of Blundstones.

It’s not always clear whether the shop you’re looking at is showing their sizes in AU or US, so that’s the first thing you need to know. 

With shops like Amazon, you’ll need to read the fine print of the individual seller page to find out if they’re giving you an AU size or US. By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly what size to get either way.  

Blundstone 500 boots on foot 1

To make it easy, though, you can always go to Blundstone’s website, where they do the conversion for you automatically. 

But they don’t always have the same amazing bargains as Amazon and other sellers.

For men, AU sizes are a full number lower. So if you are a size 10 in US sneakers, then you’d be a size 9 in AU sneakers. 

What size Blundstone’s should I get (men)?

For American men, Blundstones will be one AU size smaller than what you wear in US mens shoes. So if you shop for size 10 shoes in the US, you’ll want to get an AU size 9 for your Blundstones.

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Also, the half-sizes in AU are wider, but not longer. This is much different than US sizing, where each half-step up is both longer and wider. 

That means if you have a fairly narrow foot, you may want to go a full size and a half smaller in your Blundstones than you would with your US shoes. But that only applies to half sizes. 

So if you wear a size 10.5 in US mens sneakers, and your foot is more narrow, then you’ll want to bump down to the size 9 AU. If you were to choose the 9.5 AU, you’d probably have a bit too much room on either side. 

Blundstone 500 instep detail on white background 1

However, I’m a size 10.5 in US sneakers and I picked up a 9.5 AU (even though my feet aren’t wide). While I do have a bit of extra room at the ball of my foot and could’ve fit in the 9 AU, I’m still happy with the 9.5 AU. 

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Blundstone Sizing for Women

Blundstone 550 after months of wear

Blundstone sizing for ladies is a bit different. And even more confusing. 

Again, if you’re shopping through Blundstone’s site, they automatically do the conversion for you, so if you shop the women’s selection in the US, you’ll be familiar with all the sizing—there won’t be any surprises.

Because Blunnies are unisex, the sizing isn’t converted to “women’s sizing” standards like we have in the US. So if you’re a US-based woman and you typically wear a size 8 women’s shoe, you’ll need to buy your Blundstones three sizes smaller (i.e. a size 5: a size 8 converts to a men’s size 6—then you convert US mens to AU mens and drop another size to get to 5…ugh, I’m exhausted). 

What size Blundstones should I get (women)?

For American women, Blundstones will be three AU sizes smaller than what you wear in US womens shoes. So if you shop for size 8 shoes in the US, you’ll want to get an AU size 5 for your Blundstones.

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I bought a pair of Blundstones for myself and for my wife, so I know how confusing the process is for both guys and gals. That’s why I ended up just buying from Blundstone’s site (they do the conversion for you—if you input that you live in the US, just pick up your regular size and call it a day). 

Blundstone 500
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Blundstone Size Chart

Blundstone Sizing Chart for Men

Note that the above chart is specifically for men. You’ll want to check between your US size and your UK/AU size to do the proper conversion. 

Below is the Blundstone sizing chart for women. Again, check between the US and the UK/AU size. 

Blundstone Sizing Chart for Women

If you have a smaller shoe size than size 8, continue to take three sizes off your US size. So if you’re a ladies size 6, you’ll be an AU size 3. 

Blundstone 500 Sizing

model using Blundstone 500 dual pull tabs 1

In reading through reviews, comments, and forums, I also noted some confusion on if there was a difference in sizing between the Blundstone 500 and the Blundstone 550

There’s no difference with regard to sizing the 500 vs the 550. 

So if you’re a size 8 in the 500, you’ll be the same size 8 for the 550s (or any other Blundstone boot, for that matter). 

Blundstone Sizing Conversion

To make finding the perfect Blundstone fit as easy as possible, I put together this Blundstone size conversion calculator. 

Just put in your shoe size, note your region (i.e. US, EU, etc.), whether you wear men’s or women’s sizes, and get the perfect Blundstone (AU) size out on the other end. Simple, right? 

logo Source: Blundstone

US Shoe Size

UK/AU Shoe Size

EU Shoe Size

Cannot find your size, Please input another size.
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You’ve Got This

Now you know exactly what size you need for your Blunnies. But should you actually buy them?

You may want to read my full Blundstone 500 review here, or my Blundstone 550 review here

Or if you’re not sure whether to get the 500 or 550, read my detailed Blundstone 500 vs 550 comparison here

If you choose to shop for Blundstones on Amazon, be sure to double check what sizing standard the seller is using. You can often find that information somewhere on the page. Once you know that, since you’ve read this article, you won’t be one of the several hundred reviewers who have to return their boots to get the correct size. 

You’ll get it right on your first try.

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Are Blundstones supposed to be tight at first?

Your Blundstones may feel tight at the sides of your feet at first. The leather will stretch a little as you wear them. But if your feet ever start to tingle after wearing your boots for an hour or so, they’re too tight.

Are Blundstone’s half-sizes just wider?

Yes, Blundstones half-sizes are wider, but not longer. So a size 10 US shoe is equivalent to a size 9 Blundstone. And if you have standard width feet, and you wear a size 10.5 US, you can also wear a size 9 Blundstone.

Do you have to break in Blundstones?

Blundstones have a very minimal break in period. You shouldn’t get any blisters or any significant discomfort when wearing your Blunnies for the first time.

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