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Ultimate Guide to XTRATUF Boot Sizing, with Size Chart

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
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Key Takeaways

XTRATUF boots mostly run true-to-size, though several of the ranges available run small, and they don’t come in half sizes, so it’s advised that you go up a size if you’re a half size. Many people often wear thick socks with XTRATUF boots, too, which should be factored into your choice.  

While they generally run true to size, these boots have a history of being relatively narrow, and there aren’t many choices for wider boots. 

XTRATUF boots are some of the best boots available for commercial and sports fishing. They’re built for durability and performance, but they’re also known for being a tough boot to size for. 

Some XTRATUF boots can run small, while others may be quite narrow, which can cause issues if you’re planning on wearing thick socks when out fishing.

With that in mind, I’ve gone over all the available information and combined it in this easy-to-read sizing guide. Read this to ensure you get the right size every time.

XTRATUF Size Chart 

xtratuf boots size chart
XTRATUF boot size chart

Usually, the best way to find the right size for your XTRATUF boots is to compare them to other brands.

But if you’re still a bit confused about which size to get, grab a ruler or tape measure and compare your foot length (in inches) to the sizing chart above. 

The chart above will also help you if you’re used to shopping in EU or UK sizes and need to convert to US sizing. 

There are a ton of different factors that go into getting the correct size for your boots beyond just the length of your foot, so let’s take a closer look at the important XTRATUF sizing considerations.

How Do XTRATUF Boots Fit? 

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XTRATUF have a large selection of boots available in varying styles; the style you choose affects the overall fit of the boot.

Generally, XTRATUF boots fit true to size,

However, given that they don’t offer half sizes, you’ll need to go up a size anyway if you’re a half size. If you plan on wearing thick socks with your boots (and many people do), you’ll have to factor this in as well.

XTRATUF boots are pretty narrow, so wearing a close-fitting, albeit true-to-size boot with thick socks to keep your feet warm might make them a little tight. Buying a size up is also a good idea if you fall overboard; you can kick off your heavy boots and swim to safety more quickly.


XTRATUF boots have become the badge of ultimate preparedness for the individuals of Alaska, the people who arrive as lone wolves and become part of a pack.

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Should I Buy a Size Up in XTRATUF Boots?

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I advise that you at least consider sizing up if you are a but read the customer reviews first, as some do seem to be an excellent fit.

The 15″ Steel Toe Legacy Boot is a true-to-size boot that’s fantastic for commercial fishing, though if you’re a half size, take the next size up.

XTRATUF Commercial Grade

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The XTRATUF commercial range is the de facto boot range for Alaskan fishing. The company has over 50 years of experience creating boots that can handle any conditions.

You’ve basically got three choices when it comes to the commercial line:

  • Legacy boots: This range is only available in full sizes and medium width, so if you’re a half size, go up to the next size. Most of the information I found leans towards taking the next size up anyway to accommodate thicker socks.
  • Chelsea boots: I’m a big fan of the XTRATUF Chelsea Boot, a stylish boot with a full-grain, waterproof leather upper that is a true-to-size fit. The Men’s Legacy Chelsea Boot is available in full sizes ranging from 7 to 14 and is a medium width boot suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Deck boots: These are a slightly wider fit to allow your feet to swell due to standing up all day. The Ankle Deck Boots all come in a medium fit and are available in sizes 7 to 15. Reviews suggest the Wheelhouse 6 Ankle Deck Boot runs big and that the overall build quality is decent.
XTRATUF 8" Insulated Legacy Lace Boot

The Legacy Lace features the same commercial grade performance and safety features of the classic Legacy Boot, but with a functional lace-up upper unit making it a perfect all-purpose winter and wet-weather boot.

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XTRATUF Explorer Grade

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The Explorer range has three main styles: deck boots, deck shoes, and sandals. All are only available in whole sizes and are also medium-width. 

The Explorer range is probably more suited to less taxing conditions, shaft heights are usually around the 6 inch mark, so while they’ll keep your feet dry on deck, they may not be ideal for serious weather conditions.

  • Deck Boots: There are two options in the deck boot range, the Eco 6 and the standard deck boot. The Eco 6 runs larger than expected, so be prepared to take a size down. The deck boot is only available in full sizes, so you may need to go up a size, especially as XTRATUF boots don’t stretch out.
  • Deck Shoes: The Sharkbtye Eco Deck Shoe is one of the only ranges that XTRATUF makes in half sizes, with the range having sizes seven up to 14, with every half size in between. The Sharkbyte is a really stylish deck shoe that could easily pass as a casual shoe and is a true-to-size fit. 
  • Sandals: There shouldn’t be any difficulty in sizing for a sandal, and the Men’s Auna Sandal range is no exception. Unlike the Eco deck shoe, the Auna sandal doesn’t come in half sizes, but some reviews suggest that it runs on the narrow side.
XTRATUF Sharkbyte Eco Deck Shoe

The Sharkbyte deck shoe is lightweight and designed to be versatile enough to wear on and off the boat. It features a rear pull tab for easy on, and a reinforced leather panel at the heel for easy off.

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Are There Any XTRATUF Wide Fit (E-EEE) Boots?

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XTRATUF doesn’t offer many wide-fit boots, and none that are calf length, which could be an issue if you want a wide-fit boot that can handle heavy weather.

The Men’s 6 In Ankle Deck Boot is the only choice XTRATUF offers in both a medium and wide width, so your options are limited.

I advise either looking elsewhere if this boot isn’t for you or potentially buying a size or two larger in the Commercial or Explorer selections and seeing if the extra size adds to the width.

XTRATUF 6" Ankle Deck Boot Wide

XTRATUF Deck Boots have been crafted specifically for sport and recreational fishermen. Anglers are athletes and they need proper footwear to help them perform at their best.

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For over 50 years the XTRATUF Legacy range has been a staple of the commercial fishing industry in Alaska. Boots such as the Men’s 15″ Steel Toe Legacy Boot are designed solely for being out at sea in adverse weather conditions. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be an Alaskan fisherman to wear them. If you’re looking for rugged boots that keep out the rain and cold and need to keep a firm grip on the ground, the XTRATUF range could have what you need. 

Overall, the sizing for XTRATUF boots leans towards true-to-size, though with some of the ranges, you’ll need to buy a bigger size, especially if you’re a half size.


XTRATUF boots have become the badge of ultimate preparedness for the individuals of Alaska, the people who arrive as lone wolves and become part of a pack.

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Should I size up in XTRATUF boots?

XTRATUF boots don’t come in half sizes, so the company advises those who wear a half size to take the next size up. For example, a standard 8.5 should try a size 9.

Are XTRATUF boots good for hiking?

The XTRATUF range is not ideal for hiking, despite them being waterproof and comfortable to wear. Most of their boots are quite heavy, and though the grip is excellent, and they’ll keep out the weather superbly, the XTRATUF range is designed for working all day, not walking for miles in.

Where are XTRATUF boots made?

XTRATUF boots were once made in the USA, and until recently, this was still the case. Historically, the quality of the XTRATUF boot range was superb, and that was in part due to the boots being U.S made. More recently, production of the XTRATUF boot range has moved to China, and there have been concerns over quality control.

It’s noticeable on the XTRATUF website that the further back in time you go, the better the reviews. More recently the reviews have been less positive due to issues with the boot quality.


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