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Ultimate Muck Boots Sizing Guide [Size Chart Included]

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
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Key Takeaways

Muck boots run true to size, though there are interesting points worth knowing. Most Muck boots don’t come in half sizes, so if you’re a half size, you’ll need to go up a size in men’s boots.

Muck boots come in various styles, from ankle boots to farm and garden boots, slip-ons, and tall boots. The hint is in the name, Muck boots are excellent for those mucky, outdoor jobs where keeping dry and warm is key.

Muck boots are generally true to size, but there are some pitfalls to their sizing that you need to be aware of.

Because of these gray areas, I’ve put together a comprehensive sizing guide for Muck boots so that all you need to worry about is picking the perfect Muck boot. 

Muck Boots Sizing Guide

There’s an excellent range of Muck boots available at the Muck Boot Company. With leather boots, tall, ankle, steel toe, and wide calf boots on offer, your only stumbling block might be finding the correct size.  

Muck Boots

Boots and footwear that are 100% MUCKPROOF: remarkably protective and totally waterproof, made with premium neoprene and rubber, and designed to brave every element.

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Key Sizing Information

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There are some key points to remember when picking the right Muck boot, as most men’s Muck boots don’t come in half sizes. There’s a small selection of Muck boots in half sizes, but unless you’re lucky enough to find the pair you want there, you’ll need to make the correct sizing choice to get the perfect fit. Here are some key pieces of information:

  • Most Muck boots generally only come in full sizes, so if you’re a half size, I recommend going up a size to ensure your boot fits.
  • Muck boots are designed with an additional 15mm of space in the toe to allow freedom of movement, so that may mean going up a size leaves more room than you expected.
  • Going up a size allows you the flexibility to pad your boot out a little; insoles or thick socks will be a big help here.
  • Going down a size restricts your options, and while Muck boots stretch slightly with wear, the Muck Boot Company themselves recommend a size up.
  • Most options come in medium only (or standard D width), so if you know that you have wide feet, going up a size is definitely an option to consider.
  • Many Muck boots are made using flex-foam neoprene, which will contour to your foot, and is flexible enough to stretch. 

Different Muck Boot Styles Fit Differently

Leather Boots

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Leather muck boots are some of the more popular styles.

You can choose from a limited yet excellent collection of leather boots, all available in full sizes with medium width. For example:

  • The Men’s Originals Duck Lace boot looks great and has a layer of memory foam in the footbed, making wearing them all day a breeze. 
  • The Chore Farm Leather Chelsea comes in both medium and wide fits, including half sizes. Consider this boot as a great introduction to Muck boots, especially if you require a wider fit.

Tall Boots

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Muck’s tall boots are 100% waterproof, sturdy, and stylish. Many come in wide calf sizes for flexibility. For example:

Ankle Boots

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For outdoor work without getting knee-deep in mud, consider Muck’s waterproof ankle boots like the popular Excursion Pro Mid, combining style and functionality, e.g:

  • The Chore Farm Leather Chelsea Comp Toe boot is a versatile choice available in both medium and wide widths, with half sizes for a better fit. It’s a stylish option suitable for the office on a winter’s day.

If the Chore Farm Leather Chelsea boot appeals to you but you want to see what other great Chelsea boots are out there, I think you’ll like our YouTube review on the 5 Best Chelsea Boots For Men 2022, where we look at some of the best Chelsea boots on the market.

Steel Toe Boots

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The Muck Steel toe collection is only available in medium width and full sizes, so again, if you’re a half size, go up to the next size. The Steel toe range of Muck Boots, run slightly roomy, but it’s part of their design, e.g:

  • The Arctic Pro Steel Toe, is thermal lined, and is designed to have about 15mm of wiggle room in the toes. Thick socks will pad out the extra room, though.

Wide Calf Boots

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Having the correct size boot is crucial, but the fit around the calf is just as important for taller boots. It’s no good your foot fitting like a glove if you can’t get your leg into the boot in the first place. The wide calf range of Muck boots will help those with larger calves e.g:

  • The Arctic Ice Wide Calf Boot is wider in the calf and features a posterior gusset that allows you to customize the fit and should allow your calf much more space.

Half Size Selection

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Thankfully for us, Muck has put all their boots that come in half sizes in one place, so if you’re not happy going up a size, this is the place for you. If you know going up a full size causes you issues, there’s a good selection on offer, although only in the men’s range. 

  • The Outscape Low is an eye-catching slip-on boot that comes in half sizes, though you can also find lace-up boots, Chelsea boots, and tall boots that are available in half sizes too.
  • The Men’s Comp Toe Wellie is available in half sizes, but due to popularity can often be missing sizes, so it’s worth checking the availability first. The half-size range is available in medium width, as is standard for Muck boots.

If the half size range isn’t for you though, don’t forget to simply buy a size up from your normal boot.

Tips for Getting the Best Muck Boot Fit

muck boots wetland outdoor rocks 1
Wearing my Muck Boots Wetland

There are three easy steps to follow when it comes to sizing your foot correctly for Muck boots, and all you’ll need is a pencil and a piece of paper. That’s right, we’re going old school, back to basics, measure your actual foot to get the perfect fit.

And it’s as simple as it sounds:

  1. Stand on a piece of paper, barefoot
  2. Mark the point of your heel and your toe
  3. Measure the exact distance between these two lines
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What Type of Socks Should I Wear with Muck Boots?

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The Muck company is one of the only retailers that provides a conversion chart for socks, with a guide for which size sock you should ideally wear with your Muck boot.

The sock sizes are as follows:

  • Medium (MD)
  • Large (LG)
  • Extra Large (XL)
  • XXL (2L) (which looks more like a sleeve than a sock)

For Muck boots in men’s sizes 5 – 9.5, Muck recommends a medium sock size for their boots, and for sizes between 9 – 12, you’re ideally looking for a large sock.

The thickness of the sock is up to you, just consider whether you’ve had to go up a size or not and the weather conditions you’re expecting. I would go for thick socks if you’re a half size and bought the next boot size up.

Muck Boots Size Chart

muck boots size chart
Muck Boot Company sizing chart in inches, US, EU, and UK

The best way to find your sizing for Muck Boots is to compare it to other brands and what you would normally wear.

But it may also help to get a comparison in inches. There’s a lot more to boot sizing than the length of your foot, so don’t go solely off of this size chart. But if you’re still feeling a little lost, this guide should hopefully help you rule out the wrong sizes.

And if you normally shop in EU or UK sizes, you can also convert those sizes to US so you don’t end up with an oversized boot.


Muck boots are perfect for outdoor work, especially in less than ideal conditions. Even though many of the styles on offer only come in full sizes, the fact that Muck boots are true to size makes buying the right boot easy. Muck boots expand well to fit, and going up a size if you’re a half size solves most fitting issues.

Muck Boots Men’s Originals Duck Lace

The Leather Originals feature a durable rubber shell with a full-grain waterproof leather upper, and hand-laid rubber for flexibility, comfortable, 100% waterproof protection. 

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Do Muck boots stretch at all?

Muck boots are made of materials that will stretch to fit widths up to an EEE size. Most Muck boots are available in medium width only, as they are expected to stretch slightly to accommodate your foot.

Are Muck boots good in the snow?

Many styles of Muck boots reach up to your calf, and as they are made of waterproof materials, they are excellent for wearing in snowy weather. The deep traction outsole of Muck boots means that they are also excellent at maintaining grip in icy conditions.

Can you wash Muck boots in the washing machine?

Throwing your Muck Boots in the washing machine isn’t advised; the boots could damage your machine, and you could end up tearing or splitting the boots themselves. Instead, you can simply use water with a little soap, as the rubber design is easy to wash down.


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