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Hunter Boots Sizing Guide: Do They Run True to Size?

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Last Updated: Apr 9, 2024
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Key Takeaways

Hunter boots are notoriously challenging to size correctly; the ‘Original’ style can run both big or true to size, depending on the boot. The ‘Refined’ line is sized differently from other models, and since Hunter boots won’t stretch over time, you must size correctly. The various calf sizes can cause issues when buying, though each boot has information on calf width and fit type in its product specifications. Ultimately though, Hunter boots run true to size, making them a straightforward boot to size.

Sizing your Hunter boots can be confusing, since there’s more than just your shoe size to consider.

The calf width varies from boot to boot, so your calf size, foot size, and even your height can have an impact on which boot to choose.

It’s complicated enough to navigate that I decided to break it all down for you into one manageable and straightforward article.

I’ve spent days figuring this out, so you don’t have to. Hunter boots are a great addition to your wardrobe once you’ve got the correct size.

Hunter Rain Boots Sizing Guide

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Hunter boots are handcrafted from 28 separate parts; they’re 100% waterproof, and, providing you have the right size, they’re comfortable to wear. It’s quite a chunky boot; they feel big and sturdy, which isn’t a bad thing.

They feel like a well-made, durable pair of rain boots.

My Sizing Tip: Because Hunter boots only come in full sizes, if you’re a half size, I strongly recommend you go down a size unless the boot is part of the Refined range, in which case you’ll need to go up a size. 

I don’t believe the foot size is where people go wrong when buying Hunter boots, It’s the calf size often causes problems. Each Hunter boot has calf width, fit, and fit type in the product specifications to combat these issues.

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Let’s take a look at some of the more popular styles of Hunter boot and see how they fit.

This is based on my personal experience and research, but it’s worth reiterating that it’s important to check the sizing info on the website, which includes the fit type and calf width.

Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people simply forget to do this.

Original Tall Boots

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A Hunter Boot classic, the Men’s Original Tall Rain Boot has been a staple of the Hunter boot selection for decades. Here’s some key sizing information and advice:

  • The Original rain boot comes in sizes 7-13 and runs true to size.
  • It has a calf width of 16.92″
  • I recommend measuring your calf before buying any Hunter boot;
  • If you’re a half size, drop down to the nearest size, and you should be fine.
  • The tall 15.94” shaft keeps your legs dry, but because Hunter boots are pretty chunky, the height restricts movement, at least when kneeling down.
Hunter Boots Men's Original Tall Rain Boots

The original: Hunter Boots are known as some of the best rain boots you can find. I don't recommend any of the imitators: go with the real thing.

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Chelsea Boots

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Covering the Men’s Original Chelsea Boot, Commando Chelsea Boot, as well as the Refined Moc Toe Chelsea boot, this style of boot is great if you need complete freedom of movement when out in wet weather.  Here’s some sizing advice and key information for each:

Refined Moc Toe Chelsea Boot

  • The Refined Moc Toe Chelsea is a regular fit boot with an 11.34” calf width.
  • Hunter states that this boot is true to size, but I’d consider going up a size regardless, especially if you wear thick socks with your boots, as it can feel somewhat snug. 

Men’s Original Chelsea Boot

  • The popular Men’s Original Chelsea Boot is available in sizes 7-13
  • It’s a regular fit boot that’s true to size, with an 11.42” calf width.
  • A two-year warranty for this handmade, waterproof boot is a nice bonus, though, with care, a pair of Hunter boots can last for years.

Commando Chelsea Boot

  • Sizing the Commando Chelsea Boot can be confusing: Hunter Boots recommend going up a size in the Refined style of boot if you’re a half size, but the Commando is a slim-fit boot that has a narrower (10.6”) calf width.
  • Hunter Boots do state that the Commando is true to size, but I say tread with caution.
Hunter Original Chelsea Boot

Sure, there are waterproof leather boots, but if you want a truly waterproof boot, rubber is the way to go. But don’t just get any rubber Chelsea boot---go with the best. That’s the Hunter Original Chelsea boot. 

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Balmoral Boots

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The Balmoral range is similar to the tall boots that Hunter Boots offers, though many of this range has an adjustable side gusset to allow a more customized fit. Here’s some key sizing information:

  • The Men’s Balmoral Side Adjustable Rain Boot is a true-to-size.
  • Available in sizes 7-13.
  • It’s a regular fit boot with a 16.89” calf width. 
  • I have read that some customers find it difficult to fit their trousers inside some of the taller Hunter boots, so if you prefer tucking your pants then going up a size could be an option.
  • The boots should feel snug enough to need a little effort to get on but loose enough that your foot and leg aren’t strangled.
  • This boot range comes with a kick spur to help you take them off (I prefer a boot jack, though). 
Hunter Balmoral

With an adjustable shaft and a kickspur to making taking your boots off even easier, the Hunter Balmoral boot is ideal for dirty chores and days out in the field.

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Original Short Boots

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A fantastic-looking utility boot, the Men’s Original Short Rain Boot offers the protection and functionality you’d expect from a Hunter Boot. Here’s some important sizing information:

  • Available in sizes 7-13.
  • It’s a regular fit short boot with a 15.75” calf width.
  • Some variants of the Original Short Rain Boot run slightly larger, while having the same look and nearly the same specs.
  • Worth noting to always check the product specifications for each boot.
Hunter Original Short Boot

The moderate height and extra comfort of the Hunter Original Short Boot makes it the perfect boot for walking. Between the cushion sponge insole and calendered sole, you can take this guy up and down steep hills, even in the rain.

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Play Boots

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A more lightweight option than the taller boots in Hunter’s range, the play boot has a pull tab at the back for easing your foot in and out easily. Here’s some quick sizing information:

  • The Play Short Rain Boot selection reportedly runs true to size.
  • If you’re a half size, you should drop down a size for maximum comfort. 
  • Hunter Boots suggest wearing socks to minimize contact between your skin and the rubber boot, as with all their boots.
Hunter Play Short Rain Boot

100% waterproof, the Play Short Boot offers a strong and flexible design with a flatter platform sole and angled block heel for maximum comfort. 

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Hiking Boots

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Hunter boots have a relatively small selection of hiking boots for men, and the hiking boots available are also classed as unisex. With both waterproof and water-resistant options available, but here’s some key sizing information for some of their more popular models:

  • All hiking boots from Hunter Boots reportedly run true to size.
  • However, if you wear thick socks, I would advise going up a size with certain models (like the Insulated Recycled Polyester Commando Boots, as they’re on the snug side due to thick insulation).
  • Hunter hiking boots are generally available in sizes 7-13.
Hunter Recycled Polyester Commando Boot

These Recycled Polyester Commando Boots are certified vegan, 100% waterproof and will keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -22°C (-8°F).

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Should You Size Up or Down?

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After looking into customer reviews and checking on what Hunter Boots themselves say, I have for rules for sizing up or down:

  1. If you’re a half size in boots, go for the next size down.
  2. However, if you’re a half size and you choose the Refined style, then always go up a half size.
  3. As well as knowing your foot size, know your calf width too.
  4. Just one style of boot might have several subtle size differences, so it’s vital that you always check the product specifications for the boot you choose before you buy it. 

You should also consider the socks you’ll be wearing, and whether sizing up or down will accommodate this. While you don’t have to buy socks specifically for boots thick socks are recommended, so keep this in mind when considering your size.


If you approach sizing up a Hunter Boot armed with the knowledge that it can run a little big, you shouldn’t have problems buying the right boot.

Most of the men’s boots are true to size, and it’s the calf size that catches people out.

I can’t stress enough that all you need to do is read the product specifications for each boot, and you’ll be fine.

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Do I size up or down in Hunter Boots?

For any style of Hunter boot, you should be able to buy the same size boot you normally wear, and because Hunter boots usually run a little on the big side, if you’re a half size, choose a size down from your standard size. This is true for every style of Hunter boot except the Refined range, where those who are a half size would ideally need to go up a size instead.

Is Hunter a good boot brand?

Hunter boots are an excellent brand of rain boots, with over 160 years of experience as bootmakers. Sold globally, the Hunter boot is recognized as a quality product.

Do Hunter boots last a long time?

It’s no exaggeration to say that a well-maintained pair of Hunter boots can last for decades. If used for their proper purpose and cleaned correctly after use, many people keep the same pair of Hunter rain boots for years. Each pair of Hunter boots comes with a two-year warranty, but short of a mishap, your boots will remain waterproof and comfortable forever.


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