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Frye Boots Sizing Guide: Do Frye Boots Run Big or Small?

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2024
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Key Takeaways

Frye boots run true to standard US sneaker sizes, so when buying from Frye, you should be able to buy your usual sneaker size. Most models are available in standard D-width only. Go up half a size if you have a wider foot or have one foot larger than the other.

Today, I’m going to take a detailed look into whether Frye boots run true to size and whether buying a size bigger or smaller is a good idea or not, depending on the type of footwear, all so you don’t have to return those amazing new boots when they show up.

Frye Boots Sizing Guide

Frye harness boot profile view in black leather
Wearing my Frye Harness 12R boots.

When it comes to splashing out on a new pair of boots, it pays to get the right fit to avoid discomfort and disappointment. 

Frye has an excellent range of quality footwear, they rarely discontinue a model, offer numerous sizes and colors of each model, and have a great history. So having to return yours for a different size just because you didn’t know about sizing accuracy sucks; you want your new boots on now.  

Frye 14 inch campus boot shaft
Testing out the Frye Campus.

To try and avoid that hassle, I’ve gone over the different models, read customer reviews, and looked for every scrap of information available to try and give an overview of how to best size your boots before you hand over your hard-earned money. 

Frye footwear ranges in sizes from 7 up to 14 for men and 4 to 11.5 for women (including half-sizes for both sexes).

There’s no point going over each model’s size range because there are hundreds of styles, and due to availability issues and sheer quantity, you’re better off checking on the individual boot itself. 

Frye Boots

Frye is one of the biggest names in the boot-business. And for good reason, too. From western-style boots to classic lace-ups, Frye has a huge selection of stylish boots that are actually built to last.

Shop Frye Read Our Review

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

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Frye’s diverse lace-up boot collection features popular styles like Bowery, Logan, and Paul.

Sizes range from 7 to 13, but check availability as popular sizes can often be out of stock. Leather soles with rubber lug inserts, like in the Paul Lace-Up and Tyler Lace-Up, enhance grip but may result in a narrower fit.

Customer reviews vary on sizing, with some suggesting true-to-size while others note a narrow fit. Frye does offer half-sizes and recommends going up half a size for wide feet.

Chelsea Boots

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Frye offers an extensive selection of Chelsea boots in sizes 7 to 14.

Shaft heights range from 4 ½” to 7”, with the most popular models, the Tyler Chelsea, having a 6” shaft height, and the Greyson Chelsea a 5 ½” shaft.

Half-sizes are available, and some models feature leather soles with added rubber studs. Consider customer reviews for width concerns, but individual experiences may differ.

Western Boots

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Frye’s modern western boots cater more to smart, casual wear than rugged cowboy styles. Sizes range from 7 to 13, with varying shaft heights. Notable options include the Duke Roper (9 ¾” shaft) and the Austin Inside Zip (7 ¾” shaft).

All western boots come in half-sizes, but some may have narrow widths. For rugged use, the  Harness 12R and Harness 8R are recommended.

My review of the Frye Harness and Frye Campus boots on YouTube.


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Frye offers attractive sneakers in low lace, high top, and slip-on styles, all running true to width. Sizes range from 7 to 13.

Customers appreciate the excellent fit of Frye sneakers.

Mid Lace models, like the Walker Mid Lace, have a 4 ¾” shaft and comfortable rubber soles. It’s also worth noting that boots, loafers, and sneakers are sized the same.

Loafers & Oxfords

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Frye’s loafers, oxfords, and Venetian moccasins are available in sizes 7 to 13, typically running true to size. Most models have rubber soles, with a few, like the Paul Bal Oxford, featuring dual leather and rubber.

Slip-on Venetians, such as the Lewis Venetian, are comfortable with a rubber outsole and a ¾” heel. Half-sizes are offered for all models, and there’s a nice 30-day returns policy too.

Frye Boots Size Chart

fryeBoots Sizing Chart
Frye boots sizing chart as measured in inches

Reference the chart above if you’re not sure what shoe size is most common in your closet.

I’ll say this: it’s easier to get the right fit for your Frye’s when you compare the sizes of shoes and boots you already own, but if you don’t have any idea, this chart can help you get a better approximation.

If you’re shopping from the EU or UK, you can use these conversions to US sizing to help pinpoint the right size for your foot.

With thousands of models to choose from, sizing each boot would be impossible, but overall, Frye boots for women run true to size, with some running a little large.

If you have wider than average feet, I suggest going up a half-size. Always check the reviews before buying, as this can often give an indication of whether that particular model leans towards the narrower side of fit.

author william barton wearing frye black harness boots


I recommend looking at Frye for your next pair of boots; their range looks great, just be aware that their sizing is uniform across all models so some boots may require going up a half-size to compensate for this. With a $7 fee if you use their pre-paid returns sticker and wait times of a few weeks, it pays to get your boot sizing right the first time. 

If you’re still unsure about sizing or for help with this or any other boot-related topics, our BootSpy YouTube channel covers everything you might need, from boot care to boot reviews.

Frye Boots

Frye is one of the biggest names in the boot-business. And for good reason, too. From western-style boots to classic lace-ups, Frye has a huge selection of stylish boots that are actually built to last.

Shop Frye Read Our Review


Should Frye Boots be Tight?

Frye boots shouldn’t be tight on the sides of your feet, new boots will invariably need wearing in a little, but the boot should fit snugly rather than feel too tight. It’s okay to have a little room free at your toes, and the heel can have a bit of slip, as this will improve after wearing your boots for a while. On the sides, if you feel the boot is too tight, it may not be the correct size for your foot.

You’ll often find that many boots run on the large size anyway, so use your judgement, some people will find that their boot size is the same as their sneaker size. If that’s the case, winner winner chicken dinner, if not, Frye advises (and I agree completely) that you should probably buy a half-size larger to avoid any problems.

What Happened to Frye Stores?

After opening its first shop in Marlborough, Massachusetts, in 1863, Frye quickly became one of America’s largest and most successful footwear companies. In 2011 the company opened its first retail store in New York, and by 2015 had opened a further eight stores. 

A mere five years later, Frye decided to close their entire retail operation down, choosing to make their range available online only. Given the crippling effect on retail stores the Covid-19 pandemic had, Frye was able to restrict losses while still being able to maintain their services from their online store.

How Do You Know If Your Frye Boots Are Real?

Frye boots come in a plain white box with the company brand and logo on the side. The company logo, “Benchcrafted since 1863,” marks Frye as one of the oldest shoemakers in the world. Also on the box is a sticker that advises you of all the product details of your boot, including the style number, size, and color.


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