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Can Cowboy Boots be Resoled? Everything You Need to Know

Key Takeaways

Cowboy boots are designed so that they can be resoled easily and quickly, even boots that use more modern soles such as soles with injected rubber. Older, more traditional cowboy boot soles such as hard leather often only last around two years, so it’s essential that they can be resoled.


Given that cowboy boots adjust to your feet, making them incredibly comfortable, having to replace them regularly due to the sole being damaged would be costly and annoying. You can either attempt to resole your own boots or, ideally, use a cobbler. Many specialist boot retailers also offer resoling and restoration services.

Having spent two years wearing in your favorite cowboy boots, only for them to start leaking through the sole of your boots doesn’t have to be a problem. 

If your sole has worn away or taken damage, it’s easy to have them resoled. Your cowboy boots are built to last, but it’s inevitable that they’ll need resoling at some point.

Before I began wearing cowboy boots, I simply threw my boots and sneakers away when they became damaged, but after spending a tidy sum on my cowboy boots, I wore them into the ground. 

Finding out I could have my cowboy boots resoled was a big relief, and today I’m going to go over your options for having your favorite boots resoled.

Can Cowboy Boots be Resoled?

Tecovas Cartwright leather sole while walking

Cowboy boots are meant to last for years, and the sole of your boots is usually the first area that will need repairing. 

It makes sense that it’s easy enough to resole your boots, and a decent cobbler can have your boots looking brand new in no time at all.

You can also buy a sole repair kit to try and fix your cowboy boots yourself; although I haven’t tried one myself, if you’re a hands-on kind of person, it’s an option to consider. 

I’ve always taken my boots to a cobbler to have them professionally resoled, the price isn’t excessive, and you’re guaranteed a more robust sole.

While almost all boots with a leather sole can be resoled, there are a few exceptions; some cowboy boots with a rubber sole can’t be resoled due to the cement that is used to attach the upper to the sole. 

Always check with the manufacturer or a good cobbler first. One plus is that rubber soles last much longer than leather soles, so the issue is less common.

Partial Resole or Full Resole 

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You have several options when it comes to resoling your cowboy boots, either a full resole that replaces the front sole and the heel or a partial resole where you either need the sole or the heel replaced. 

Either option should be easy enough for a good cobbler, but if your heel is looking a little worn or scuffed, it may be worth resoling everything to give your boot a new look.

Replacing the outsole of your cowboy boots is a more complex job than swapping out the heel, but because many cowboy boots are made using a Goodyear welt, the process is as simple as removing the stitching and then restitching a new sole on. 

How Many Times Can I Resole my Cowboy Boots?

Tecovas Cartwright cowboy boots on model

With leather-soled cowboy boots, you’ll probably be aiming to have them resoled around five times during their lifespan. 

Cowboy boots that are well maintained can last for over a decade, and as a rule of thumb, you will probably need to replace the soles every two years if you wear them as everyday boots. 

That obviously assumes you’re wearing the boots a lot; if you’re going line dancing twice a month in your favorite cowboy boots, you’re not likely to need to resole them more than once, if ever. 

I don’t “work” in my cowboy boots, but I do wear them fairly regularly, and in five years I’ve had to have them resoled twice.

How to Tell When Your Cowboy Boots Need Resoling

model putting on Ariat Groundbreaker

It doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s time to check for holes in your boots when your feet are getting wet. Resoling your cowboy boots isn’t just about having sturdy soles to keep your feet dry; it’s about protecting the upper too. 

If the soles of your boots start to peel away or fray, the leather upper will also begin to deteriorate. Your favorite boots could be ruined if you leave them too long before getting them fixed. You wouldn’t ignore a leak in your house until the roof fell in, don’t leave your boots to suffer either. 

What Types of Soles Can I Add to my Cowboy Boots?

ariat workhog work boot with sawdust

Something to consider when having your cowboy boots resoled is what kind of sole you wish to have fitted. If your old boots had a leather sole, replacing like for like is perfectly fine, and many people prefer the look and feel of a leather sole. 

If you always wear your boots, especially for work, it could be worth considering upgrading to a rubber sole.

The benefits of upgrading to a rubber sole are huge; it can transform work boots that are worn regularly into more water-resistant boots with better grip and a longer lifespan. If your cowboy boots are dress or casual wear, then perhaps rubber won’t add to the look, but for outdoor work, the benefits far outweigh any style concerns.

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How Much Does Resoling a Cowboy Boot Cost?

Tecovas Cartwright

If you plan on resoling your own cowboy boots, the cost of resoling can be as little as $20 for a resole kit and another $10-15 for a replacement sole. Price can vary depending on whether you want a full resole or just a heel replacement.

A professional cobbler can resole your cowboy boots to a much higher standard, and you can also check where you bought your cowboy boots to see if they also provide a service. 

Reputable boot retailers such as Tecovas provide a resoling and restoration service for $150. 

Boot makers Ariat provide a similar service, and you can choose to either have a leather sole or a rubber sole attached to your boot for a reasonable $95. You can also find a local cobbler; you’ll save time on sending your boots away. Prices can vary from $70 to $150 depending on the boot style, the type of sole you want, and the condition of your boots.


It’s easy to underestimate how you can give them a new lease of life simply by resoling your favorite cowboy boots. A professional cobbler will not only resole your boots, but they’ll have them back to you still feeling comfortable. 

It can take time to wear in boots, so something as simple as a resole can give you great-looking boots that feel great to wear. 

For me, the biggest bonus is swapping out leather soles and replacing them with rubber; they’re immediately more water resistant, have better grip, and can last for years to come.


How do you know when to resole cowboy boots?

A visual check should be enough to determine whether you need to have your cowboy boots resoled. If there is a hole in the sole itself, or the heel is badly worn down, it’s time to replace them.

If the sole is coming apart from the upper leather, or the stitching is coming apart, then you should quickly get the boots resoled before any further damage ruins the boots.

Is it worth resoling boots?

Depending on the condition of your boots, it can certainly be worth spending the money to have them resoled. If you’re particularly attached to your boots, that also has an impact on if it’s worth it. A much-worn, much-loved pair of cowboy boots can last for over a decade, so the cost can be more than worth it.

How long do leather soles last?

Leather soles can last for around one to two years with a lot of hard use, as the sole is less durable than other materials, such as rubber.

If you can make your boots last a decade, and give them the care and treatment they deserve, then you should be looking at having to resole them four or five times. That might sound expensive, but you can offset that against buying new boots.

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