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Beckett Simonon vs Meermin: Which Are the Best Dress Boots?

William Barton

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Last Updated: Apr 3, 2024
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Worth the Wait

Beckett Simonon

Vs Feature Image

Spanish Flair


Vs Feature Image

Beckett Simonon is my favorite value-for-money brand because their leather is amazing for the price. While I enjoy my Meermin Chelseas, if I could only choose one brand, I’d go with Beckett Simonon and stomach the wait every single time.

Shop Beckett Simonon

I like Meermin a lot and I think they’re one of the more interesting brands on the market. But if I could only get one boot from either Meermin or Beckett Simonon, I would choose Beckett Simonon. And that’s purely because of the leather quality. That said, my wholecut box-calf Chelsea’s from Meermin are fantastic.

Shop Meermin


  • The leather is exceptional at this price
  • The leather is exceptional at this price
  • Interesting toe shape on the lasts---more sophisticated than other similar brands
  • Well-designed boots with a sophisticated style
  • Wholecut Chelsea boots for an excellent price
  • Most styles are Goodyear welted


  • Roughly 3 month wait time on most styles
  • The leather is a bit stiff (at least compared to Beckett Simonon) and doesn’t feel as substantial

How does Beckett Simonon compare to Meermin

If you’re wondering, they’re both excellent value-driven brands, and you really can’t go wrong with either. 

There are a few important distinctions between the two brands that you need to know before making your decision, but ultimately, you’re going to end up with an excellent new pair of boots

So that’s got to feel good. 

If you want a short answer: I prefer Beckett Simonon. 

If you want the long answer, keep reading. 

logo white beckett simonon meermin
Beckett Simonon Meermin
Upper Italian full grain calfskin Du Puy box calf
Sole Full grain leather insole, variable outsole Full grain leather insole, rubber studded outsole
Construction Blake stitch Goodyear welt
Warranty 60-day returns, no fee, 120% store credit 15-day with $15 restock fee
Shop Beckett Simonon Shop Meermin

Beckett Simonon vs Meermin

Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon Elliot close up bordeaux leather
Wearing my Beckett Simonon Elliot boots

Beckett Simonon has a unique model that allows them to sell boots that are on par with many $300-$400 brands I’ve tried, but for right around the $200 mark. 

They make all their boots and shoes to order. 

What does that mean? 

It means you’ll probably have to wait 3-4 months to get them. It wasn’t always this long of a wait, but the brand has been getting more and more popular.

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Made with buttery smooth full grain Italian leather, the Elliot Balmoral boot offers a restrained brogue pattern and a formal closed lace construction.

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closeup beckett simonon douglas jodhpur boot
Wearing my Beckett Simonon Douglas Jodhpur boots

If you’ve done a lot of boot shopping, you’re no stranger to long wait times, but if you’re in a rush, this lengthy wait time can be a deal breaker. 

But overall, Beckett Simonon has the best leather quality you can find at their price. 

They rely on Blake stitch construction, which is a well-respected method of dress boot making. I’ve read through a lot of comments and people say they stay away from Beckett Simonon because of the Blake stitch method, but I really don’t think it makes a difference.

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Beckett Simonon Douglas Jodhpur
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Made with buttery-smooth full grain Italian leather, the Douglas Jodhpur from Beckett Simonon is a substantial and stylish boot.

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model walking in beckett simonon black jodhpur boot

The main thing is that the soles don’t rely on cement only to stay on. For a rugged boot, I might opt for a Goodyear welt construction because of the slight increase in weather resistance, but if you’re comparing Beckett Simonon and Meermin, you’re probably interested in a dressier style. 

So practically speaking, the Blake stitch vs Goodyear welt construction debate isn’t as important as some people might think, at least for these styles of boots and shoes. 

All-in-all, Beckett Simonon is in my top three favorite brands because the leather is outstanding for the price. 


model wearing meermin chelsea boots at table
Wearing my Meermin Wholecut Chelsea boots

Meermin is a Mallorcan brand, so they’re neighbors with the legendary Carmina. They offer some incredible deals that almost seem too good to be true (shell cordovan boots for under $400? crazy). 

As a brand, they don’t make the shopping experience as easy as Beckett Simonon, though. 

You have a 15-day return period, and if you choose to return your boots, you’ll owe a $15 restocking fee. Compare that to Beckett Simonon’s, 60-day return window where you can exchange for a 120% store credit. 

Meermin Chelsea boots on white background

I picked up a pair of Meermin’s Wholecut Chelsea boots and have enjoyed them a lot. A lot of Chelsea boots look too similar and don’t have much character, but that’s not the case with Meermin. 

I prefer Beckett Simonon to Meermin because of the leather quality. The upper is thicker and more “velvety” with Beckett Simonon and feels more luxurious overall. 

But I do recommend Meermin if you want one of the more exotic leathers (like Shell Cordovan) because their prices are the best I’ve seen. 

Meermin Wholecut Chelsea Boots

A wholecut chelsea boot, made of just a single piece of leather. Hand blocked on the last to get a perfect fitting and a very adjusted & tappered leg opening.

Check Price

Meermin and Beckett Simonon Features Face to Face


Beckett Simonon Elliot profile view

Both brands have distinctive styles that are sophisticated and well-suited for anyone who wants something upscale for the office or for a Saturday night date. 

In another article, I compared Beckett Simonon and Jack Erwin, and I found Jack Erwin’s Chelsea boot to be indistinguishable from dozens of other brands. It was just a basic boot that is totally forgettable. 

But with Meermin and Beckett Simonon, each brand has a perspective on shape and style and their designers have clearly put effort and experience into their boots. 

model wearing meermin brown chelsea boots

I’d say both have a mature and refined style that looks rich. Neither are flashy, but the subtle details are totally unique, which is why I like both brands

From a style perspective, it’s a tie. 

Leather Quality

beckett simonon vs meermin boot profiles

Leather is always the big defining factor for me when it comes to any pair of boots, and in my opinion, Beckett Simonon wins in this category. 

I’m impressed with Meermins uppers: my Chelsea features Du Puy box calf leather—wholecut, too. 

But when I compare the leather to Beckett Simonon, it feels stiff and a bit thin. 

closeup of meermin chelsea boots on model

Beckett Simonon uses Italian vegetable tanned full grain leather that’s buttery smooth and frankly looks delicious. If the world goes Mad Max and we all have to start eating our shoes, I’m saving my Beckett Simonons for the Christmas feast. 

The creasing is much more gentle over time with Beckett Simonon, and even though I’ve had my Douglas Jodhpurs for over two years and my Elliot balmoral boots for about a year and a half, they both still look incredible. 

Both brands use a full grain leather lining, but my Beckett Simonons have about a half-millimeter more leather through the upper overall. That might not seem like much, but it makes a big difference in how robust the boots feel. 

Beckett Simonon Elliot cap toe brogue detail

For leather quality, Beckett Simonon is my favorite, and for this reason, Beckett Simonon is my brand of choice. But there are still some situations where I’d recommend Meermin, so don’t count them out yet. 

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Made with buttery smooth full grain Italian leather, the Elliot Balmoral boot offers a restrained brogue pattern and a formal closed lace construction.

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Sole and Construction

model wearing Beckett Simonon Elliot

The construction is totally different between these two brands, though both use excellent methods that result in durable boots you can expect to have for years. 

Meermin uses a 360-degree Goodyear welt, and they do a fantastic job of keeping the welt close to the heel. 

While most dress boots rely on Blake stitch construction to keep the profile slim, particularly around the sole, Meermin is able to pull off the same look with a more robust construction method. 

Meermin Chelsea boots rubber stud sole
Meermin’s studded rubber sole

Beckett Simonon uses Blake stitch construction, which is less weather resistant. For me, this difference in construction isn’t a huge deal because if it’s raining outside, I’m wearing my Red Wings or a pair of Thursdays—something a bit more rugged that I won’t mind getting wet. 

Both brands can be recrafted, but for their price, it’s probably more worthwhile to just buy another pair of boots as a full recraft can cost $150 or more. 

closeup beckett simonon douglas jodhpur boot leather sole
Beckett Simonon often uses a leather sole, but not always

For their use-case, I don’t see there being a major difference in overall durability between the Goodyear welt and Blake stitch construction here. 

Both brands do the insole right by using a veg-tanned insole, and they’re both surprisingly comfortable right out of the box. I didn’t experience any break in period with either brand, so you can slap them on for the first time and hit the wedding dance floor if need be. 

Shopping Experience

beckett simonon vs meermin toe shape comparison

The biggest difference when deciding between these two brands is their shopping experience. Each has their pros and cons, and this section might just have your deal-breaker. 

Beckett Simonon has a super generous return policy: 60-day returns and if you want to exchange your new boots, you get a 120% store credit. That’s amazing. It’s the best return policy I know of. 

Meermin looks stingy by comparison: 15-day returns with a $15 restock fee. 

However, that’s not the full story. 

You can expect your Beckett Simonon boots to arrive at your door about 3-4 months after you order them. 

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Beckett Simonon Douglas Jodhpur
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Made with buttery-smooth full grain Italian leather, the Douglas Jodhpur from Beckett Simonon is a substantial and stylish boot.

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Beckett Simonon Elliot laces detail

The brand does a great job of communicating where your boots are (via email) throughout the process, but for many people, this type of wait time might seem extreme. The longest I’ve waited for a pair of boots was 9 months (my Nicks), and I’ve ordered from several other brands that took 4-6 months, so Beckett Simonon isn’t the only brand to do this, but they’re the only “budget-friendly” brand I know of that does. 

Meermin can get your new boots to you quickly (within a week or so). To me, that’s the main reason I’d order from them—if you have a wedding coming up in a few weeks and you need a new pair of boots, then Beckett Simonon isn’t going to work for you. 

So if you’re in a rush, Meermin is the way to go. 

Which is Best for You?

Beckett Simonon is my top choice. 

For their price, you can’t beat their leather quality. 

Exclusive Discount Available
Beckett Simonon
(Get 15% OFF with code Spy15)

Beckett Simonon offers some of the best value for money buys you can find in the world of shoes and boots.

The wait time can be annoying, but if you’re willing to wait, you’ll be rewarded with incredible quality footwear that’s comparable to brands that are double the price.

Shop Beckett Simonon Read Our Review

I personally don’t see a massive difference between Beckett Simonon’s Blake stitch construction and Meermin’s Goodyear welted construction. For budget-friendly dress boots, they’re practically the same (in that they’ll last a long time and you probably won’t be trekking through the mud in them—if that was the case, I’d opt for the Goodyear welt). 

The only reason I’d get Meermin’s over Beckett Simonon is if you need your new boots or shoes in the next 3 months. If there’s a specific event coming up that you’re shopping for, well, then get the Meermins. 

But if you can wait, I think you’ll like your new Beckett Simonon boots better. To me, the leather ages more gently, and the overall comfort you get from the buttery soft upper is well worth the wait. 


Is Meermin owned by Carmina?

No, Meermin is a separate company, but it’s run by members of the same family. Jose Albadadejo Pujas, his son, and his two daughters run Carmina. But Pujas’ other two sons run Meermin. 

Are Meermin shoes made in China? 

Yes, Meermin shoes are made in China. That said, the quality of the construction is solid. 

Where is Beckett Simonon based out of?

Beckett Simonon is based out of Bogota, Colombia. 


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