Yellowstone Boots: What Boots Do John Dutton and Rip Wheeler Wear?

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by  Jon Wadsworth | Last Updated: 

After exhaustive online searches, including staring at more still shots of Yellowstone scenes trying to catch a glimpse of a boot sole than I care to mention, I’ve found several of the boots that the Dutton family and Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone

I’ve found several pairs of boots that John and Kayce Dutton wear, and if you’re after the Beth Dutton look but need to start the outfit off with the proper boots, I’ve got you covered. The three main Dutton characters favor a classic western boot that you’d expect to see on any farm or ranch.

Rip Wheeler favors darker, sturdier boots, as you’d expect of a ranch manager, and I’ve found boots that match the look perfectly. Ariat and Justin Boots feature heavily in the Yellowstone look, with both offering superb neo-western boots that are functional and stylish. 

John Dutton Boots

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Dutton family patriarch and Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton favors a square toe work boot that’s functional and robust. As the main character and head of the family, John Dutton needs boots that do the job. From riding to roping, running the ranch, and putting his stamp on everything in sight, filling John Dutton’s boot is a tall order. 

I’m a big fan of the style of boot that John Dutton wears; the shaft of the boot has some classic western styling to it, while the toe box and vamp both look like solid work boots that a Dutton would wear all day long. In the show, John wears:

Justin Boots – Canter Boot

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A very similar boot to the Dutton style that Justin Boots had in their Yellowstone collection, the Canter boot is an authentic, burly-looking cowboy boot made from cowhide. Perfect for riding or working in, the block heel and removable orthotic comfort insole make wearing these boots feel like an absolute treat all day. 

With an 11” shaft, these boots are a perfect match for John Dutton; they’re rugged and hardworking and have a classic western feel. A slip-resistant sole and a breathable inner lining will keep you on your feet and feeling fresh all day long. If you’re looking for a similar style of boots to the head of the Dutton family, the Canter boot is a great option.

Justin Canter Boot

This 11” wide square toe western boot brings you a larger platform and bold new design. With upgraded leather and a breathable lining, a removable orthotic comfort insole, and an oil- and-slip resisting outsole, the Canter gives you premium quality and performance at an excellent value.

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Ariat – Brander Western Boot

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With a similar look to the Canter, the Ariat Brander is another fantastic example of a square-toe western boot that’s as functional as it is handsome.

Not too flashy, though with a classic western pattern to the shaft, the Brander is a superb choice for those of us who want to feel like we own everything for as far as the eye can see. 

The Brander Western Boot has a built-in shock absorber, perfect for a hard day getting in and out of the saddle; they’re a full-grain leather boot with a synthetic lining. 

The Brander also comes with Duratread soles, which keep the water out and are oil and slip-resistant; you’ll not see John Dutton fall on his face in these boots.

Ariat Brander Western Boot

This good-looking boot isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Shock-absorbing technology cushions your feet every time you jump off your truck or off your horse.

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Tecovas – The Midland

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While Tecovas boots aren’t actually worn during the filming of Yellowstone (that I can see anyway), I had to include the Midland Boot as a great John Dutton boot. Not only does the Midland have several striking similarities to the boots Kevin Costner wears in the hit TV show, but it’s also one of the most comfortable cowboy boots on the market.

Available in Calfskin, Bovine, or Goat, the Midland boasts a 12” shaft and a 1½” stacked heel with a rubber end cap that will prevent the need for a reheeling for some time. I think these boots look awesome, and they’re great for use as both dress or work boots. Riding will be a breeze, and as I said, the comfort is beyond comparison. 

Tecovas Midland

The Midland is built for hard work. It stands on our own custom oil- and slip-resistant Vibram sole, has weatherproofed seams, a removable dual-footbed for customizable comfort, and a tasteful broad square toe. Available in oiled bovine and bison.

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Kayce Dutton Boots

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Work boots that get the job done are the order of the day for Kayce Dutton, the ex-Navy SEAL, and with a similar style of boot to those worn by Rip Wheeler, Kayce Dutton’s boots need to be functional and hardwearing. Kayce usually wears a smart-looking square-toe boot. 

Ranch and farm work is tough on your feet; standing or riding all day, working long hours on hard and unforgiving terrain. What’s needed is an incredibly comfortable pair of boots that Kayce  Dutton can wear on horseback or on foot. And if the boot looks great, too, that’s even better.

With those criteria in mind, and after spending far too much time staring at an actor’s feet, I’ve found a few excellent boots that fit the bill.

Ariat – Hybrid Fly High Western Boot 

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With a superb Eagle and Stars motif on the shaft, these distressed brown boots look like an all-American classic and are the perfect Kayce Dutton boots. Created using full-grain leather and with a removable All-Day cushioning sole, the Hybrid Fly High Western Boot looks good enough to be a dress boot, but it’s durable and comfortable enough to be a perfect work boot.

Ariat Hybrid Fly High Western Boot

This all-American boot is handsome as all get out but doesn't shy away from hard work. Its grippy rubber sole gives you solid traction whether you're driving your side by side or out doing chores.

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I like this boot’s flexibility; the Duratread sole is long-lasting and offers excellent grip. The Hybrid Fly High is great for working in, but the classic style and the incredible detail work on the shaft make for a great casual dress boot too. Given Kayce Dutton’s Navy SEAL background, I think the Eagle and Stars detailing would sit rather well with him.

Justin Boots – Bowline

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Another boot that Kayce Dutton could pull on with style is the Bowline, a Justin Boots square-toe western boot with a lot to recommend it. The Bowline is a bulkier, bolder western boot crafted from cowhide. I was impressed with the orthotic comfort insoles in the Bowline; working outdoors all day, especially on rougher terrain, can be murderous on the soles of your feet.

The removable orthotic soles really help relieve aches and pains and distribute the pressure on your feet. They’re removable, but why you’d take them out, I’ll never know. The detail work on the shaft and the overall style of the Bowline boots is very neo-western, fitting the Yellowstone theme really well. 

Justin Boots Bowline

These boots are easier to pull on and pull off and they're solid everyday boots that don't cost a fortune.

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Rip Wheeler Boots

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Rip Wheeler’s boots are often discussed online; people find the character’s plot lines interesting, men want to be him, and women want to be with him; it’s alarmingly similar to my life story… That raging lie aside, the Rip Wheeler style is very much in demand. 

John Wayne, famed for his classic cowboy look, knew how to pull on a pair of awesome boots, and it looks like Rip Wheeler is made of similar stuff. 

After a lot of checking and researching, I’ve found a few boots that match the varying styles Rip wears throughout the series. 

Ariat – Rambler Western Boot

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In several scenes on the TV Series Yellowstone, Rip can be seen wearing Ariat boots, and given the profile and overall look of the boots, the Ariat Rambler Western Boot is an almost perfect match. A superb-looking square-toe boot, the Ariat Rambler is as comfortable as boots get. Coming with a pre-worn look, the Rambler has a Duratread sole that will last for years.

I’m a big fan of the antique look that the Rambler boot has; I suspect they’ll only improve with age too, and for any fan of Yellowstone looking to impress with the Rip Wheeler look, these Ariat boots are a super choice. The Rambler is a no-nonsense, unlined leather boot with solid ankle support, making it ideal for farm or ranch work.

Ariat Rambler Western Boot

The Ariat Rambler has a well-loved, distressed look from the very beginning.

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Justin Boots – Jackson 

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At one point, Justin Boots had a Yellowstone collection, though that seems to have been discontinued, at least for the present. Just in case the collection doesn’t get re-released, the Justin Jackson Boot is a great-looking boot that’s very similar to the former Justin Boots Ranchman. 

The Ranchman was part of the Yellowstone collection for a while, and many shots of Rip Wheeler in the Yellowstone TV show have Rip wearing darker-looking western boots. The Jackson boot is a dark brown Cowhide boot with a rounded toe that is as close a fit to Rip Wheeler’s boots as I could find.

Justin Boots Jackson

With a marbled texture, these classic roper boots are a great introduction to western style boots.

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Beth Dutton Boots

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The Beth Dutton look is incredibly popular thanks to the character’s great storylines; it’s a great western look with a modern feel that’s unlikely to ever go out of fashion. The Beth Dutton style obviously starts with the perfect boots, and I’ve found two superb alternatives to the Ms. Dutton style that Justin boots once offered.

Ariat – Heritage R Toe Western Boot

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The first Beth Dutton boot on our radar is the Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boot; it’s a beautiful black Deertan boot that’s both stylish and functional. There are several scenes in Yellowstone where Beth Dutton wears black cowgirl boots, and the Ariat Heritage is an excellent choice as it looks fantastic whether you dress up or down in them. 

With classic detail work on the top and a comfort-inducing All-Day Cushioning insole inside, the Heritage boot looks just as handy for work as it is for socializing. It’s available in half sizes and multiple colors, and for anyone aiming for the Beth Dutton look, these boots are a must.

Ariat Heritage R Toe Western Boot

This classic R toe will give you a traditional cowgirl look. Dressed up or down, these can work on the ranch and the dance floor.

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Justin Boots – Whitley Boot

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If it’s a classy, vintage look you’re after, look no further than the Whitley boot from Justin, a stunning rustic-colored western boot with vibrant colors intertwined across the shaft. The Whitley is a tall boot, so it’s one to consider if you’re taller than average. 

The 15” shaft, cowgirl underslung heel, and round toe make this selection one of the best if the Beth Dutton look is what you’re after. Featuring a J-Flex Comfort System insole, the Whitley boot is comfortable to wear, though it is probably more of a dress boot than a work boot. 

Justin Women's Whitley Boots

Inspired by some Justin styles from the 70s and 80s, this 15" boot makes an immediate statement no matter where you are.

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Western boots will never go out of fashion, but thanks to shows like Yellowstone, neo-westerns that combine the modern look with the classic western boot, the demand is greater than ever. 

I would happily wear any of the boots I’ve researched, though the Hybrid Fly High Western Boot is a favorite of mine; the detail work is superb, and the overall look just ages fantastically.


What brand of boots does John Dutton wear?

Several brands of boots are used in the Yellowstone TV show, with Lucchese boots even being referenced in the show itself. John Dutton actually wears Justin boots in the show, and many of the characters wear what appear to be Ariat boots. Justin boots released a complete Yellowstone collection in 2019 in cooperation with paramount, but this collection seems to have vanished from the site.

What boot companies advertise Yellowstone?

Despite the boots worn on Yellowstone appearing to be Justin boots and Ariat boots, it is actually Tecovas who advertise the show. It’s unlikely that many viewers would spot that the actual boots worn during filming aren’t Tecovas. Many other high-profile brands also advertise Yellowstone and have product placements within the show itself.

Are Justin boots a good brand?

Justin boots have an excellent reputation as a boot manufacturer and have been widely lauded for producing comfortable boots that are both fashionable and long-lasting. The company itself was bought out in 2000 by Berkshire Hathaway, famous for CEO Warren buffet’s shrewd investment choices. 

Not only are Justin boots looking even more secure for the future, but the continued success of the Yellowstone TV show has also only increased the profile of the footwear that Justin boots make. With an excellent reputation, Justin boots have been in business since 1879.