Velasca Resegott Review: The Ultimate Italian Alpine Hiking Boot

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by  William Barton | Last Updated: 

You’ve been hearing a lot about the Italian boot brand, Velasca, haven’t you? They’re not well-known in the states yet, but does that just mean you’re ahead of the curve?

In this Velasca review, we’re taking a close look at the brands Resegott Italian Alpine hiking boot to see if the quality is there.

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Velasca Resegott

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Bottom line: The Velasca Resegott is an outstanding boot and the price is very fair for the quality. The double-stitched stitchdown construction, heavy Vibram lug sole, oiled suede, and fully gusseted tongue make for a virtually waterproof boot that looks great and can tackle tough terrain.


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  • The Resegott has a slim, stylish profile, so it looks great as a hiker and as an everyday fashion boot
  • The oiled suede, heavy Vibram rubber lug sole, full gusset, and double stitchdown construction make for a virtually waterproof boot that is capable of walking up muddy hills and icy streets
  • It’s recraftable, meaning you can add a new sole on should the original wear out
  • It’s very comfortable, yet has a leather and cork midsole, which is the most durable type of boot construction
  • Arrives with pre-paid return label


  • Unlike many hiking boots available today, this boot is more traditional---it’s not lightweight and doesn’t have much modern tech to optimize it for hiking (but I think it’s much more stylish)

I’m not a huge hiker. But I’m a big fan of boots. 

Most hiking boots available today look super technical and boast all sorts of fabrics and materials that end with the letter “X.”

But where are all the traditional hiking boots? You know, the ones that crazy guys back in the 70s would wear when they threw on a few sweatshirts, a pair of sunglasses, and climbed Everest?

I’ve been looking for a Euro-style Alpine hiking boot that has that old-school construction, but a modern aesthetic. 

And when I saw the Velasca Resegott, I picked it up right away. After testing it out in the snow and on the trails for a few months, I finally have a verdict on the quality of this boot.

Velasca Resegott Overview

velasca resegott top down view

The Velasca Resegott is an Italian Alpine hiking boot with its roots in traditional boot-making history. Unlike many modern hiking boots, the Resegott isn’t decked out with super modern materials to make it lighter or more water-resistant: it’s all old school.

Instead of Poron and Gore-Tex, this boot is all leather, cotton, metal, and rubber. And that’s awesome.

velasca resegott in woodland environment

The Resegott is a hiker for those who love quality boots. And because it has a slim, stylish silhouette, you can wear it as a casual boot, too. 

Because it’s more traditional, it’s also more durable than many similarly priced boots—thick leather and heavy rubber don’t break down easily, and neither will the Resegott

Velasca Resegott
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Things to Consider Before Buying the Velasca Resegott

velasca resegott italian hiking boots

The Velasca Resegott is a fantastic boot if you’re looking for a stylish boot that’s sturdy enough to tackle a 10 mile hike (or 15 km). 

But it’s not the boot I’d pick for long, multi-day journeys over 30 miles (~50 km). 

I’m not a serious hiker. But I do love a strenuous all day hike every few months, and at least one shorter, easy hike per month. 

velasca resegott vibram rubber lug sole closeup

I don’t need all the lightweight, super waterproof materials found in most modern hiking boots. I’d rather wear something that still looks stylish for the post-hike beers at my local brewery. 

For these reasons, the Velasca Resegott is my go-to hiking boot. It offers tons of traction, is comfortable, virtually waterproof, and it looks fantastic with shorts or a pair of jeans.

Velasca Resegott Review

First Impression

velasca resegott profile view on white background

I picked up the Velasca Resegott in the Dark Brown Greased Suede option, though there are a few full grain leather options I was tempted by.

Ultimately, I chose the Greased Suede because it has an added layer of weatherproofing and I plan on wearing these boots through several streams and mud-puddles in the future. 

model wearing velasca resegott

I have maybe a dozen pairs of boots that I wear for style, so I was really looking for functionality with the Resegott. But I was surprised at how stylish it is. 

The toe box and mid-foot is much more narrow than I expected, and the end-result is a hiking boot that I’m happy to wear with jeans as part of a casual outfit. We’ve had a few snowstorms in North Carolina since these boots arrived, and they’ve been my go-to for my walks to the local coffee shop.

velasca resegott italian alpine hiking boots

Velasca has some of the best packaging I’ve ever seen, and they send along an extra pair of laces (in red). I took off the brown laces and have been rocking the red laces for that full Alpine hiker look.

Leather Quality and Care

velasca resegott oiled suede leather detail

Velasca uses thick vegetable tanned leather for their boots, and the Resegott with Greased Suede has been holding up well against some tough weather. 

I opted for the Greased Suede because it doesn’t require much care, and it’s a bit more rugged and water-resistant than the smooth full grain leather options. 

The upper leather is 2mm thick, and there’s a 1mm suede leather lining throughout the entire boot. 

velasca resegott water resistance demonstration

There’s a smooth leather cuff around the ankle and the tongue is gusseted all the way to the top of the ankle, which is a huge benefit if you plan on hiking in these boots because it lowers the chances of water seeping in at the tongue. 

With 3mm of total leather (plus there’s a waterproof membrane between the upper and lining), these boots are plenty thick enough to keep water out and to keep your feet warm in winter. 

I’m impressed with the leather quality—it feels substantial, and I really enjoy how it’s creasing and developing a patina. 

Because it’s oiled suede, care is easy. Your best option is to just brush the boots down with a damp rag to remove dirt. I’m going to re-wax these boots maybe once a year with Otterwax Fabric Wax. But that’s only if I do a lot of hiking—otherwise, they may only need a re-waxing every 18-24 months. Like I said, these boots are built tough with resilient materials, so they really don’t need much care. 

Velasca Resegott
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velasca resegott vibram rubber lug sole on white background

The Resegott features a Vibram Carrarmato heavy rubber lug sole. “Carrarmato” means tank tread, and the name makes a lot of sense.

Interestingly, this is the sole that the founder of Vibram invented after six of his friends died Alpine hiking due to inadequate footwear. 

He created something that could dig into snow, ice, and mud. The first climber to summit K2 was wearing this kind of sole. 

So yes, if it can summit K2, it has enough traction for my 3-mile trail hikes in North Carolina. 

velasca resegott vibram rubber lug sole closeup 1

The Resegott features a double-stitched stitchdown construction, which is a traditional method of boot making, and one that’s sturdy, reliable, and recraftable. 

When you combine the oiled leather and this construction method, it’s very unlikely that water will seep into your boot, even if you’re standing in water for a while. 

The insole and midsole are both made with leather as well, which means the boot does take a little time to break in, but it’s very durable. The Resegott also features a steel shank for support and stability. 

The downside to all this leather and rubber is that it’s heavy for a hiking boot. My more modern Vasque Clarion 88’s weigh about 550 grams per boot, while my Velasca Resegott’s weigh 815 grams per boot. That’s about 67% heavier, which can add up if you’re doing a really long hike (usually only overnighters and long treks). 

velasca resegott on snow

I’ve actually found the extra weight beneficial, as it’s been helping the traction I get in the snow and ice. The extra weight isn’t really noticeable on a day to day basis—especially if you’re wearing them casually. I don’t even notice the weight difference on my 5-10 mile hikes. But if you’re a serious hiker and have a major expedition planned, you may want something more lightweight. 

Fit and Sizing

velasca resegott profile view in nature

Since Velasca is an Italian company, their sizing is all European. I’m normally a size 10.5 in US men’s sneakers, so I picked up the 10.5 Euro equivalent, 43.5. 

Because the Resegott is a bit wider at the ball of the foot, I think I probably could’ve gotten a 43 and the fit would have been slightly better, but I also wanted more space because my feet typically start swelling a bit after several miles of walking. It’s not a huge difference, but I’m happy with my choice. 

Because I opted for a looser fit, the break in took a few wears (more on that later), though that’s nothing a thick pair of socks can’t help with. 

velasca resegott sole traction demonstration

Velasca makes it easy to find the right size boot for your foot if you’re US based. Check their size chart to find your corresponding size. 

If you’ve shopped for boots often, you know that in the US, boot sizes are usually a half-size smaller than what you’d get for sneakers. 

You can follow that same sizing here. So if you’re a 10, order a half-size smaller than you normally would (that’s a 9.5, or in Euro sizing, a 42.5). 

Or you can do what I did if you plan on hitting longer trails with these and just order your sneaker size (so if you’re a 10 in sneakers, you’d order a size 43 in Euro sizing). 

Break-in Period

model walking in woods wearing velasca resegott

As I mentioned above, I picked up a half-size larger than I normally would with a pair of boots to account for the slight foot swelling that happens on longer hikes. 

This led to a harsher break in period than I get with many boots, but it was nothing unbearable, or even that uncomfortable.

I had some rubbing at the balls of my feet, and the collar rubbed at my ankle on my first hike. After that first five mile hike, I didn’t have any issues with this boot. 

velasca resegott sole quality on rock traction

The Greased Suede is quite supple and flexible, so it doesn’t put up too much resistance. 

There’s a period of time where your foot settles into the leather insole and midsole. It can feel stiff at the beginning, but I think the long-term benefits of a custom-fitted insole are well worth the slightly uncomfortable first hike. 

What do Other Reviewers Say?

While I practiced my Italian as much as I could when I visited, I’m not proficient enough to read through the dozens of five-star Italian reviews, so I’ll have to stick with what’s written in English (though, like I said, the Italian reviews are all 5-star). 

One reviewer on Velasca’s site said these are built with similar quality to Danner hiking boots, but much more fashion-forward. 

For the most part, I agree with that, though I think the Velasca Resegott actually has superior construction as it features a double-stitch attaching the upper to the sole and has more leather compared to the Danner Mountain Light (a $400 comparable Danner boot). 

My Thoughts Overall On the Velasca Resegott

What I Like

  • The Resegott has a slim silhouette for a hiking-inspired boot: it’s stylish as a hiking boot and as an everyday boot with jeans. 

  • The Greased Suede leather, combined with double-stitch stitchdown construction and fully gusseted tongue make this virtually waterproof. Plus, the heavy Vibram lug sole can take rough terrain easily. 

  • It’s fully recraftable so you can own these for years or decades. 

  • Even with a leather insole and midsole, these are comfortable (and have a major durability boost from all the leather). 

  • Velasca sends along a pre-paid return label if you don’t like your boots (I didn’t use it, but the customer service aspect is phenomenal). 

What I Don’t Like

  • This is more of a fashion-forward hiker: it’s somewhat heavy for a hiking boot. But if you’re looking for short jaunts and a stylish boot, the Resegott is hard to beat. 

Who is the Velasca Resegott for?

The Velasca Resegott is an excellent boot for you if you’re looking for a rugged and stylish boot you don’t mind getting dirty on the trail. If you’re an avid hiker and plan on trekking more than a dozen miles in one trip, you may want something more optimized for hikes. Otherwise, if style is a factor for you at all, the Resegott is the way to go.

The Verdict

I really like my Velasca Resegott boots. 

My favorite aspect is that they’re actually stylish. Because they’re a bit slimmer, they look fantastic paired with jeans. 

But for all their style, they’re still excellent hiking boots, too. 

Made with double-stitch stitchdown construction, oiled suede, and a heavy Vibram rubber lug sole, I have no issue trudging through mud, streams, and over rocks with these boots. 

Plus, because of the thick leather through the upper and in the insole and midsole (plus the steel shank), these are very substantial and durable, and they can take a beating. 

While I got them mainly because I wanted a traditional Alpine hiking boot, I actually wear them more often for their style. They look great, and it’s obvious the construction quality is superb. 

This is my first boot with Velasca, but I know it won’t be my last.

Velasca Resegott
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Is Velasca a good brand?

Yes, Velasca is a fantastic, Italian-made brand. My experience with the Resegott boot has been excellent, and I recommend giving the brand a try.

Where are Velasca shoes made?

Velasca makes all their shoes in Italy. My boots were made in Montegranaro, which is in the famous shoe-making capital of Marche, Italy.

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