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New Boot Releases – Week of November 21st, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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It’s the biggest shopping week of the year and brands have finished up their new releases. 

New Releases: November 21 – November 27, 2023

Grant Stone

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A lot of my favorite brands came out with something new this past week, and one of the big ones was Grant Stone’s new Garrison boot

The brand mixed a healthy dose of rugged durability and style together for this one. The Garrison features a perforated toe-cap, a sizeable and sleek backstay, and is an all-eyelet design. They also decked the boot out with a lugged outsole for more traction.

This boot is available in Olive Box Minerva, Chromexcel Color 8, and Crimson Kudu leather. 

Of the three, the Crimson Kudu is most eye-catching to me, but all three are beautiful leathers and the design of the boot is a great balance of style, ruggedness, and uniqueness. 

Grant Stone is currently running their Black Friday sale as well, with 20% off of carts over $400.

Grant Stone

I love my Diesel and Brass boots from Grant Stone and I think they offer some of the best value-for-money boots you can find. They use the best materials throughout the entire boot---even what you don't see.

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Also, heads up if you’re shopping for a lady-friend: Grant Stone also just dropped their Josephine Chelsea boot. 

There aren’t many high quality Goodyear welted boots for women, and this Chelsea looks like a great way to introduce the style to any special woman in your life. 

Beckett Simonon

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This is a pretty insane deal: Beckett Simonon is running all their boots for $169. 

Beckett Simonon is one of my favorite brands, and I think they offer incredible value for your money. So this deal slaps pretty hard, and if you’ve been thinking about picking something up from them, this is a great time. 

Personally, my favorite Beckett Simonon boot is the Elliot Balmoral. I think the brand excels on the dress-boot side. I haven’t tried their more rugged stuff, so I can’t really comment there, but I know their Chelsea’s and dress boots are great. 

$169 Boots
Beckett Simonon

All Beckett Simonon boots are only $169, which is insane. You won't get them in time for Holiday gift-giving if that's your plan though (they'll probably take about 3 months).

But if you want to stock up for yourself, a pair of Beckett Simonon boots are worth double this price in my opinion.

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Red Wing Heritage

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Red Wing just did a full restock on their 3192 Classic Chelsea in Hawthorne Muleskinner leather. 

I’m not crazy about this boot, but I love to see Red Wing bouncing back and offering more leathers and styles. 

Oak Street Bootmakers

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Oak Street Bootmakers just did an amazing launch of their own rendition of the U.S.N Field Shoe (otherwise known as the N-1). 

This follows their Field Boot style and looks incredible. It features neutral Chromexcel roughout leather, with a raw-cord outsole, and the whole package comes with real WWII era dubbing, and a bunch of other really cool accessories like a Navy flag card, extra reproduction laces, and milspec coyote brown shoe bags. 

While the boot itself looks incredible, I love that Oak Street went above and beyond for the packaging and delivery. 

Also, in a similar vein, Oak Street also released their NATO merino wool caps and scarves, which look really comfortable and have that vintage small-beanie style. Presumably that was made popular again by Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic, but no one can be quite sure of that. 

Truman Boot Co. 

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Truman Boot Co. started taking preorders for their black shrunken bison line, and you can choose whatever sole you’d like. 

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The brand is also offering a cool made-to-order opportunity with a Crimson S.B. Foot Tanning company leather. This is true MTO, so you can decide on the build for everything up from the last, toe box, and even the ankle. 

While S.B. Foot’s leathers aren’t as ostentatious, they’re always rock-solid and age incredibly well. 

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And then Truman also launched their British Tan Grizzly Upland Moc Toe Boot. The story behind this one is interesting: Truman worked with Seidel leather to basically update a watch-strap leather to be thicker and more durable, but maintain the same suppleness. Vince wanted to make the more durable leather possible while still maintaining some comfort. 

The result was this British Tan Grizzly leather. And then they slapped that on their number 20 last with an 8” moc toe design and a Vibram Christy wedge sole and the boot looks awesome. 

Thursday Boot Co. 

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Thursday Boot Company launched a new batch of flannel button-downs. This new one is called the Summit and it’s basically the same as their other line of flannels, but has two chest pockets. 

They’re available in 7 different color patterns. 

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Also, you can now get Thursday’s new lug-sole Diplomat Moc Toe in Tobacco Rugged and Resilient leather. I think this is the coolest new boot from Thursday in a while. Not just the Tobacco leather, but the lug-sole Moc.

JK Western

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Big news here: beloved Pacific Northwest work boot maker JK Boots just launched an entirely new brand. It’s called JK Western, and they are featuring a lineup of a few different cowboy boots: an almond-toe called The Ace, and a square toe called The Buck. 

They have a really interesting toe-bug design that is reminiscent of a stalk of wheat, which I think is really cool. To me, the Redwood colored Ace is a pretty tasty looking boot. 

Camel City Mill

At Camel City Mill, we’re running our best deal of the year on premium USA-made merino wool boot socks.

You can get 20% off of 3 pairs, 30% off of 5 pairs, or even up to 40% off 10 or more pairs of socks. 

If you’re not wearing Merino wool socks, use this opportunity to pick up a few pairs and save.

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Camel City Mill Lightweight Wool Work Sock
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Made in the USA from Merino wool, these work socks really are something else in terms of quality. They feature compression through the arch and calf which helps your feet recover after a long day. Plus, because they're Merino wool, they're breathable and help reduce foot sweat.

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Helm Boots

Helm is also running a Black Friday sale with 30% off everything on the site. If you’ve ever been curious about that white mid-sole, well now’s a good time to give ‘em a shot. 


Unmarked is also running their Black Friday sale with 25% off everything on their site. Just use the code BLACKSALE and you’ll get that quarter lopped off. 

Hiroshi Kato

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Hiroshi Kato has up to 50% off final sale items. I checked through and saw some cool looking stuff—a lot of the items I was interested in were sold out of my size, but I did see plenty of Small size, XL, and XXL available. 

It’s worth poking around to see if you can find that one-off that will work for you.


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