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New Boot Drop – Week of November 13th, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2024
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We’re coming up on the biggest shopping week all year and some brands are finishing up their new releases before the holiday season and running great sales. 

New Boot Releases: November 13 – November 19, 2023


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White’s released a new style this past week. They’re calling it the Springdale boot. 

It’s a plain sprung-toe boot with a Vibram Christy wedge sole and it’s available in all of the standard Seidel Double-Shot leather options White’s normally offers. 

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This is another addition in White’s growing Goodyear welted category, which runs just under $400. Honestly, I really like the fact that White’s is growing that category, as they’re helping get great PNW boots out to the world in greater numbers (though nothing quite hits like PNW stitchdown construction). 

It looks like White’s has got a lot of stock right now in both D and EE widths with no wait time.

Thursday Boot Co. 

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Thursday Boot Co. also released three new limited edition two-tone Captain boots.

The most interesting of these is the Timber waxed canvas colorway, with 18oz Halley Stevensons olive waxed canvas uppers and Thursday’s Cacao leather heel counter and toe cap. 

Thursday also has two other versions of this two-toned look as well, but both are entirely in leather. 

I like the waxed canvas one because it’s going to make for a really unique boot over time. I’m not a huge fan of the two leather mix-and-match leather options, but I think this is a really great sign for what’s to come from Thursday.

Earlier this year, they launched their own factory and are now making almost their entire line there. That allows them to do a lot more limited releases like this, so while this special limited edition isn’t quite grabbing me, I’m more excited by the idea that we’ll be seeing limited edition releases a lot more consistently from the brand. 

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Beyond that, Thursday also released a collection of six different Weekender bags. Three are available in Thursday’s most popular leathers, and three are available in that Halley Stevensons waxed canvas. Between you and I, go leather all day. 

Camel City Mill

pulling up camel city Mill cowboy boot socks

Also, I want to give you a heads up on my boot-sock brand Camel City Mill. We make premium Merino wool socks for boots and we’re running our early-bird Black Friday sale right now for just a few more days.

If you haven’t gotten Camel City Mill socks yet, this is your chance to get some for up to 40% off. 

CCM Black Friday Sale 3

The deal is you get 20% off 3 pairs, 30% off 5, and 40% off 10 or more pairs. Plus, with any of those bundles you get your socks shipped within 24 hours for free.

Camel City Mill has a 4.9-star average rating with over 150 reviews, and I designed them specifically to maximize comfort and durability with high quality boots. 

We’re going to run this deal on Black Friday weekend, too, but we’re already sort of stressing the system with how much volume we’re getting, so this week is probably the last week I can still guarantee shipping within 24 hours. Plus, we didn’t really make enough of our Heavyweight socks this year, so those might be gone before we even get to Black Friday. That said, we should still have the Lightweights in stock if you want to wait until Black Friday weekend. 

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Truman Boot Co.

Truman boots leather detail

Speaking of deals, Truman is running their seconds and samples sale right now. I don’t think Truman runs a Black Friday sale, so this is basically it. 

When I looked through, there were some really cool looking boots in a lot of different sizes that are still available at a solid discount. 

If you want a deal on Trumans, now’s a good time. Plus, there are some one-of-a-kind boots and shoes that might never be made again. 


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Viberg is releasing The Outsider boot, a Chelsea boot built in collaboration with David Coggins, the men’s fashion and fly-fishing writer.

My first thought was that Viberg was collabing with David Goggins, which would be hilarious and an absolute must-buy. 

Can you imagine a Viberg x David Goggins boot? What would that even look like? 

I don’t mean to gloss over the David Coggins collab, but I’m just so excited by the potential of a David Goggins boot. The first boot brand to pull that off officially wins.

The leather is 5mm thick. The sole is made with cinder blocks. The steel shank is just a prison shank. I can see it now. 

Anyway, the Viberg and David Coggins collab boot is some sort of adventure-ready Chelsea boot with a waxed leather of some sort—I’m shooting this before the boot is officially released, so I don’t have full details, and honestly, after thinking about a David Goggins boot, my dopamine levels are too high to return back to anything that actually makes sense. 

Oak Street Bootmakers

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Oak Street Bootmakers just restocked all sizes for their Shearling House Moc slipper, which I normally wouldn’t cover, but this is the kind of thing you want when chillin’ in the house during the holidays. 

Just look at this thing…can you even imagine how comfortable you’d look sitting in front of a fireplace in those? David Goggins would hate those. 

Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch has released a few new colors in their Ledge heavyweight flannel collection. The new colors are Coal and Cardinal, which are solid colors rather than your regular plaid flannel options. 

It’s made with a burly 8oz cotton fabric, and I’m digging how much texture there is on this shirt. Looks super comfortable, too. 

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T-Stitch also released their Miller Shirt Jacket, which is basically a lightweight jacket with a quilted pattern. It’s got a nylon shell with polyester filling, so it’s definitely going to be warm and weather resistant. 

However, I’m not crazy about how nylon stuff looks. It’s cool if you’re going for that “techy” style, but I just like the look of more natural fibers like denim, canvas, and leather. That said, this is the kind of thing that probably keeps you really warm without adding a ton of weight or bulk, which technical fabrics are good at.


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Huckberry just dropped the Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Shirt Jacket and Vest in a Flame Orange color, which is certainly a great way to grab someone’s attention. 

Iron Heart

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Iron Heart released a 12oz whipcord Type III jacket in olive drab that looks pretty slick. 

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They also just put out their quilt-lined M65 jackets both in black and olive. 

The Type III jacket definitely catches my eye more, but if I ever get anything from Iron Heart, the first thing I get is going to be their heavy-denim western shirt. That thing is sweet. Expensive. But sweet. 

Will’s New Items This Week

I picked up three things this week, which is pretty rare. I’m just in the beginning stages of testing out some Indonesian bootmakers. 

I saw a great deal on a pair of Junkard boots in my size, so I picked those up and they should be getting here this week. 

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Plus, I put in an order for a pair of Briselblack engineers, so I should get those in about 6 months. 

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And then lastly, a local shop where I live called Fancy Groceries in Winston Salem, North Carolina was having a sample sale and I picked up a retro-looking button down shirt from Taylor Stitch, which both looks and feels really awesome. 

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See You Next Week

We’ll be back next week with another set of new releases from the best boot and clothing brands. 


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