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New Boot Drop: Week of November 1st, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2024
7 min read

There are some great new boot releases this week, but it’s a fairly quiet week on the boot-front. 

That said, lots of amazing clothing brands are releasing heavier stuff for the end of fall and winter as we turn the calendar into November this week. 

New Boot Releases – October 30 – November 5, 2023

Nicks Handmade Boots

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Nicks Handmade Boots has released what they’re calling their DeltaArch, which is essentially all the best aspects of a heeled boot and a wedge boot in terms of arch support. 

I also think they look pretty cool, at least in the pictures.

While this is technically a work boot, I’m sure plenty of folks are going to get this for style, too. 

The Vibram arched wedge sole allows for the same leather shank and leather midsole that you’d normally find on any of Nicks’ heeled boots. So for those who’ve become accustomed to the almost outrageous amount of arch support you get in a PNW boot, this new boot has it. 

But because it’s a wedge sole, too, that added surface area with the ground can also be a knee and back saver.

I often recommend wedge soles for people who struggle with low back or knee pain—for many people, that does the trick. But if you have plantar fasciitis or flat feet, a wedge sole alone might not be enough to fix your issues. 

That’s where this DeltaArch can really come in handy. 

Or you can just get it because it looks cool. 

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Nicks has also launched a leather EDC case so you can stash all your leather care products in one place. 

Sure beats the beat up old shoe box I use. 

Truman Boot Co. 

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Truman Boot Company has been trying to get their in-stock collection going. Only problem is that people keep buying everything they’re putting out. 

One of their most popular models, the 79 in Coach Rambler just got a major restock. This C.F. Stead leather has a very dynamic look to it, and you can really see the texture of the hide coming through. It’s a true leather-head’s leather. 

Last I checked, there are still a decent number of sizes available here, but about half have already been sold out. 

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If you miss the Coach Rambler, stay tuned for Truman’s restock of their Stone Rambler, which is tanned the same way, but is in a grey color with a bit of brown undertones to it. 

Camel City Mill

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My very own beloved Camel City Mill socks just released the Heavyweight sock in Grey

Right now, it’s only available in size Large, which works for boot sizes 8.5 to 11. 

This is a great sock for colder weather as it’s French-terry looped on the inside for thickness and comfort, it’s made with Ironside Merino wool, and it’s a mid-calf so it falls about two inches below your knee. 

Camel City Mill socks are all made in North Carolina, and we back them with a 10-year durability guarantee.

I’ve been wearing these around all weekend, and they feel fantastic. Mainly, it’s just crazy that I can wear the same socks four days in a row and they don’t smell—that’s the power of Merino wool. 

Get your Camel City Mill Heavyweights in Grey today. They’re at the first link in the description below. 


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Viberg has another launch in their Autumn/Winter 2023 Refined collection: the Halkett boot in both French Calfskin and Waxy Commander leather. 

The Halkett is a Derby style boot, which is an excellent blend of dress and utilitarian style. You can really dress this boot up or down. 

Of course, the French Calfskin is creamy smooth, so if you’re looking for a bit of shine and class, that’s the way to go. 

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The Waxy Commander leather is more rugged and definitely takes this boot out of the dress category. 

I must say, the “Nature” color Waxy Commander Leather, which I’m assuming is an undyed leather, looks really nice. I’m very curious to see how that leather ages., especially as the top layer of wax starts to wear off. 

Division Road

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We’re going to keep the Viberg train rolling, but here with a collection of collab boots with Division Road. 

First up is this amazing looking Viberg Service Boot with Gallun tanning Caper Viking Calf leather. That’s a mouth-full. I’m adding this boot to my official “would eat” list. 

There’s a possibility Gallun, a Milwaukee tannery, knows I have a soft spot for delicious looking leathers, so they’re incepting me by naming this color “Caper,” as a way to get onto the infamous BootSpy “most edible leather” list. 

How did they know I love capers? In any case, I’m sure these will boot will be a perfect complement to Gallun’s upcoming release of their chicken piccata leather.  

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Ok, jokes aside, Division Road has also released a plain toe Viberg Service Boot in Horween’s English Tan Cypress leather, which is decidedly less delicious looking, but is high quality none-the-less. 

Hiroshi Kato

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Hiroshi Kato just dropped their version of a cold-weather classic: the Mallet Peacoat

This looks like a fairly slimmed down, fitted peacoat, and although I’m already planning on buying about a billion other jackets, the Mallet in Olive Green is pretty tempting. 

Kato also has a classic Navy version of this peacoat as well. 

Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch has launched the Ranger, a tough work shirt that feels as soft as a cushy blanket. It’s made with wool and has a cool light stripe at the bottom.

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If you’re wanting a more polished look, they’ve also just released their Sheffield blazer, this time in moleskin fabric, which is basically a dense cotton weave that’s super comfortable. I have one moleskin shirt and I love the feel of it. 

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And to round out the textured vibes, T-Stitch also released their Carnegie Pant, which is a vintage-style work trouser, but by modern standards might be confused with a pair of dress pants. 

In any case, I love releases like this because it affords the opportunity to break from denim. I don’t know about you, but I pretty much wear blue jeans every day. I always wonder about what it must be like to wear different colors and fabrics on my legs. 

Subtle moleskin nep brings seasonal polish to any outfit—The Sheffield is back.


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Halley Stevensons is a famous UK brand that makes what many regard to be the best waxed canvas fabrics in the world. Well, Huckberry teamed up with them to release a beautiful version of the Flint and Tinder Hudson jacket in a Black Watch Tartan Plaid. 

While I can’t see myself wearing a plaid jacket—it’s just not my personal style—there’s no doubt this is a beautiful coat made with fantastic materials. 

Iron and Resin

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Iron and Resin has fully restocked their waxed canvas Cruiser jacket. I don’t have much to say about this one. But here’s some pretty pictures. If you like it, you should get it. 

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There’s a lot of great waxed canvas jackets out there to choose from, so I imagine you’ll need to do your research if you’re getting one this season. I have a few already myself, so I’m out of the game. 

See You Next Week

That’s all we’ve got for this edition of New Boot Drop. Come back next week to get all the new boot releases for the first week of November. 

Watch my new roundup of the best boots you can get in 2023. 


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