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New Boot Drop: Week of October 2nd, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
4 min read

It’s the first week of October, and while my wife is looking up which pumpkin costumes to dress our baby in, I’m looking up new boots. 

What’s new? 

This week saw a lot of fantastic new releases as boot brands are geared up for autumnal greatness. 

New Boot Releases: October 2 – October 8

If you want to see the video version of this week’s new boots and heritage clothes, check out this video:

Thursday Boot Co. 

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Thursday has added 2 new Stormking Captains, including their first waxed roughout leather (Coyote). Thursday announced that they’re now making their boots in their own factory, and I think that gives them more freedom to do smaller runs of interesting leathers. 

I’m excited to see the waxed roughout, as that should age in a really interesting way. 

JK Boots

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JK just released a new black bison leather collection and they actually have stock available, so if you’re used to waiting a year to get a new pair of PNW boots, now’s a good chance. 

JK has their best-sellers – the OT, Superduty, 300 and a few more available in this leather, and you can either get smooth side out or the rough side out depending on what style you want. 

Grant Stone

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Grant Stone dropped an edition of their latest Field boot in Black Chromexcel leather

The Field boot is a moc toe on a wedge sole–I haven’t tried it yet myself, but if it’s anything else like other Grant Stone boots, I’m sure it’s phenomenal.

Nicks Handmade Boots

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Nicks has a limited amount of Sage Chromepak leather from Horween and you can build your own pair right now.

As a made to order boot, don’t expect to get these boots this season, but this is a rare leather from a great bootmaker. 

Now Chromepak is a bit different than Chromexcel – while Chromexcel is combination tanned, Chrompak is purely chrome tanned and is hot-stuffed with oils. The end result is a more water resistant leather, with a more extreme pull-up effect compared to Chromexcel. 

That means this leather is ideal for picking up patina and showing its age well. It’d be horrible for a dress boot, but for the patina fanatics out there, it’s a nice pickup. 


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Viberg is dropping new boots every week. It’s insane. 

Their latest release is the Service Boot in black french calf leather. I’m digging the minor broguing details along the toe-cap. This is a dressier version of the Viberg Service boot, and it’s a mighty tempting offer. But it is over $800, so that’s steep. Of course, for Viberg quality and this kind of leather, what’d you expect?


New Archie Black Bison

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Unmarked is back at it again with an all-black version of their Archie monkey boot. I’ve got the Archie is their original brown, but Unmarked is giving off real Doc Martens vibes with a yellow stitch around the welt. But like a high quality version. 

I like the Archie monkey boot, despite the fact that it makes my feet look tiny.

Oh, and this is bison leather. Thicker hide and a more coarse grain. I’m sure with the lace-to-toe look, these are going to crease and age very interestingly. 

Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch just launched some new cardigans, and while I’m a Mr. Rogers fan, I’m not much of a cardigan guy. But as far as cardigans go, these are nice, and they’re the closest thing to a cardigan that I’d wear. 

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Also, Taylor Stitch teamed up with Danner to make a camo canvas and leather lace to toe hiking boot that looks decent. But it’s pretty dang expensive at $470, and there’s a lot of other boots I’d look at before this. 


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Speaking of Danner, Huckberry also just released a collab with Danner, and the end result is a pretty heinous looking thing. It’s like a boot version of those weird hybrid golf/dress shoes. 

Looks comfortable though. 

Standard and Strange

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Motiv MFG is pioneering the Chinese Heritage style movement, and their “Valkyrie” line is now available at Standard & Strange. These pieces are based on vintage aviator styles and there were a few things that caught my eye. 

As a sucker for overshirts and jackets, I’m into this collection.  

Iron Heart

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Iron Heart is taking their best-selling 10oz selvedge denim western shirt and doing a full garment dye after the piece is assembled. This means the stitching is dyed indigo and there’s an overdye on the outside. 

These shirts are going to age in an interesting and unique way because of this dye process. I’ve been looking at getting an Iron Heart shirt for a long time now. This is bringing me closer. 

See You Next Week

Another week, another new set of boot drops. 

This week I’m working on a new video diving into the different levels of Heritage footwear, checking out Ariat’s benchmade collection, and making my submission to the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome. 
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