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New Boot Drop: Week of September 25, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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This week we celebrated the first official day of fall. So you know there’s a load of new boots to scope out. 

Here are some notable drops I found this week. 

New Releases – September 25 – October 1

Thursday Boot Company

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Thursday launched 5 new jackets this week, and some of them are pretty tasty looking.

If you haven’t checked out Thursday’s jackets, I recommend them. I have two versions of their “Racer” jacket: one in Tobacco and the other in Natural. 

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They have a new black bomber jacket, which is a style staple, but if I’m honest, doesn’t look super unique. Could be good to pick up though if you need an easy everyday jacket for fall.

What excites me more though is their two new canvas jacket colors and their new denim jackets. 

I’m not a huge fan of the washed denim jacket, but the raw selvedge denim jacket is looking mighty attractive. I might actually jump on that one. 

They also have a Coyote brown waxed jacket that looks great. Even though I have my Huckberry waxed jacket in a similar color, it’s hard to pass up on a clear winner. 


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Last week I covered the Unmarked Cherry Roper, but it turns out that was just a prelude to a much larger western boot launch from the Mexican brand. 

I love that Unmarked always has a unique spin for their boots. Their design sensibilities have real personality. 

I’ve really grown fond of cowboy boots in the past year or so, and I’m liking the trend of more brands offering western styles. 

That said, I think these new boots from Unmarked are a bit over the top, so they’re not for me. 

Grant Stone

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Grant Stone just launched the ideal fall boot: the Brass in Snuff Reverse Kudu leather

The color is obviously designed for apple-cider donut weather, and the kudu suede texture looks like it has a finer knap than bovine suede. 

I have the Grant Stone Brass in Black Chromexcel and I love the construction of the boot. Plus, the style is timeless and works well in a variety of contexts. I can see this particular leather option working well from now all the way through spring. 


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Viberg dropped a whole slew of new boots and shoes in a Black Waxy Commander leather, but the main one that caught my eye is their Chelsea boot. 

It’s all black everything, with a Ridgeway sole.

This is going to be a durable, easy to wear boot to get you through the rainy and snowy seasons. And it’ll still look good on the other side of all that, too. 

Truman Boot Co. 

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Truman Boot Co has a new Black Teacore leather offering on their 79 last. 

If you’re not familiar with teacore leather, it’s a truly special thing. Most leather gets dyed all the way through. So say you have a black pair of boots and you scuff them while walking: the leather grain underneath is still going to be black. 

But with teacore, the grain underneath is still a natural (lighter tan) color. 

The dye is just on the surface of the leather. 

So when you crease, scuff, and wear your boots, a beautiful, dynamic light color shows through underneath the black. 

They’re not a great option if you want a uniform black leather, but if you like to show the age and wear of your boots, a black teacore is one of the best ways to do so. 

Beckett Simonon

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Beckett Simonon launched their women’s line. Not much to report on here, as we only focus on men’s boots at BootSpy. 

That said, if your wife/girlfriend is anything like mine, she’s always wondering why you have more boots and shoes than she does. Could be a good move to grab her something to justify your own hoarding. 

See You Next Week

Another week, another new set of boot drops on the way!

This week I’m working on a review of the new Thursday Kingmaker last and getting a fresh shipment of Camel City Mill socks.  
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