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New Boot Drop: Week of October 9th, 2023

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
6 min read

I woke up Saturday morning and I was kind of chilly. With a delayed arrival, fall is here. 

When the leaves start falling like this, my driveway is constantly littered. 

I’m reminded that any attempt to fight entropy and decay is futile, that life is a Sisyphustic exercise, and that if you don’t find joy in the moment you’ve finally finished rolling that boulder up the hill—in the moment before you watch it roll down again—you’ll find no joy at all. 

Lots of cool new boots, though. And great new clothes. Let’s dive into ‘em!

New Releases – October 9 through October 15, 2023


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White’s just released their three most popular heritage models in a cool Leaf Green Waxy leather from the CF Stead Tannery.

Right now, you can pick up this limited edition leather in the Cruiser, Cutter, and MP Service boot. 

I’ve been considering getting a pair of White’s for a while now. I got their Packer, which is a great boot, but I realize that the lineup I just mentioned: the Cruiser, Cutter, and MP, are much more my style. 


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The Viberg Archive sale is going on right now and it’s only running until October 15th, which is this Sunday. 

There’s a lot of really cool boots in there, and if you’ve been considering Viberg for a while, this is a good chance to get a pair of boots at a discount. They’re also runnin’ sneakers and slippers as well if that’s what you’re into. 

You might not find classic models like the Service Boot, but last I looked, they had some other interesting styles build on similar lasts. And because it’s Viberg, you know they’re always using top-notch leather. 

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In other Viberg news, they’ve also just released four new hiker boots. These blend the Pacific Northwest with traditional Scandinavian hiking boot designs for a unique result. If I hiked more, I’d consider it. I will say, these are the coolest looking hiking boots I’ve ever seen. So there’s that. 

Thursday Boot Co. 

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Thursday continues their streak, with another set of releases for their boots and jackets. 

They’ve launched the Cadet in “Natural” Thursday Chrome leather—which I’m pretty intrigued by. Thursday Chrome leather is designed to be similar to Horween’s Chromexcel, and I’ve been rocking Natural Chromexcel on my Grant Stone Diesels for the past week and loving how it’s aging. I’m curious how Thursday’s Chrome ages in comparison. 

And there’s also a new leather color for the President: Amber Wheat. It’s a nice light tone with some burnishing around the toe and quarters. 

For Thursday’s jackets, they just released the Arizona Adobe leather on the Racer jacket, which seems cool. I’m wearing the Tobacco Racer right now. But I also just got the Arizona Adobe Captain. Having a matching jacket and boots is sweet. 

Thursday also released their Racer jacket in Anejo, which is a rich, smooth brown with some burnishing style elements to it. Of all Thursday’s jackets, the Racer is my favorite. Very simple and straight forward. 


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Unmarked is also keeping their streak alive with the release of their Bull Hide Shoulder collection. 

If you’re into unique textures on leather, then you’ll get a kick out of these boots. Available in both black and burgundy colors, these have a really distinctive look to them. 

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Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of textured leather like this, but I really appreciate Unmarked because they have a really unique perspective on design and always come up with one-of-a-kind styles. 

Truman Boot Co. 

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This isn’t so much of a new release, but noteworthy nonetheless. Truman just announced the return of their Java Waxed Flesh leather, which is by far their most popular offering. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think they can get as much as they’d like from Horween, and there’s a ton of built-up demand. I’m glad I got mine when I did, because last I checked, this full restock was almost sold out again already. 

Taylor Stitch

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Taylor Stitch just dropped a new shirt and a new jacket: one if you’re feelin’ like a cowboy, the other if you’re feelin’ more fancy. 

They’ve got the new Frontier Shirt, which is a pretty classic western denim shirt design with some sweet sawtooth pockets in the front. 

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And then they’ve released The Gibson, which is a unstructured blazer that’s meant to be thrown on easily and match with pretty much anything. I’m not much of a blazer guy, but the fabric on this has tons of great texture. 


Always lots of new releases, but there’s one thing I picked up this week that I thought was worth sharing: USA-made watch cap beanie for $25. It just got cold here so this seemed like a great find for an affordable price. 

Iron and Resin

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Iron and Resin released their popular Rambler Jacket with 11.5oz cotton bull denim in a natural, undyed color. 

Our latest version of our iconic Rambler Jacket is built with 11.5oz 100% cotton bull denim.

I like the look of undyed denim, and as someone who pretty much always wears jeans, I think this kind of color gives you the chance to wear a Canadian tuxedo as much as you want without going too indigo. 

Division Road

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You thought I was done talking about Viberg? We’re never done talking about Viberg.

They just launched another new collab with Division Road on a new pair of Chelsea boots and the 2030 Service Boot. 

The Service Boot is what really caught my eye: it’s made with Cognac Latigo horsehide leather from the Shinki tannery in Japan. This boot is going to age beautifully. 

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When I mentioned the Viberg Archive sale earlier, if you thought, “oh, man, I’d love to buy new Viberg’s, but the idea of still having money left is scaring me,” then you’ll love this Division Road collab, because it’s $1,000. 

Nice, though. Real nice. 

Hiroshi Kato

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Hiroshi Kato dropped some new colors in their 4-way stretch selvedge denim. As someone with too many blue jeans, new color choices like Green, Copper, and Brown for selvedge denim are definitely welcome. 

See You Next Week

That’s it for this edition of boot drop. I’ll see you again next week. 

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