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Beckett Simonon Review: One of the Best Brands I’ve Tried

By William Barton
Man standing on the sidewalk wearing his New Republic Sonoma Boots

New Republic Sonoma Review: I Tried Their Budget Chelsea

It’s not very often that a $100 boot comes along and makes a $400 obsolete. But it happened. Learn exactly what I mean In this New Republic Sonoma review.

Grid of William Barton from BootSpy Wearing Thursday Vanguard Captain Duke Scout and President

Thursday Boots Review: I’ve Tried 12+ Boots Over 5+ Years

How do Thursday Boots hold up after five years of wear? I’ve tried and tested their 13 most popular pairs for over half a decade, and here’s what I’ve found.

Chivalrous man standing outside in his Beckett Simonon Elliot boots

Beckett Simonon Elliot Review: Is It the Best Dress Boot?

In the middle of a search for the best dress boots, I came across the Beckett Simonon Elliot. Read this review if you want to know whether or not it’s worth it.

Best Dress Boots for Men

9 Best Dress Boots for Men: My Top Picks after 100+ Tested

A good pair of men’s dress boots can be hard to find. Or at least, it was…Now you can find the best dress boots for men right here.

BootSpy model wearing Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Boots

In this Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill review, we go in depth on the quality of this boot, plus compare it to other major competitors. Read this before you buy.

Model standing near creek in Velasca Resegott boots

Velasca Resegott Review: The Ultimate Italian Alpine Hiking Boot

I tried the Velasca Resegott Alpine Hiking boots to see if they live up to their reputation. I wasn’t disappointed. Read my hands-on review to see for yourself.

Model on bars wearing Laredo Lodi boots

Laredo Lodi Review: My Honest Opinion After Wearing

I’ve never rated a boot this poorly. If you’re getting new cowboy boots, you definitely want to read this Laredo Lodi review before taking the plunge.

Man in Cody James Decimator boots standing on a bar

Cody James Decimator Boot Review: Tried & Tested

Cody James doesn’t make your standard cowboy boots. They make them with gritty style. But are the boots any good? I put them to the test to see how they fair.

Best Chelsea Boots for Men 1

11 Best Chelsea Boots for Men: Tried and Tested by Me

I own over 40 pairs of boots, and when I want to dress snazzy, I almost always reach for a pair of Chelsea boots. These are the best of the best.

BootSpy model wearing Irish Setter Wingshooter boots on broken branches

Irish Setter Wingshooter Review: Is it the Ultimate Hunting Boot?

You don’t want to find out your boot leaks when you’re ankle deep in mud. This Irish Setter Wingshooter review tells you what you need to know before buying.

Model wearing Thursday Boot Scouts on a brick stairs

Thursday Boots Scout Review: Is This Budget Chukka Worth It?

The Thursday Boots Scout is a versatile budget chukka, but is it any good? I had to try it out to see. Come read my honest review and find out how it performs.

BootSpy model wearing Thursday Boots Duke right one is leaned against the wall

Thursday Boots Duke Review: My Experience After 2 Years

After 2 years wearing the Thursday Duke, here’s what I think. I also polled over 50,000 subscribers to see how the Duke does up against other Thursday Chelseas.

Blundstone 550 on model profile view

Blundstone 550 Review: An Upgrade, or Just More of the Same?

The Blundstone 550 is one of the most popular boots in the world right now. But does it deserve the attention. We dive deep in this review to find out.

Model wearing Brunt Marin work boots closeup

Brunt Work Boots Review: My Experience with The Marin and The Ohman

A good pair of work boots can change your life. They’re basically another tool, so don’t cheap out. But are Brunt work boots the investment you need right now?

Blundstone 500 vs 550 boot review and comparison

Blundstone 500 vs 550: Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Blundstone 500 and 550 look nearly identical, but there are a few key differences. I tried and tested both boots to compare them in this hands-on review.

BootSpy model wearing Blundstone 500 boots

Blundstone 500 Review: It Should Have Stayed Down Under

The Blundstone 500 is super popular, but is it really that great of a boot? After you look at the details, I think you’re going to be pretty surprised.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II left boot leaning on a tree

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Review: Affordable or Cheap?

How can footwear be as durable as a hiking boot needs to be at this price? Read our Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II review and learn all you need to know.

Man hopped up in his Golden Fox Boondocker Boots

Golden Fox Boondocker Review: Get Your Jungle On

It’s become a go-to affordable sub-$150 service boot, but how does it stack up to scrutiny? Read our hands-on Golden Fox Boondocker review to get the scoop.