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New Boot Releases: March 7th – 13th

Travis Khachatoorian

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Travis is an Emmy and Edward R Murrow award winning journalist with 10 years reporting experience with NBC and CBS. He's followed stories around the world: into the path of Hurricane Michael in Florida, with Alaskan dogs on the trail of The Iditarod, and in the belly of a C-130 with US Paratroopers off the coast of Australia. Travis left the news to live a less action packed life with his wife and son in Southern California, but he’s still passionate about quality reporting and heritage style boots. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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I live in Southern California, where most people seem to wear sweatpants, athleisure, and sneakers on the regular. But every once in a while, I see an amazing pair of boots under some selvedge jeans. 

Then I wonder if I should approach this stranger to talk about it. Is it worth it? I mean, all we really have in common is boots. Is that enough to sustain a conversation?

Killer boots, man.

I can’t be alone in this. 

Anyways, onto the new boots.

Red Wing Heritage

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I’m a glass half-full kinda guy, so when I see half of one of my favorite boots for sale, I feel like I just unwrapped a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

Red Wing Heritage is making news with the release of their Shop Moc Oxford. This shoe is essentially their Classic Moc, cut in half.

Screenshot 2024 03 06 at 5.18.52 PM

It features a Goodyear welt construction, Puritan triple stitching, leather insole and Traction Tred outsole. It’s also being released in three different colors: their Classic Oro, Black, and Hawthorne Abilene (light brown roughout).

From the pictures released by Red Wing, it looks like if you wear your denim down to your laces, the casual onlooker might even mistake these for Classic Mocs. It shares the same profile and wedge sole, but with an ankle cut that I would imagine will breathe easy during the summer months.

Screenshot 2024 03 06 at 5.19.14 PM

My wife said she’s calling the cops if I buy any more boots this year, but if I see these out in the wild this summer, you better believe I’m going to say something to you.


viberg shell cordovan

I wouldn’t normally put these on the list because these haven’t even been released yet. But they’re already selling out, so I’d be remissed not to fill you in before they’re gone.

Viberg is doing Viberg things with their planned limited release of their Black Hatchgrain Shell Cordovan. The rare and premium horse leather tanned by Horween will be used in three different boots: a cap toe Service Boot called the Navvy Boot, and two derby shoes called the Rockland Blucher and the Savoy Split Toe.

viberg shell cordovan 2

The drop is open for pre-orders that won’t be fulfilled until mid-June, and the Split Toe is already out of stock. Popular sizes in the other two models are going fast too. 

It’s easy to see why. These boots feature Goodyear welt construction and antique edges on a Ridgway sole. Also the extremely pronounced “honeycomb” effect from the Cordovan leather is more bananas than Gwen Stefani in 2004.

viberg shell cordovan 3

Huckberry x Danner

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Who doesn’t love a good collab?

The men’s fashion site Huckberry is known for forging some daring partnerships in the Heritage Boot world, and their boot collaboration with Danner Boots seems no different.

This is one the moc-iest moccasin boot I’ve seen in some time. I mean it looks like a real moccasin. 

huckberry danner moc

Huckberry says it went back in time with Danner to bring back a style from the brand’s 1960s collection, the Canoe Moc. The modern re-release is being called the Mountain Moc 917.

The boot boasts a waterproof and breathable liner, a Vibram sole, stitchdown construction, and a look that will either make you a trailblazing trendsetter, or a man wearing canoes on his feet. There’s no inbetween.

danner huckberry moc

I’m not sure where I stand on this boot, but if it’s half as good as it’s talked up to be on the Huckberry website, then I might have to consider these as a serious contender for my camping footwear.

Thursday Boot Co. 

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Casa Moto Boots are nothing new to Thursday’s lineup, but two new leather color options in the mix almost doubles the options for boot-lovers who can’t get enough of this style.

Thursday is introducing the Casa Moto Boot in Amber Wheat and Old English (not to be confused with Olde English). 

thursday moto boots

These two new brown leathers match the semi-distressed full grain look of the Casa Moto family. 

Like most of Thursday’s boots, these are constructed with a Goodyear welt and a Poron insole, but the style differentiates itself from the pack with a fatty zipper along the waist as well as “army track” rubber lug outsoles.  

thursday moto boots2

Get these boots if you want to challenge your boss for dominance at the workplace, or you need to take a quick trip to Mexico, Jack Kerouc-style.

Division Road

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If you’re looking to restock your own personal selvedge denim, Division Road has got you covered.

They just stocked up on some selvedge denim from the Japanese company Momotaro, and these are looking good.

The drop features 13 oz Zimbabwe Cotton dyed indigo with a peach inseam thread. I don’t know about you, but when I get a selvedge ID or inseam thread that’s a bit out of my ordinary clothing color palette, it quickly makes it into my daily rotation.

division road denim

These Momotaro’s also feature a modern relaxed fit with a strong taper. This means you won’t have to choose between a comfortable ride in the trunk and pants that wrap nicely around your boots in the ankle.

Naked & Famous Denim

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Spring is a mindset: it’s a time to reinvent yourself, it’s a time to say I’m ready to throw those self-defeating dark thoughts of winter to the side, and make like a flower and bloom.

This denim speaks to the Spring side of my brain.

This Left Hand Twill Selvedge Denim is 13.75 oz in Sky Blue and has a clean white selvedge ID. It’s about to be released on March 8 in four cuts, from modern tapered to relaxed.

naked and famous blue selvedge

I can imagine myself relaxing hard in these with lager on a hot day, and a pair of light chukkas, my all-white Reeboks, or if I really want to stretch my imagination, those Red Wing Shop Moc Oxford’s in Hawthorne Abilene on my feet.

See You Next Week

As a new parent, I’ve been facing some serious challenges. The latest one filled me with a good amount of public shame.

My one-year-old son was sent home early from daycare because he got Pink Eye… I don’t know how he got it, so don’t ask.

Shortly after we picked him up, the daycare had to blast out an email to everyone in class saying someone at school got Pink Eye. It spreads super easily so be on the lookout.

So yeah. I’m the Pink Eye family terrorizing the school. The only thing worse would be to send my kid to school with Lice.

I’m sure as hell ready for Spring. Are you?


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