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New Boot Releases: December 20th – 27th

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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As we get closer to the holidays we’re seeing many of our favorite brands come out with some exciting new releases. Tis’ the season of handmade boots and heritage fashion.

Grant Stone

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The Edward Boot 

Grant Stone has released their Edward Boot in a brown Chromexcel they call “Walnut”, and the results are no less than stunning.

This is undoubtedly the most versatile Edward Boot model we’ve seen yet, and a simple alternative to the already popular Diesel Boot. The smooth quarter panels, with internal leather heel counter and single strip backstay, make this design both sleek and elegant.

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Built on the same last as the Diesel Boot, the Leo Last, the Edward Boot boasts 5 eyelets and 3 speed hooks in polished brass. It also uses a 360 degree flat welt as opposed to the split reverse welt used on the Diesel Boot.

Grant Stone has done an excellent job in this makeup. It’s new, yet familiar, and built to the high standard we’ve all come to love about Grant Stone. The Edward Boot in Walnut Chromexcel is an easy choice for anyone, and something that would make an excellent daily driver.

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The Allen Boot

Parkhurst just released a new drop of their Allen Boots, and just in time for the holidays. This time they have a few models in Seidel’s “Natural Double Shot ”, offered in a dark or lighter hue.

It’s exciting to see the brand offering leathers from well known tanneries once again, although they say it’s a limited run. Parkhurst is also offering their Delaware Boot, a brogue cap toe, in this same leather. 

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Seidel’s Double Shot Leather is something that’s often compared to Horween’s Chromexcel, in that it’s a combination tannage that’s treated in oils and waxes.

You can expect the same level of construction quality from this new line that has always been true to the brand. We look forward to seeing what kind of new and exciting models Parkhurst will release in the future.

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Beckett Simonon

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The Williamson Boot

A brand new model from the brand Beckett Simonon, their Williamson Boot. A cap toe service boot design, with 5 eyelets and 2 speed hooks, offered in a variety of different leathers.

Standing approximately one inch shorter than their already popular Dowler boot, the Williamson sports a one-piece heel counter and backstay, giving it a slightly more streamlined appearance.

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The Williamson Boot is offered in the same fashion as the other models from Beckett Simonon, Blake Stitched and in your choice of either rubber or leather soles. 

The boot features a buttery-soft Vachetta lining throughout, a leather lined Poron insole, leather midsole and heel stack, and a steel shank. Making this boot a great value for its price.

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Nicks Handmade Boots

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The Falcon Boot

Another interesting offering from the people at Nicks Boots, the Nicks Falcon in Horween’s Italian Brown Cypress. The leather is being offered as one of their limited runs, and likely won’t be around much longer.

This Brown Cypress leather from Horween is a newer tannage, originally produced for Ashland Leather in Chicago, to produce a line of wallets. Horween’s Cypress leathers are a vegetable re-tannage, packed with oils and waxes, designed to have the flexibility and pull-up of a chromexcel and the patina qualities of a Dublin leather.

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The leather displays a beautiful amount of grain character, and the pull-up effect is gorgeous against the dark brown. All of the highs and lows, combined with the way the leather picks up scratches, make this boot a great option if you’re looking for a rugged patina.

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Truman Boot Co.

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The Wooly Bully 

One thing Truman Boot Co is known for is their leather selection, this time they sourced this nappy roughout from Red Wing’s very own S.B. Foot tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota.

This cream-colored roughout leather is designed to require very little maintenance, and still endure the trials of daily wear. It’s reminiscent of Red Wing’s Hawthorne Muleskinner, only nappier and untreated. 

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The Wooly Bully is built on the well-loved 79 Last, and features 7 eyelets, a smooth-out gusseted tongue, cap toe, 270 degree storm welt, and a Eugene sole. This is definitely a model to consider if you’re looking for something with Boondocker vibes.

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Left Field NYC 


Indigo Selvedge Sherpa

Just in time for the cold weather, Left Field NYC drops their Indigo Selvedge Sherpa. Made from deadstock 13oz 1968 White Oak Cone Mills Selvedge denim.

The jacket instantly gains credibility for being made from 1968 Cone Denim, but then you look further and you find details like the green bartacks and keyhole stitching, reminiscent of 1940’s workwear. You’ll find things like triple needle felled stitching throughout, leather washers, as well as other marks of quality.

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This is a workwear jacket, Americana through and through, made in America from an America denim that’s both iconic and historic. If you’re looking for a rugged denim jacket that can serve to keep you warm for years while developing a beautiful patina, check out Left Field NYC.

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See You Next Week

We’ve seen a lot of interesting new products from multiple brands throughout fall and into the winter, and we look forward to seeing what next week has to offer. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday shopping experience.


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