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New Boot Releases: December 13th – 20th

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
6 min read

As we get ever so closer to the new year and deeper into the winter, it’s an exciting time in the world of heritage fashion, with tons of new releases from some of our favorite brands.

Thursday Boot Company

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Thursday Boot Company has just released their Hero Boot in both Arizona Abode and a new, dark brown leather they’re calling “Mustang”. This makes the Hero Boot a more welcomed alternative to options like the President, which currently isn’t available with a Storm King lug outsole.


I personally like both of these leathers, the Arizona Adobe is a durable and rugged waxed nubuck that picks up light scratches and character fairly quickly. I don’t personally have any experience with this new Mustang leather, although it looks similar to Thursday’s Brown Chrome, but without the wine-colored undertones. So I imagine this kind of smooth grain upper would behave similarly.

I think it’s impressive that Thursday is able to offer the Hero Boot with a leather storm welt and midsole for only for its given price. The leather midsole helps to give it a more substantial feel underfoot, along with making its Storm Lug outsole easier to replace.

These are two great examples from Thursday Boot company, a plain toe with a lugged sole in both a smooth and matte brown, you really can’t go wrong here. The Arizona Adobe version is a practical and easily digestible, everyday boot that a lot of people can appreciate.

The only thing I’d really like to see changed is the pull tab. It can do without it in the way their other service boots do. It would also be cool to see some different sole options, perhaps a Vibram wedge or a studded sole on the Arizona and Cocoa models. 

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Nicks x Parkhurst 

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Once again, the fine people at Parkhurst in New York have collaborated with the legendary Pacific Northwest bootmakers, Nicks, to bring you a true fusion of brands

This is now the second time the two brands have collaborated, hence why this model is called the “V2” or “Version 2”. The boot utilizes the durable and familiar construction you’ve come to expect from Nicks, built upon Parkhurst’s very own 602 last. The result is a limited edition Nicks Boot with a more slender and elegant appearance.

The collaboration boots are all made in Spokane, Washington in normal Nicks fashion, using the lasts from Parkhurst. Customization options may be limited, although there’s a wide selection of leathers to choose from. 


I think this is a great way for people who are into slimmer boots to own a pair of Nicks, and enjoy the Pacific Northwest boot experience.

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Viberg x Division Road

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A collaboration between Viberg and Division Road, a cap toe 310 in Horween’s Brown Chromexcel. It may not seem like that big of a deal but it’s actually pretty rare to see a 310 released in this kind of  setup. I feel as if the 310’s rugged and classic appearance go well with more traditional leathers like this. 

Another thing that makes this particular model special is its use of a Vibram sole, as opposed to its usual Dainite. The heel pad on the Vibram is just slightly thicker and taller, this raises the heel and reduces the toe-spring ever so slightly. 

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All of these features in the collection come together to make this a very desirable and unique boot. I hope to see Viberg produce more like them in the future.

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Truman Boot Co.

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Truman Boot Company has just released their 79 last service boot in Black Oiled Roughout from Seidel Tannery. Not to be confused with their previously released “Oil Tanned Roughout” that looked very similar. 

The Black Oiled Roughout used on this boot is a new tannage recently by Seidel. The leather is chrome-tanned and then treated heavily with a combination of oils, making it supple, durable and highly water resistant.


Leathers like this also require a very small amount of care, since it’s already oiled and treated. Which makes it a great option for guys looking to add a well made, no fuss black boot to their collection. 

This can also work for those of us who want a black boot but don’t want the shiny gloss or teacore that’s often associated with black. It’s a good way to pull off a matte fish, while still having some texture.

The natural trim, and cap toe work well with this design, it’s rugged and almost work boot-like in its appeal. Certainly a great option if you’re interested in a boot with a Pacific Northwest feel but don’t want something as hefty as a Nicks or Whites.

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Taylor Stitch

A new wash on one of the brands most popular designs, their Democratic Jeans, in a black one-year wash selvedge. This time they’re using a 15.5-oz selvedge made from 100% organic cotton in a fade designed to replicate a years worth of washes and wear time.

The Democratic Jean is an excellent choice for everyday wear. It’s straight but still slim cut is both classic and extremely versatile, making it easy to pair with nearly everything you can come up with.

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I especially enjoy the details on this pair, like the fifth pocket selvedge detail, and the copper finish on the buttons, which match the stitching and rivets.

Many of us don’t wear black jeans anywhere near as often as we do blue ones. For this reason it can be hard to develop fades on a pair of black selvedge like this. Especially clean fades, devoid of any lines from washing and drying. Black selvedge can be notoriously difficult in the wash.

For all of these reasons, the Democratic Jean in Black One-Year Wash Selvedge is a solid denim choice. Especially for those of us who want an everyday faded-black pair of selvedge.

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Usually here at BootSpy we tend to lean towards brown boots and earth-tones, but some pieces simply can’t be ignored. This Viberg 2030 in Horween’s Black Teacore Double Cordovan Butts is a fine example of that.

It had been a while since Viberg had released a teacore service boot like this, and they really went all out on this one. I particularly enjoy the way the oxidized copper eyelets rest beautifully against the black and brown tones. 

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The Double Cordovan Butts used in making these boots are remarkably thick, and likely the reason Viberg opted to go with a cut top and no shaft lining. The boot also uses a black Chromexcel tongue, because it’s more malleable and comfortable. 

Undeniably a beautiful, black teacore service boot design. At around double the price of your standard Viberg service boots it may be out of reach for most, though still worth taking a long moment to admire. 

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Brave Star Selvedge


Another great release from Brave Star, a raw 14.75-oz Japanese selvedge in their straight leg design, called the True Straight.

These are a great pair of jeans for anyone looking to elevate their style and get into a pair of selvedge denim. This particular denim is sourced from the Kuraboo Mill in Japan, and then assembled in the United States.

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It’s incredible how much the brand is able to offer for the value, all while being made in America. These have all the features you’d expect from a great pair of selvedge jeans, including the star embroidery present on nearly all of their products. 

Starting at just under a hundred dollars this is an outstanding denim value, and more than just a starter pair. Brave Star even offers a hemming service, so you can receive your jeans in the length that works best for you.

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