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New Boot Releases – Week of January 10th, 2024

A native New Yorker and Heritage Fashion enthusiast with a keen eye for details. Focusing mainly on boots, but with interests in denim, jackets, and more. Read full bio.

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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Oak Street Bootmakers

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The Field Boot

Oak Street Bootmakers is certainly kicking the year off strong with their Field Boot in Teacore Black Overdye Horserump. A beautiful black service boot design, built to develop intense character and a vintage patina.

The Horserump is sourced from the world renowned Italian tannery, Maryam, a name that’s synonymous with some of the finest horsehides available today. The boot is built using a 360 degree Goodyear welt, as opposed to its standard 270, and features a Dr. Sole Raw Cord sole with a solid rubber heel block.

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This is a boot bound to be loved by many, with a leather that’s designed to patinate in a way that’s unique to your wear and lifestyle. In time the layer of black overdye will wear away in places to reveal a beautiful brown tone similar to that of tea, hence “Teacore”.

Nicks Handmade Boots


The AL64 Makers Collection

Within the past few years we’ve seen some incredible casual options from the Pacific Northwest bootmaker, Nicks boots. This is yet another, The AL64 Makers Collection.

Built on the HNW last, the AL64 has a 5 inch shaft, single backstay, plain toe, 7 polished brass eyelets, and a Vibram sole. The model is available in a wide selection of leathers like Horween’s Chromexcel, Predator, waxed flesh, and a variety of the brand’s own work leathers.

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Outside of choosing your leather option, there’s no customization options available for this model. It’s designed to be a boot that a lot of people can find appeal in. It’s a great way to have the sturdy and rugged build quality of a boot built in the Pacific Northwest, while still remaining casual and subtle.

Truman Boot Co

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Stone Rambler

Truman has decided to ring in the New Year by bringing back a popular fan-favorite, Charles F. Stead’s Stone Rambler Leather. 

For this run Truman is going with their proven 79 Last with a cap toe, 270 degree Goodyear welt, antique hardware with 5 eyelets and 2 speed hooks, along with the brands own recessed rubber-lug outsole.

When many people think Truman Boots, they think Rambler Leather, and with good reason. It’s rugged appearance and textured surface pair perfectly with the brands overall aesthetic, a reason why many collectors find it so appealing.

Charles F. Stead’s Rambler Leathers are made using the grain surface of the cowhide, keeping its original thickness while making little to no corrections to it. This helps to preserve the hide’s natural appearance and showcase features like the veins and scars. It’s then packed with a combination of oils and waxes, that give the leather its extreme degree of pull-up and color variation.

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Reverse Tobacco Chamois

Another new and interesting release from the people at Truman Boot Co in Eugene, Oregon. This time it’s a 6” service boot on the 79 Last featuring Horween’s Reverse Tobacco Chamois Leather.

The Chamois Leather is made using the hide of a European Mountain goat, known for its especially soft hand and absorbent properties. The leather is loaded with fat liquors and oils to aid in water protection. What you’re left with is a leather that’s extremely soft and supple, but also rugged and durable.

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The Reverse Tobacco Chamois is built using a 360 Goodyear welt on the 79 Last, with 7 antique brass eyelets, a soft toe, and a Eugene sole. All of these features combined make a boot that’s soft, and has the potential to develop some serious character and a rugged patina.

Taylor Stitch

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The Ojai Jacket

Taylor stitch has brought back their once popular Ojai Jacket in a variety of different colors. The Ojai is a classic French chore coat silhouette that’s easy to wear dressed up or down, but still has an abundance of utilitarian features.

The reason we decided to go with the Smoked Olive was for its vintage, military-inspired feel, because the organic cotton twill used on the Ojai is reverse-engineered from a deadstock military fabric. The 8oz 100% organic cotton “Foundation Twill” fabric is designed to be tough, while standing up to years of hard wear and developing unique character.

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The Ojai Jacket is designed to be something you can wear just hanging around the house, or for a night out. On the Ojai you’ll find features like a single chest pocket with a pen slot, 2 front patch pockets, double stitching throughout, and bar tacks on every pocket. 

Stock Tank Supply

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Homage 23’

Because we can’t mention boots without also talking about denim, more specifically American denim. The Homage 23’ Vintage Straight Leg from Stock Tank Supply in Los Angeles, California.

A small brand with an obsession with Cone Mills fabrics, they sourced this 12.2oz denim from Proximity Mills. After the closure of the legendary White Oak Cone Mills, a small handful of its workers fired up 2 of the factory’s old Draper X3 looms and got back to making American selvedge denim.

This specific denim is a limited edition fabric made exclusively for Stock Tank Supply by Proximity Mills. It’s a mid-weight denim with a 3×1 broken twill, an indigo warp and a special royal blue weft. You’ll find black stitching throughout and a vegetable tanned leather patch marked “STS”.

These jeans are designed to pay homage to those hard workers who kept the looms running for over a century, to American denim, and to you, the heritage fashion enthusiasts.

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The Allen Stitchdown

Parkhurst announces they’ll be releasing a 270 degree stitchdown variant of their already popular Allen Boot, no doubt influenced from their collaborations with the Pacific Northwest brand, Nicks Boots.

The new Allen model will feature a new prototype last with a more rounded shape and slimmer heel than their existing 602 last. The boot also will include some updated, heavier components to match its beefier construction.

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The leather featured is a fully vegetable tanned burgundy cowhide from the Tempesti Tannery in Tuscany, Italy, a good indication that this new line will feature name-brand leathers from trusted, well known tanneries.

The prototype can also be seen with a new Parkhurst proprietary brand sole, one that’s very similar to a Vibram product, the 430 Mini Lug. The brand has informed us that we can inspect an increase in price over the Goodyear welted model, and understandably so.

Maughan and Co 

The Double Pin

A small brand coming out of Scotland making beautiful leather belts the old fashioned way, entirely by hand. Meet The Double Pin, just one of their many options available.

All of their belts are made from only the thickest cuts of vegetable tanned leather from the famous British Tannery J & FJ baker. Their belts are available in either a riveted construction or saddle stitched, and they have a wide variety of hand-forged buckle styles to choose from.

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The leather is finished with a very light layer of wax that’s designed to wear away in time, and the finish is designed to teacore over the course of many years. This is the kind of piece that’s designed to develop an incredibly deep patina and last a lifetime.

See You Next Week

So far the winter of 23’-24’ has brought us a variety of great products from many brands that we know and trust. We’re excited to see what this new year has in store for the world of heritage fashion. Stay tuned and find out.


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