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Brandle Boots: Introducing the New High End Brand from Nicks

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2024
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Around the world people have grown to love the rugged styling and tank-like construction of a Pacific Northwest boot. Companies like Nicks, White’s, JK, as well as others have gained extreme popularity over the recent decade.

Though many enjoy the toughness of their logger-style boots, it’s the more casual, heritage models that seem to really capture the attention of boot enthusiasts. 

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Over the past year, Nicks has given us several casual heritage models, such as the Parkhurst V1/V2 and the LL64, showing that they’re listening. Though this time Nicks Boots has decided to take things a step further, starting their very own sub-brand, Brandle, first introduced at the Stitchdown Bootcamp meet in New York City, fall of 2023.

What Nicks aims to do with the Brandle name is to showcase the rich history of Pacific Northwest bootmaking. Brandle plans to deliver a superb product that’s both durable and long-lasting, with the methods and materials the region is so well known for.

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Brandle 1925

The 1925 is designed to transcend the boundaries of Pacific Northwest bootmaking. The top craftsmen at Nicks make this unique dress boot with the best materials to the highest standards.

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How is Brandle Different than Nicks?

Brandle uses one hide for each pair of boots, ensuring that you receive only the best, most consistent cuts of leather for every panel of your boot. Their boots also spend more time on the last, allowing the boots to better take the form and shape of the last, this also helps to reduce future wrinkling.

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Now for the star of the show, the 1925. A classic service boot design with a single-row 270 degree stitchdown construction, with 7 polished brass eyelets, and flat waxed cotton laces. The 1925 is fully leather lined in a buttery-soft calfskin leather, a single strip back-stay, a rolled top and a unique vintage-inspired external shaft collar. 

This new boot from Brandle will also feature a matching Bellows Tongue, rather than the gusset most Nicks owners are accustomed to.

A feature that makes the 1925 especially desirable is the leather, the boot uses world renown J.R. Leather throughout for its construction. This includes the boots insole, midsole, skived toe puff, and heel counter. A Leather J.R. Sole is also available to you, although a Dainite rubber studded sole is also an option.

The 1925 is also offered in a variety of leathers chosen to fit the boots specific character, you’ll find choices like Wickett & Craig’s Double Stuff, Gallun Calf leathers, and even Horween’s famous Shell Cordovan. 

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One of the 1925’s most distinguishing features is the ⅜” brass plate that’s meticulously fitted into it’s heel stack. This gives the boot a very unique, but classy edge that’s reminiscent of handmade boots from the early 1900’s.

The Brandle 1925 will also use a new last, featuring a sleek, almond-shape toe with a lower profile. The brand has chosen to go with all brass nails and a steel shank to reduce bulk, vs the leather shank Nicks is known for. You can also expect to see a 50% tighter SPI (stitch per inch) along the single-row stitchdown welt, when compared to a standard Nicks Boot.

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With your 1925 you’ll receive perks like a personal customer service rep, who’s assigned to you at the beginning of your buying experience, fit consultation, and a complimentary care kit. All of this and with a lead time of only 4-8 weeks, which is just a fraction of Nicks standard lead times.

As far as styling goes, the Brandle 1925 is boot with an almost endless variety of applications. It has a sleek and subtle, classic service boot appeal, yet is also undoubtedly unique. It would pair easily with jeans or chinos, and look right at home under a cuff. 

Depending on the customization one chooses, they could potentially be worn in a formal manner as well, provided the occasion is suitable. According to the people at Nicks, the 1925 is designed to be a “dress boot”, and compete with some of the best bootmakers worldwide. 

The Brandle 1925 may have a neat appearance, but it’s one that’s designed to age and develop gentle creases and beautiful patina. 

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The 1925 is designed to transcend the boundaries of Pacific Northwest bootmaking. To the brand, it’s more than just a boot, it’s the embodiment of impeccable design, meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality of materials. 

Above all, what makes Brandle so much different than Nicks Boots is the intention. At Nicks Handmade Boots, the intention is to make the toughest, long-lasting work boots in the world. Meaning the brand takes a “function-first” utilitarian approach when designing their boots.

At Brandle their aim is similar, they too aim to make tough, long-lasting boots. The difference is they intend to give you the best of both worlds, producing something that’s a masterpiece of both form and function.

It’s certainly interesting what the people at Nicks have done with the introduction of their new sub-division, Brandle. The 1925 is their first and only offering at the moment, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for this unique American brand. 

This may be the beginning of a new era for the world of Pacific Northwest bootmaking, opening the doors for other brands to follow suit and potentially change the industry.

Brandle 1925

The 1925 is designed to transcend the boundaries of Pacific Northwest bootmaking. The top craftsmen at Nicks make this unique dress boot with the best materials to the highest standards.

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