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Karlton Miko Tyack Senior Writer
LA-born, New York-based lover of menswear, watches, and culture. His work is featured in many prominent menswear publications and reaches hundreds of thousands of guys every year. He knows a good boot when he sees one.
All of Karlton's 18 Articles for Bootspy
Model in white pants demonstrates Muck ChoreBoots standing by the tree

Muck Boots Review: I Tested the Arctic, Chore, and Wetland

I’ve been wearing the Muck Boots Arctic Sport, Chore, and Wetlands boots for years now and this has been my experience.

Knock off Doc Martens Doc Marten Dupe on blank background

9 Dr. Martens Alternatives That Are Actually Worth a Look in 2024

Looking for decent Doc Martens dupes? Whether you want lower prices, higher quality, or slight design modifications, these nine alternatives are your best bet.

Model on bars wearing Laredo Lodi boots

Laredo Lodi Review: My Honest Opinion After Wearing

I’ve never rated a boot this poorly. If you’re getting new cowboy boots, you definitely want to read this Laredo Lodi review before taking the plunge.

Man in Cody James Decimator boots standing on a bar

Cody James Decimator Boot Review: Tried & Tested

Cody James doesn’t make your standard cowboy boots. They make them with gritty style. But are the boots any good? I put them to the test to see how they fair.

BootSpy model wearing Irish Setter Wingshooter boots on broken branches

Irish Setter Wingshooter Review: Is it the Ultimate Hunting Boot?

You don’t want to find out your boot leaks when you’re ankle deep in mud. This Irish Setter Wingshooter review tells you what you need to know before buying.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II left boot leaning on a tree

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Review: Affordable or Cheap?

How can footwear be as durable as a hiking boot needs to be at this price? Read our Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II review and learn all you need to know.

Man hopped up in his Golden Fox Boondocker Boots

Golden Fox Boondocker Review: Get Your Jungle On

It’s become a go-to affordable sub-$150 service boot, but how does it stack up to scrutiny? Read our hands-on Golden Fox Boondocker review to get the scoop.

man dangling his feet off rock wearing Timberland PRO Boondock boots

Timberland PRO Boondock Review: Is It the Best Work Boot for Long Shifts?

Do you work long hours on your feet? Read our Timberland PRO Boondock review to find out if it’s the comfort game-changer your feet have been pining for.

How to keep your feet from sweating in work boots cartoon drawing of smelly boots with products around them

How to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots: 7 Ways to Combat Sweat

Yep, boot sweat is pretty gross. Avoid discomfort and potential fungal infections by following this guide on how to keep your feet from sweating in work boots.

Do Doc Martens Run Big Doc Martens 1460s on Blank Background with Ruler

Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small? Dr Martens Sizing Guide

This comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know about Dr. Martens’ sizing. Get the perfect fit for you and avoid an annoying return.

Model sitting on the wall and wearing Dr Martens 1460

Dr Martens 1460 Review: I Tested The Most Iconic Docs

Why have Doc Martens stood the test of time? And are they worth the hype? Read our Dr. Martens review for the full rundown on quality, style, fit, and more.

Model hiking in Timberland White Ledges on a rocky surface

Timberland White Ledge Review: I Try Their ‘Top’ Hiking Boot

It’s super popular but is it really all that great? Read our most visited TImberland hiking boots review to find out whether the White Ledge is right for you.