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7 Things Wearing Cowboy Boots Says About a Man

If a man walks into the room wearing cowboy boots, you notice. 

Cowboy boots are a bold fashion choice, and one many men avoid. While divisive, the niche nature of this footwear gives off a strong message. 

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s a good idea to understand what it means to wear these western icons on your feet. This information will help you appreciate those who sport them regularly and decide if they fit with your fashion sense. 

Like cowboys themselves, cowboy boots aren’t simple and straightforward. They send a number of messages, which is why today we’ll look at the 7 things wearing cowboy boots says about a man.

7 Things That Wearing Cowboy Boots Says About a Man

With the rich history and enduring silhouette behind them, cowboy boots prove to be far more complex than they may seem on the surface. 

Any man who opts for such unique and bold footwear isn’t just trying to pull off a certain look. He’s trying to send a message. Here’s what cowboy boots say about a man. 

He Appreciates Quality 

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In today’s era of cheap, mass-produced, identical clothes, cowboy boots stand out in their dedication to quality. 

There is a deep sense of tradition among cowboy boot makers. It’s a sense that keeps them creating well-crafted footwear to this day. 

While the style itself is frequently attributed to the Civil War, the boots created during that time were made quite cheaply

It wasn’t until after the Civil War, when people began to expand towards the west, that true cowboy boots were born.

Cowboy boots were an absolute necessity. They had to stand up to the harsh, rough and tumble lifestyle of the wild west. 

Boot makers couldn’t just throw any old boot together. They had to use the strongest materials and pay special attention to the construction so the boots would hold up through the endless horseback riding in heat and dust.

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As a result, the entire style of boot is based on quality. A cowboy boot isn’t a cowboy boot if it isn’t made well.

Any man who’s chosen to slip his feet into such a rich history knows what it means to be high-quality. This kind of man is the type who doesn’t settle for anything less than excellence.

If you see a man wearing a pair of true cowboy boots, you know he’s got an eye for craftsmanship. He won’t just pop into the store and buy whatever is on the rack. 

Instead, he’ll likely take his time researching and examining his options so he can choose the best of the best. 

While it’s likely that you’ll see this first hand in his boots, this attention to detail often extends beyond material goods. A man in cowboy boots very likely values quality in his relationships, his actions, and his life in general.

He’s Ready for Anything 

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A man wearing cowboy boots values versatility. 

Cowboy boots were created to be multifunctional. They can handle the rigors of manual labor while still looking sleek enough to transition seamlessly into a night on the town.

This is easy to see when comparing cowboy boots to traditional work boots. While traditional work boots certainly have their own charm and appeal, they aren’t nearly as streamlined or dressy as a pair of well-made western boots.

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The reason for this versatility lies in the western lifestyle itself. Back in the day, a cowboy had to be able to go straight from the ranch to the saloon without looking out of place. 

Likewise, even in their downtime, cowboys had to be prepared for anything. 

The modern man in cowboy boots may not face the same harsh lifestyle as his predecessors did, but he does share in their spirit. 

This is the kind of man who can go from drinking a beer to building a house at a moment’s notice. He’s strong and capable but can relax just as easily as he can work.

He can bring excitement to an otherwise uneventful evening, but he can also be the calm voice of reason when things are getting wild. Like his boots, he’s versatile and nuanced.

When you see a man who opts for these boots, you know he’s ready for adventure, no matter what kind.

He’s Confident 

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Cowboy boots aren’t trendy. They aren’t like typical fads that come and go, with people of all different backgrounds sporting them for a season before quietly relegating them to the back of their closet.

No, cowboy boots are a bold decision. They go against the grain. They stand out.

Not only that, but they’re an investment. One doesn’t just pick up a well-made pair of high-quality leather cowboy boots on a whim. This is the kind of purchase you think about for quite some time.

These factors come together to make these western icons a distinctly powerful fashion statement. 

Because there isn’t a widespread draw to the style in the first place, putting on cowboy boots means you don’t care about what other people think. You’re sure of your own tastes, and that’s all that matters. 

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Additionally, investing in a pair of cowboy boots shows that you trust your own judgment. They aren’t cheap, and that means you can’t just spontaneously change your mind about the purchase. 

Cowboy boots show a dedication to trusting in your own judgment, both in the way you handle your investments and in the face of differing opinions. 

When a man chooses to wear cowboy boots, you know he has a deep-seated confidence in himself. He isn’t whipped around by the opinions of others. He isn’t here to impress anyone.

Rather, his focus is on making sure he expresses himself in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to him. 

This kind of focus on self-expression can only occur when there is a well of self-confidence. Someone who’s unsure of themselves won’t have the assurance that they can dress however they want. 

A man in cowboy boots has to be secure in who he is. This is what allows him to wear his boots regardless of what the current trends are. He knows he doesn’t have to follow anyone’s rules but his own.

He’s Original 

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Speaking of trends, one of the big defining features of the general fashion sensibility at any given moment is going along with what everyone else is doing.

While there are always slight variations and evolutions, most people tend to dress largely the same. When a certain look or clothing item comes into style, they flock to get it for themselves in order to fit in.

This applies even to more expensive purchases like boots. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourself a timeless pair of dress boots or Chelseas, these styles of footwear are very universal among closets. 

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Cowboy boots are different. You won’t find them in most closets, and when you do, it typically comes as something of a surprise. 

Cowboy boots actively break the norm. They aren’t subtly trying to blend in with the latest style. They demand their own space.

A man who wears cowboy boots projects this same energy. He wants you to know he isn’t the same as everybody around him.

This man wants you to know he’s original. He makes his own decisions rather than simply following along with what everybody else is doing.

This originality often extends beyond his fashion choices. He may have unique taste in things like art or choose to frequent a spot that isn’t at the top of the search engine recommendations. 

He stands out, not because he’s trying to be contrarian, but because he’s learned to embrace the parts of himself that make him unique.

He’s Rugged 

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Since the beginning, cowboys have lived a rough and rugged lifestyle. They’ve spent the days riding horses, wrangling livestock, and enduring the heat of the desert.

Their clothing evolved to reflect this. They couldn’t face their daily challenges if their gear wasn’t as rugged as them.

Cowboy boots are a prime example. Not only do they have to protect a cowboy’s feet from dust and debris, but they have to be strong enough to hold up to the intense rigor of their daily activities. 

This is no less true today. While the internet and automation have made many jobs far easier than they once were, wrangling cattle is one of the few exceptions to the rule.

Because of this, cowboys or anyone working on a ranch still need the durability and ruggedness their predecessors required all those years ago. 

When you see a man wearing cowboy boots fresh off the horse, you can be sure that he’s strong and resilient. The kind of work that requires such sturdy footwear requires an equally sturdy constitution.

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The same applies to men who wear these boots but don’t do traditional cowboy activities. 

Style is a way to express oneself. Because cowboy boots have remained true to their origins for so long, they continue to embody the tough and strenuous lifestyle that gave birth to them in the first place.

When a man chooses to express himself through such rugged footwear, he sends a message about his own ruggedness. He’s going against the grain and choosing to embrace a tradition steeped in tenacious determination and grit.

He’s a Gentleman 

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It’s important not to mistake grit for a lack of manners.

While these boots may have originated in the wild west, cowboys have always placed a strong emphasis on being kind and considerate. 

When you think of the wild west, you probably think of John Wayne movies. While these were obviously exaggerations, there is some element of truth. 

Cowboys lived in a largely unregulated area. As such, they developed their own code of ethics, one that allowed them to thrive in their small communities. 

This same moral compass was carried down through the generations. While they may be rough around the edges, cowboys are respectful and considerate of others. They place a lot of value on being good men.

The cowboy aesthetic was born around their lifestyle, and this innate sense of morality is an integral part of that. 

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When a man steps into western boots, he’s also stepping into all the tradition and history that went into them. The moral compass of the wild west’s protectors is as important as the leather these boots are made from. 

Most men who choose to wear cowboy boots embrace the kind and caring disposition of those who came before. They aren’t soft, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful and considerate.

He wants the best for others, and he uses his strength to help whenever he can.

He Respects His Roots 

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It should be abundantly clear by now that cowboy boots are nothing if not a deep and enduring symbol of their heritage. 

They evolved not from a simple fashion trend, but from a relentless need for footwear that could withstand the demands of the wild west. 

They’ve continued to serve this purpose all the way into the modern era. Cowboys and cowboy activities are one of the few areas of life that haven’t been replaced by automation. 

Today, cowboys still rely on the ruggedness of these boots to protect them and support them in the many difficult challenges they face. 

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This is why cowboy boots haven’t become quite as mainstream as many other boot styles. Unlike other boots, a cowboy’s footwear is inextricably linked with the storied history that birthed it.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself. When you look at a pair of work boots, you don’t suddenly conjure up images of a factory or a mechanic’s shop. You focus solely on the aesthetic of the boots.

Take one look at a pair of cowboy boots however and you are suddenly bombarded with a sense of the west. These boots are more than a simple article of clothing. They’re a symbol.

A man who chooses to step into such a powerful motif respects his roots. He embraces the history that goes along with his footwear. 

This attitude goes beyond just his boots though. He’s the kind of man that’s interested in the stories behind the world. 

He won’t just settle for the surface appearances. He embraces the modern world for what it is while also staying curious and respectful to the traditions that made it so.


Ariat Midtown Rambler square toe walking

While they may seem simple on the surface, cowboy boots carry with them a complex and storied heritage. They have always been a form of protection for their wearers.

Additionally, these boots evolved to transition seamlessly between any setting a man might find himself in. They are dressy yet rugged, walking the line between the worlds of the polite and the resilient. 

Any man who chooses to step into these boots projects an image dating back to the first cowboys. 

It’s precisely this that keeps cowboy boots from becoming a simple fashion trend. They will always be a symbol of the west and all that goes with it.

If they aren’t for you, that’s completely understandable. Hopefully this article has helped you understand what people wear them for and built a sense of respect for the timeless footwear.

Or, perhaps you’ve been persuaded to get yourself a pair and step into the history behind them. Either way, I hope this article helped expand your understanding of the iconic boots of the west.

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What do cowboy boots say about a woman?

A woman who chooses to wear cowboy boots is bold. Just as the boots themselves are unique and hard to miss, anyone who chooses to wear cowboy boots is confident in themselves and doesn’t mind standing out. They’re comfortable being noticed and sure enough of themselves to follow their own fashion sense.

What do white cowboy boots say about a man?

They say the man is extremely comfortable with himself and doesn’t mind pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion. White cowboy boots are one of the most modern spins on the classic silhouette available. They’re very bold, and the man who chooses to wear them must be equally bold to do so.

Can a woman wear men’s cowboy boots?

Women can wear men’s cowboy boots so long as they are comfortable with the more traditionally masculine look. They’ll need to consider the size difference though. Generally, there is a 1.5 size difference between men’s and women’s shoes, but that may vary depending on the manufacturer.

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