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Wolverine Boots Size Chart: Do Wolverine Boots Run Big?

By William Barton
Beckett Simonon vs Thursday Boots

Beckett Simonon vs Thursday Boots: Which Brand is Better?

These are two of my favorite brands. But if I could only choose one… This Beckett Simonon vs Thursday Boots breakdown tells you all you need to know.

Grid of William Barton from BootSpy Wearing Thursday Vanguard Captain Duke Scout and President

Thursday Boots Review: I’ve Tried 12+ Boots Over 5+ Years

How do Thursday Boots hold up after five years of wear? I’ve tried and tested their 13 most popular pairs for over half a decade, and here’s what I’ve found.

Best Dress Boots for Men

9 Best Dress Boots for Men: My Top Picks after 100+ Tested

A good pair of men’s dress boots can be hard to find. Or at least, it was…Now you can find the best dress boots for men right here.

Thursday Boots Company Sizing Guide 1

How Should Thursdays Fit? My Thursday Boots Sizing Guide

So you’re about to buy a pair of Thursdays, but you’re double-checking which size to get before you check out. This Thursday Boots sizing guide has you covered.

BootSpy model wearing Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Boots

In this Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill review, we go in depth on the quality of this boot, plus compare it to other major competitors. Read this before you buy.

BootSpy model wearing Irish Setter Wingshooter boots on broken branches

Irish Setter Wingshooter Review: Is it the Ultimate Hunting Boot?

You don’t want to find out your boot leaks when you’re ankle deep in mud. This Irish Setter Wingshooter review tells you what you need to know before buying.

Model wearing Brunt Marin work boots closeup

Brunt Work Boots Review: My Experience with The Marin and The Ohman

A good pair of work boots can change your life. They’re basically another tool, so don’t cheap out. But are Brunt work boots the investment you need right now?

Model wearing Thursday Boots Vanguard on a brick stairs

Thursday Boots Vanguard Review: Is it Truly American Heritage?

Wondering if this US made boot is worth the extra cost? Come check out our in-depth Thursday Boots Vanguard review and learn all you need to know before buying.

Model wearing Red Wing Classic Chelsea boots outside

Red Wing Classic Chelsea Boot Review: My Honest Opinion

Ooh—new boots from Red Wing. In this Red Wing Classic Chelsea review, we examine this rugged boot inside and out. Is it worthy of its heralded Heritage name?

Model wearing Thursday Boots Explorer white wall background

Thursday Boots Explorer Review: Worn, Tried & Tested

Thursday have a track record of quality but have they really made a combat boot worth buying? Find out the full scoop in our Thursday Boots Explorer review.

Model wearing Grant Stone Diesel boots on a pebble ground

Grant Stone Diesel Boot Review After 1 Year’s Wear

In our Grant Stone Diesel review, we take a close look at both the boot and the brand to see if this classic-looking offering is worthy of your wardrobe.

Collage of William Barton wearing Thursday Vanguards Thorogood Moc Toe and Nicks Americana with American Flag background

9 Best American Made Boots: Tested and Reviewed

Yes, you can find quality footwear and still support US jobs and families. These are the best American made boots on the market that tick all the right boxes.

Taft Dragon Boot Review Taft Dragon 3.0 in Caper Green

Taft Dragon Boot Review: I Get Up Close With the 3.0

Thinking of slaying the dragon? Our Taft Dragon 3.0 boot review will tell you everything you need to know, including how this boot fares against other brands.

Red Wing Boots Sizing How Should Red Wing Boots Fit Red Wing Iron Ranger With Measuring Tape Below

Red Wing Boots Sizing Guide: How Should Red Wing Boots Fit?

I own several pairs of Red Wings and I’ve spoken to many brand reps. Learn exactly how Red Wing boots should fit so you can get the right size the first time.

Model wearing Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots near water

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Review: Up Close With the Cordovan No. 8

So they’re an American classic, but do they justify their price tag? I tried the Wolverine 1000 Mile boots to see if they’re worth it. Read my honest review.

Thursday Captain boots closeup

Thursday Captain Boot Review: My Thoughts After 5 Years

I’ve been wearing my Thursday Captains for over 5 years and I’ve learned a thing or two. Check out my in-depth review and find out if they live up to the hype.

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit Image

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit? 3 Signs Your Boots Aren’t Right

Not sure if you have the right size cowboy boots? Our complete guide on how cowboy boots should fit has everything you need to know before hitting the ranch.

How Should Boots Fit 2

How Should Boots Fit? Your Guide to Perfect Fitting Boots

Getting the wrong boot size is both uncomfortable and bad for you. Learn how boots should fit once and for all and get a fit like Cinderella, every time.