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Interview with Brad Day, CEO of HELM Boots

By William Barton
mink oil for boots what is mink oil

What Is Mink Oil & How to Use It on Leather Boots?

This ultimate mink oil guide will show you how to use mink oil, its effect on leather boots, where to buy it, and the best brands and products out there.

Tecovas vs Ariat Boot Comparison

Tecovas vs Ariat: Which Brand Makes the Best Cowboy Boots?

Wheeewy! We got ourselves a real barnburner here. Tecovas vs Ariat: the ultimate showdown. Which of these two cowboy boot brands is the best? Come find out.

Thursday Boots vs Red Wing Comparison

Thursday Boots vs Red Wing: Which is the Better Boot Brand?

There are a lot of amazing boot brands out there, and two of the top contenders are Thursday Boot Company and Red Wing. We compared them to find the best.

Grid of William Barton from BootSpy Wearing Thursday Vanguard Captain Duke Scout and President

Thursday Boots Review: I’ve Tried 12+ Boots Over 5+ Years

How do Thursday Boots hold up after five years of wear? I’ve tried and tested their 13 most popular pairs for over half a decade, and here’s what I’ve found.

Best Dress Boots for Men

9 Best Dress Boots for Men: My Top Picks after 100+ Tested

A good pair of men’s dress boots can be hard to find. Or at least, it was…Now you can find the best dress boots for men right here.

BootSpy model wearing Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill boots

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Boots

In this Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill review, we go in depth on the quality of this boot, plus compare it to other major competitors. Read this before you buy.

Best Chelsea Boots for Men 1

11 Best Chelsea Boots for Men: Tried and Tested by Me

I own over 40 pairs of boots, and when I want to dress snazzy, I almost always reach for a pair of Chelsea boots. These are the best of the best.

Model wearing Brunt Marin work boots closeup

Brunt Work Boots Review: My Experience with The Marin and The Ohman

A good pair of work boots can change your life. They’re basically another tool, so don’t cheap out. But are Brunt work boots the investment you need right now?

Blundstone Boot Sizing How to pick the right blundstone size

Blundstone Sizing Guide: How to Pick the Correct Size for Your Blundstone Boots

Blundstone sizing can be confusing. So we created a calculator and an entire guide to help you get the perfect fit for your new Blundstone boots.

Model wearing Thursday Boots Vanguard on a brick stairs

Thursday Boots Vanguard Review: Is it Truly American Heritage?

Wondering if this US made boot is worth the extra cost? Come check out our in-depth Thursday Boots Vanguard review and learn all you need to know before buying.

Model wearing Ariat Groundbreaker

Ariat Boots Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

You’ve heard a lot about Ariat boots, but are they worth the investment? Come read our Ariat boots review and find out if they truly go the distance.

Model standing on toes in Thursday Boots Diplomat side view

Thursday Boots Diplomat Review: Testing Their Classic Moc Toe

How does Thursday’s moc toe stack up to more established icons from American heritage brands? Read our in-depth Thursday Diplomat review to get the answer.

man wearing Helm Boots Hollis indoors

Helm Boots Hollis Review: Not for the Faint of White Midsole

Helm’s philosophy is that there’s “a fine line between good and great.” Does the Hollis fall on the great side of that line? Read our honest review to find out.

How to wear chukka boots cartoon drawing of man wearing chukka boots with cityscape background

How to Wear Chukka Boots: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Sophisticated? Check. Rugged? Check. Versatile? Checkmate. Learn how to wear chukka boots in today’s world with this essential chukka style guide for men.

Man wearing Thursday Boots President outside

Thursday Boots President Review: Tried and Tested

The Thursday President is widely regarded as one of the best boots under $200, but does it live up to the hype? Dive feet first into our review to find out.

6 Best Pull On Work Boots Cartoon of a man pulling on work boots with a factory in background

6 Best Pull On Work Boots: These Boots Ain’t for Dancing

You’re a working man and you don’t have time for lace-ups. We’ve got you. These are the best pull-on work boots for men in 2020. Pull ’em on and get it done.

Crepe Sole What is it and Should You Prefer it for Boots

Crepe Sole: What is it and Should You Prefer it for Boots?

Not sure what a crepe sole is? Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to know before buying boots with a crepe sole.

Boots Like Timberlands Timberlands Lookalikes on Plain Yellow Background

11 Boots Like Timberlands: Recommended Alternatives

Love the Timberland look but don’t want to stump up that much dough? Check out these 11 boots like Timberlands to nail the style without nailing your wallet.