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Boot Shaft Cartoon Drawing of Man Wearing Cowboy Boots Measuring Shaft of Boot

What Is a Boot Shaft and How Do You Measure It?

What is the boot shaft? You can learn to measure the shaft of your boot, ensuring you get the proper fit and protection you need. Find out how in this guide.

How to fix heel slippage in boots man hiking with heel slip

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots Once and for All

Ugh, heel slippage is the worst. In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix heel slippage in boots to make sure that your boot heels never slip on you again.

Cedar Shoe Trees Guide Red Wing Iron Ranger next to Stratton Cedar Shoe Trees

What Are Cedar Shoe Trees, and Why Do You Need One?

Learn what a cedar shoe tree actually does to your boots, the differences between cedar and plastic, and discover the best shoe trees for home and travel.

How should chelsea boots fit cartoon image of man pulling on chelsea boots

How Should Chelsea Boots Fit? Here’s All You Need to Know

You’ve just picked up your first pair of Chelseas and you’re not sure if they’re fitting right. Come learn how Chelsea boots should fit in this complete guide.

How to keep your feet from sweating in work boots cartoon drawing of smelly boots with products around them

How to Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots: 7 Ways to Combat Sweat

Yep, boot sweat is pretty gross. Avoid discomfort and potential fungal infections by following this guide on how to keep your feet from sweating in work boots.

Timberland Boots Style Man in Jeans Wearing Timberland Premium Boots

Timberland Boots Style Guide: Outfit Tips & Inspiration

Here’s a little secret. Every guy can look as good as Drake wearing Timberland boots. But you just need a few Timberland Boots style pointers. Come get ’em.

Do Doc Martens Run Big Doc Martens 1460s on Blank Background with Ruler

Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small? Dr Martens Sizing Guide

This comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know about Dr. Martens’ sizing. Get the perfect fit for you and avoid an annoying return.

How to use saddle soap on boots Thorogood Moc Toe with Saddle Soap and Brush

How to Use Saddle Soap on Boots: Clean Leather in 10 Minutes

Are your boots looking all kinds of sad? In this guide we’ll show you how to use saddle soap properly so you can turn those boots’ frown upside down.

Blake Shelton Boots Cartoon Drawing of Blake Shelton Playing Guitar in Boots

Blake Shelton Boots: What Kind of Boots Does He Wear?

Are you digging Blake Shelton’s cowboy boot vibes? Find out which boots country music star Blake Shelton wears, plus two worthy alternatives in this full guide.

Are Doc Martens Good for Snow Doc Martens 1460s With Snowflakes

Are Doc Martens Good for Snow? A Doc Martens in Winter Guide

Learn whether Doc Martens are good for snow, how they perform in icy conditions, and how to waterproof your Docs if you decide to wear them in the cold and wet.

How to fix squeaky boots cartoon image of boots making noise in city

How to Fix Squeaky Boots in Under 15 Minutes

Squeaky, creaky boots can drive you bananas after no time at all. In this post you’ll learn how to fix squeaky boots with just four tools in 15 minutes or less.

How to wear chukka boots cartoon drawing of man wearing chukka boots with cityscape background

How to Wear Chukka Boots: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Sophisticated? Check. Rugged? Check. Versatile? Checkmate. Learn how to wear chukka boots in today’s world with this essential chukka style guide for men.