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We know that getting boot size wrong can cost you money, blisters, and even tendonitis. These guides will help you understand how boots should fit and show you what to do to make your boot wearing experience as comfortable as possible.

boots hurt back - a pair of chelsea boots with the illustration of back pain

I Want to Wear Boots, But They Hurt My Back: What to Do

Do your feet hurt every time you wear boots? Not sure how wearing boots can cause back pain? Keep reading because I’ll break it down for you.

irish setter size chart - irish setter ely boot with a measuring tape

Irish Setter Size Chart: My Guide to Irish Setter Boots Sizing

Not sure if the Irish Setter boots you’re looking at will fit correctly? I’ve got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at fit & sizing in this Irish Setter size guide.

boot size vs shoe size - a boot and a shoe with the measuring line

Your Boot Size vs Shoe Size: Are They the Same?

In this article, I’ll explain the reasons why boot and shoe sizing can be different and tell you how you can make sure to always get the right size. 

georgia boot sizing - georgia logger boot with a measuring tape

Georgia Boot Sizing: Comprehensive Size Chart and Fitting Guide

Within this guide on Georgia boot sizing, I aim to equip you with all the knowledge you’ll need to ensure your purchase from Georgia is spot-on from the get-go.

square toe vs round toe cowboy boots

Square Toe vs Round Toe Cowboy Boots: Which Are Better?

Cowboy boots aren’t just a fashion choice. Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about square toe vs round toe cowboy boots so you can pick your next pair.

how to lace in boot zippers

How to Lace In Boot Zippers (& Which Zippers You Should Buy)

In this practical guide, I explain what boot zips are, which ones you should buy, and how to install them properly on your boots so you get it right first time.

lems boulder boot sizing (1)

Lems Boulder Boot Sizing: How to Get the Right Fit in Lems

In this Lems Boulder Boot sizing guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about how they fit and how to choose the correct size for your foot shape.

viberg sizing

Viberg Sizing Guide: How to Pick Your Size in Viberg Boots

Viberg’s ain’t cheap—so let’s get your size right. Learn how to find the right Viberg fit for each last so you can decide which boot shape is right for you.

R.M. Williams Sizing

R.M. Williams Sizing Guide: Get the Perfect Size First Time

This is the straight-forward R.M. Williams sizing advice I wish I had when I bought my first pair of Comfort Craftsmen boots. Get it right the first time.

capitan boots sizing

Capitan Boots Sizing Guide: How Do Capitan Cowboy Boots Fit? 

In this Capitan boots sizing guide, I’m going to compare how Capitan’s fit against some other major brands you may have tried, like Ariat and Tecovas.

XTRATUF size chart

Ultimate Guide to XTRATUF Boot Sizing, with Size Chart

If you’re thinking about getting a pair of XTRATUF boots, make sure you read this XTRATUF sizing guide and size chart beforehand to get the best fit.

Muck Boots Sizing

Ultimate Muck Boots Sizing Guide [Size Chart Included]

In this comprehensive Muck boots sizing guide, I’ll go through the fine details of their sizing so you can pick perfect size Muck Boot the first time.