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What Boots Does Cody Johnson Wear? Dear Rodeo Boots

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cody johnson boots

Classic in voice and garb, Country music star Cody Johnson is an icon of Cowboy style. No doubt, Cody Johnson has exquisite taste in footwear. He’s been spotted in exotic leathers, work boots, boots with bold angles and patterns, and never seems to miss a beat!

Music (and Rodeos) are fantastic, but it never hurts to be a fashion icon for your fans. Cody clearly keeps this in mind. 

The guy seems to have a boot for every occasion.

So what boots does Cody Johnson wear? When does he wear them? And why does it matter?

3 Types of Boots Cody Johnson Wears Regularly

Bison Leather Work Boots

Sometimes, you gotta get stuff done, and that often means getting some dirt on your boots. 

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It’s been said again and again, “everyone needs a good work boot.” 

What’s a good work boot you might ask? 

Well, that will vary from person to person. Some folks work around wet conditions, so a rubber boot might be their go-to. Some folks are in construction, so steel-toes are their boot of choice. 

Basically, a good work boot has the function and comfort required for the task at hand. I wouldn’t wear a $1000^ pair of high polish balmoral dress boots for mucking stables, and I wouldn’t wear Ariat WorkHogs to a formal office job. 

For Cody, he prefers to wear Bison leather boots when tasks are on the rough and tumble side. He has been spotted wearing Bison leather boots at rodeos, working in the great outdoors, and driving around in his big ol’ truck. 

A fantastic example of a Bison leather boot is the Tecovas Bandera.  

A classic cowboy/ranch boot, the Bandera features the traditional 12-inch shaft, round toe, and a 1¾ inch heel. 

The Bandera is made to work, featuring removable insoles for easy cleaning and airing out after long days of work. The Vibram rubber soles offer added traction for when crap gets tough. The Bison leather is a premium, oiled leather for work-appropriate durability.

Sometimes we need a coworker, not just another pair of boots. If that’s your situation, the Bandera is a great work-hard/play-hard boot. In terms of value, the price-per-wear is fantastic (I mean fantastic). For an asset that will serve you for years of living it up, the Bandera might be your answer.   

Tecovas Bandera

The Bandera is Tecovas' work-friendly cowboy boot. Rather than the traditional leather sole found on most cowboy boots, the Bandera is loaded with a heavy rubber lug sole that'll give you maximum traction on the job site.

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Black Snip Toe Cowboy Boots

Up on the big stage, folks need to make an impression. Sure, if you can sing, that’s great, but it never hurts to look good while doing it. Cody is very aware of this. 

Cody seems to have a go-to boot for concerts.  From my research, Cody favors black snip toe cowboy boots when it’s his time to shine in the spotlight. 

The bold angular construction of the toe and the slick black colorway scream for attention while keeping it classy for the fans. 

So where can you get a great pair of black snip toe cowboy boots? 

Check out the Chisos No. 5.  

These boots sport an elegant Texas Longhorn embroidery across the front of the shaft, giving the boot some added country edge. This, along with the angles of the snip toe, make this boot a bold choice.

Chisos uses full-grain leathers, steel shanks, Goodyear welt construction, and hand lasts to construct their products. Their boots are handcrafted in Guanajuato, Mexico. 

chisos no5 profile view in roughout leather

Because of the leather quality, these boots will only get more beautiful over time, creating a personalized patina that gets richer over years of wear. 

While Cody prefers his snip toe boots in black, Chisos offers 2 other color variants for their No. 5: Tan Roughout and Brushed Brown. Personally, a good snip toe looks best in black in my eyes. 

When it comes to value, Chisos are a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a bold, angular statement that Cody pulls off so well, then it might be worth the buy-once-cry-once investment. 

Chisos No.5

This roughout leather boot pays tribute to the Texas Longhorn with its white decorative stitching in the shaft and is dang comfortable.

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Full Quill Ostrich Boots

Sometimes, Cody can be spotted rocking a pair of full quill ostrich boots. These seem to be reserved for his more dressy moments, such as music awards.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times again, ostrich leather is a fantastic introduction into the whimsical world of exotic leather. Offering a unique texture and a vivid visual aesthetic, ostrich leather is simply one of my favorite leathers. 

If you’d like a pair of ostrich leather boots like Cody, the Ariat James are a great option. 

The James is the perfect balance of class and country. 

Featuring top shelf full-grain vegetable-tanned ostrich leather, the James is built to last, and to look great while doing it. 

An eight-row stitch pattern along the shaft gives the western flare all cowboy boots need. 

Calfskin lining and a strategically placed cork midsole allow instant comfort for the wearer, adding to the boot’s premium feel. 

If you’re looking for something classy for your dressy moments, (and wanna feel like a cowboy, too,) then the James is a fantastic choice. 

Value-wise, the James is a premium boot at a lower-than-premium price. Many boots like it run much higher price-wise, making the James a solid bang-for-your-buck option. (I’m seriously considering a pair myself, if that helps). 

Ariat James

Made from top-shelf, full-quill ostrich leather the Ariat James is classy without being overly fancy. The boot's premium look is perfect for situations when you want a dressier cowboy boot, and features like the cork-filled forefoot for added comfort and cushioning mean you can wear it all day long.

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Boots for Every Occasion

Cody Johnson knows what’s up when it comes to rocking a good boot. 

Rough and tumble folks should consider taking inspiration from Cody’s Bison leather boots.

Those who want to make a bold statement should consider snip toes for their statement piece. 

If suits and class follow you everywhere, then a full quill Ostrich boot might be just what you need.

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