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Be kind to your boots and they’ll be kind to you. We’ll show you how to take care of your boots so they look better, smell nicer, and last longer. You’ll also learn about the different kinds of boot leather as the type will dictate your boot care approach.

are Blundstones good for snow

Are Blundstones Good for Snow? A Guide to Wearing Blunnies in Winter

In this guide, I’ll cover some tricks to help you decide if are Blundstones good for snow, if you should go outside with them, and make sure your feet stay dry. 

are timberland boots good in snow

Are Timberlands Good for Snow? A Guide to Wearing Timberlands in Winter

If you’re about to lace up your Timberlands and head outside in the snow and ice, read this guide first to make sure you’re not about to ruin your boots.

mink oil for boots what is mink oil

Mink Oil for Boots: Everything You Need to Know Before Using Mink Oil

This ultimate mink oil guide will show you how to use mink oil, its effect on leather boots, where to buy it, and the best brands and products out there.

how to care for thursday rugged and resilient leather boots

Thursday Boots Care: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Thursday Boots

If you’re wondering how to clean Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient, Thursday Chrome, or WeatherSafe suede leathers, this is the ultimate guide for you.

How to clean your Blundstones

How to Clean Blundstones: Like New in Under 15 Minutes

You’ve been putting your new Blundstones through the paces, haven’t you? Here’s how to clean your Blundstones so they’re always looking fresh.

Are Duck Bootts good for snow cartoon drawing of man wearing duck boots while shoveling snow

Are Duck Boots Good for Snow? Don’t Duck Around With This

It’s cold out, the snow is falling, and you glance at your precious duck boots and ask yourself—are duck boots good for snow? You’ll know after you read this.

How to clean nubuck leather boots cartoon image of nubuck boots with cleaning supplies

How to Clean Nubuck Leather Boots in 6 Simple Steps

You don’t need to be an expert to know how to clean nubuck leather boots back to their former glory. Here’s everything you need and all you need to know.

Are hunter boots good for snow image of hunter boots outside on snow ledge

Are Hunter Boots Good for Snow and Ice? Don’t Get Stuck in the Cold

They’re one of the kings of all rubber boots, but can you wear Hunter boots in the snow or rain? Read this post and you’ll know the answer.

How to distress leather boots cartoon image of a man wearing distressed leather boots outside

How to Distress Leather Boots: 5 Surprising Ways to Age Leather

Want to get rugged? Come discover the 5 surprising ways you can age and distress your leather boots with little more than a few household items.

How to get paint off leather boots cartoon drawing of black boots with paint on them

How to Get Paint Off of Leather Boots: 6 Simple Ways That Work

Paint on your boots? Don’t stress. You can get paint off leather boots and return your favorite pair to their former glory. Here’s six quick and simple ways.

Stinky boots cartoon drawing of a boot on its side with a smell coming out of it

How to Get Rid of Odor in Boots: 6 Quick Ways

Man, smelly boots suck. Learn how to get rid of odors in your stinky boots the right way by following one of our six quick and simple methods.

Can you wear rain boots in the snow cartoon drawing of man wearing tall snow boots in snow

Can You Wear Rain Boots in the Snow? Don’t Get Caught Out

Should you shell out the cash for a pair of snow boots if you’ve already bought rain boots? What are the differences between the two, anyway? Come find out.