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Be kind to your boots and they’ll be kind to you. We’ll show you how to take care of your boots so they look better, smell nicer, and last longer. You’ll also learn about the different kinds of boot leather as the type will dictate your boot care approach.

how to waterproof work boots - a pair of work boots with the drops of water

How to Waterproof Your Work Boots Effectively: A Step By Step Guide

With just a few bucks and a few minutes, you can waterproof work boots and extend the lifespan by anywhere from six months to six years. Learn how to waterproof your work boots effectively with this guide.

how to clean work boots - Timberland PRO work boot, Kiwi saddle soap and stiff brush

How to Clean Work Boots and Keep Them Looking Sharp

Work boots are built tough enough to handle plenty of exposure to dirt, but keeping them clean is an important part of maintenance. Learn how to clean work boots the proper way and help to prolong their life

how to stretch cowboy boots

3 Simple Tricks to Stretch Cowboy Boots the Right Way

Come learn the three best and easiest methods to stretch out your cowboy boots so they get comfortable as quick as possible.

how to shorten shoelaces

How to Shorten Shoelaces in 5 Minutes or Less

Come learn the quickest and easiest solutions to shorten your shoelaces (it’ll literally take minutes) so you can stride in style and security.

boot cobblers

Ultimate Guide to Boot Cobblers: Here’s What to Expect on Your Visit

Are your boots on their last legs? Check out this guide and learn how to find great boot cobblers in the USA and know what to ask before they start the repairs.

red wing boots care

Red Wing Boots Care: The Ultimate Guide to Treating Red Wing Leather

Whether you have Harness, Muleskinner, Oro Legacy, or Briar Oil Slick leather, this Red Wing boots care guide will show you exactly how to treat your boots.

boot resole

How Much Does It Cost to Resole Boots? Is It Ever Worth It?

I asked 12 different cobblers across the USA how much their boot resole services cost and averaged it out so you can get a good idea what to expect to pay.

how long do red wing boots last

How Long Do Red Wing Boots Last? 3 Tips to Make Them Last Longer

Are Red Wing boots built to last? In this guide, you’ll learn what to expect from your Red Wing boots, and what you can do to make them last longer.

can cowboy boots be resoled

Can Cowboy Boots be Resoled? Everything You Need to Know

Cowboy boots are built to last, but eventually they wear out. In this guide, I’m going to go over your options for having your favorite cowboy boots resoled.

can cobblers make boots smaller

Can Cobblers Make Boots Smaller? +4 Tricks You Can Use

There are certain situations where a cobbler can make a pair of boots smaller, but does your project fit the bill? If not, here are 4 hacks to help get the fit.

how to soften leather boots

How to Soften Leather Boots Quickly Without Destroying Them

In this guide, I’m going to share a few tricks and methods on how to soften leather boots to feel like they’ve been on your feet for years.

can leather boots handle rain

Can Leather Boots Handle Rain? The Answer Might Surprise You

The forecast says there’s a potential for rain, but you’re still unsure—can leather boots handle rain? Read this guide to know what to do.