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6 Best Snow Boots for Men: Cozy and Sturdy

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best snow boots

Winter (especially here in Canada) can be brutally cold, and you just know your feet are the first to feel the chill. Add in snow, sleet, and ice, and conditions just get a whole lot more uncomfortable without the right pair of snow boats.

We’ve put together a list of our six favorite snow boots, from ultra-insulated to luxury designer boots that will get you through this winter with your feet toasty warm on even the coldest days.

Best Overall
  • An excellent blend of form and function
  • Good-looking and hard-wearing
  • An all-around versatile, well-insulated, reliable pair of snow boots
Best Budget
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Versatile, great for hiking, work, and walking
  • Excellent arch support and cushioning
Best Slip-On
  • Very warm, rated for up to -60F
  • Heavy-duty boots great for farm chores and job sites
  • Very grippy, great for snow and icy conditions
Best for Hiking
  • Great for hiking all year around
  • Ultra-sturdy construction
  • Midsole conforms nicely so it “snuggles” your feet
Best Designer
  • Hand-painted details and eye-catching colorway
  • Warm puffer-inspired upper
  • Minimalist sole and outsole great for urban use
Best Lightweight
  • Built specifically for marathon-level performance and comfort
  • Beautifully warm and comfortable
  • Great ankle support, cushioning, and stability

When the weather is cold and the ground is covered with snow or ice, a good pair of boots will be your best friend.

In fact, without boots of some sort, your feet will get cold (to the point of frostbite) and, just as bad, wet.

A good pair of snow boots will not just keep your feet dry, but also provide insulation to shrug off sub-zero temperatures.

Whether you’re snowshoeing, trekking, or just heading out into the winter for a walk, a good pair of snow boots is worth their weight in gold.

After testing every pair of snow boots I could get my hands on, I’ve collected the six best snow boots on the market to make sure you’re prepared for those bitingly cold days and even the heaviest snowfall. 

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How Did I Come Up With My List?

I live in Canada. Enough said? 

Canadian winters are no joke. There’ve been days when we got a solid foot of snowfall in a matter of hours. Plenty of days, too, when the temperatures plummet to a biting -22F.

No surprise, I’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort into finding the right pair of snow boots to get me through the long winters (this year, we’re looking at October to March).

I’ve personally tested out dozens of the top-rated models, talked boots with everyone I know, and spent 100+ hours researching everything from product details to user reviews to deep-dive into which pair of winter boots are the best for you.

I’ve organized my list starting with the boots I decided were “best overall”, and listing the rest according to what made them particularly useful to anyone living in a winter climate.

6 Best Men’s Snow Boots

Best Overall: Sorel Caribou

The Sorel Caribou boots are a “duck boot”, which combines a leather boot upper with a rubber outsole. This combination offers both waterproofing and insulation.

The Caribou’s upper is nubuck leather reinforced with ballistic nylon, treated with a waterproof coating, and seam-sealed for durability. It’s bonded to a vulcanized rubber outsole and features a removable 9mm recycled felt inner boot (with Sherpa pile snow cuff) that does an impressive job of keeping your feet warm when the temperature is below freezing.

To top it off, the aggressive tread with deep lugs offers great traction when walking through snow or on ice.

What I Like

  • Very tough, sturdily-constructed boots.

  • Good-looking and stylish, a classic duck boot that pairs nicely with snow pants or insulated jeans.

  • Warm felt lining/inner boot offers excellent insulation against sub-zero temperatures.

  • Waterproof vulcanized rubber outsole is handcrafted for maximum comfort and durability.

What I Don’t Like

  • The laces aren’t waterproof; snow-melt and slush may seep in through the uppers if not properly laced.

  • They’re fairly heavy boots, though given that they’re designed for heavy snow, I’d say it’s a fair trade-off.

What Other Reviewers Say

There’s no doubt about it: Sorel Caribou customers are satisfied with their purchase. From nearly 1,000 reviews on Sorel’s website alone, reviewers praise the durability, waterproofing, and insulation.

The reviews also speak highly of how comfortable they are. Many mention hiking, snowshoeing, and walking long-distances comfortably, and the fit is just right (not too narrow or wide).

Having tested them myself, I can agree with all of the reviews, which is why they’ve earned my pick as the best snow boots overall.

The Verdict

If you want a solidly built pair of snow boots to get you through even the coldest winter, the Sorel Caribou is an excellent choice. I’ve been wearing these for the last five months (after we got our first snowfall in early October) and I’ve never had cold feet once. I’ve gone hiking in the forest, snowshoeing, and walking in ankle-deep snow, and they’ve been comfortable for 10K+ distances.

On top of that, they’ve the classic “duck boot” style that looks great with my winter jeans. They’re a pick I’ll highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Best Overall
Sorel Caribou
A stylish duck boot built for winter, the Sorel Caribou will endure snow and ice while staying warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. Though they’re quality is top-tier, their price tag is affordable enough to make them a top-value purchase.
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Best Budget: NORTIV 8 Hiking Winter Snow Boots

If you don’t want to splurge on a high-priced pair of snow boots but still want to stay warm and dry all winter long, try the NORTIV 8 Hiking Winter Snow Boots on for size.

With their nearly 10-inch water-resistant Oxford fabric shaft, you can stay dry even if the snow drifts are as high as your calves. The cow suede exterior lining increases the durability of the boots, and there are reflective details added to increase visibility in low-light conditions.

For heavier guys (like me), the EVA midsole offers great cushioning to reduce foot fatigue over long hours of hiking or walking. But it’s really the outsole that sealed the deal for me. Made of tough TPR, it has an extremely aggressive tread that offers multi-directional traction. I found they performed very well in deep snow, and even on an icy lake when I took them ice-fishing.

What I Like

  • Faux fur insole + 200g 3M Thinsulate insulation maintains warmth down to -25F (which we reach at least a few times a year here in Canada).

  • Great for hiking, walking, or just strolling around town.

  • Comfortable; offer great arch support and cushioning for your heel and toe.

  • High shaft protects your legs/pants up to your mid-calf—great for deep snow.

  • Easy to pull on and tie/loosen thanks to the drawstring.

What I Don’t Like

  • The boots lack flex around the heel and toe.

  • The shaft feels very narrow and tight when trying to squeeze your foot in, but once in place, your feet slide around a lot inside the boot.

What Other Reviewers Say

The boots have more than 5,500 reviews and a 4.4-star rating, which proves that a lot of users are happy with their budget-friendly buy.

Some of the highlights praised by satisfied customers are their versatility (great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, and hiking) and the effectiveness of their insulation. Like me, many users were surprised by how light the boots were for their size. Of course, the low price tag is always a win.

A few users complained that the Velcro strap securing the boot around their ankle was a bit too short, making it difficult to pull tight. I had a hard time with this, too, though I wrote it off as just the thickness of my calves.

The Verdict

For the price, you won’t find many better pairs of snow boots around. They’re sturdy, (mostly) comfortable, provide excellent insulation against cold and wet, and are lightweight enough they’ll serve you well no matter what activities you get up to this winter.

Best Budget
NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots
This wallet-friendly pair of snow boots offers two types of insulation to keep your feet warm, a mid-calf shaft that will protect the bottom of your pants from mud, and an aggressive outsole to ensure solid traction on snow and ice. It’s a budget buy you’ll be glad to have in your closet when the temperatures plummet.
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Best Slip-On: Muck Boot Arctic Ice All Terrain Tall Boot

Don’t want to be bothered with laces? The Muck Boot Arctic Ice All Terrain Tall Boot is a boot built for you, then. The pull-tab allows you to easily slide the boots off and on. Though not the most secure fit, they’re a great pair of boots for farm chores, shoveling the driveway, or playing outdoors with your kids.

When I first tried these boots, I was impressed by how warm they were. The combination of 5mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene and a fleece lining kept my feet warm even when we hit -15F and I was slogging through ankle-deep snow.

The boots look a bit clunkier and heavier, not quite as fashionable as I’d like. Then again, considering I wear them with less-than-stylish snow pants, the chunky, rounded toe and thick heel aren’t a dealbreaker.

What I Like

  • Vibram® Arctic Grip A.T and XS Trek Evo provide excellent traction

  • Surprisingly lightweight for a full-height boot

  • 100% waterproof, durable construction

  •  Suitable for temperatures as low as -60F

What I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes they feel a bit too chunky and inflexible

  • Without laces or a strap, my legs tend to slide around, so I feel less stable when walking on icy surfaces

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers who use these as winter work boots tend to be the happiest. Thanks to their sturdy build, high shaft, and slip-on design, they handle farm chores or a construction site no problem.

However, a few reviews commented that the boots tend to crack along the toe-line after a few years of extreme cold temperatures. It’s easily fixed (using JB Weld), but it’s a flaw that appears to run through all the boots in the line.

The Verdict

If you’re expecting truly freezing temperatures, these boots are an excellent option. They’re easy to slip on and off in a hurry, and aside from the one glaring flaw I mentioned above, they’re a sturdy pair of snow boots that will last you for years of regular use.

Sure, they’re not the most stylish choice, but to get you through the winter chill, you won’t find many better.

Best Slip-On
Muck Boots Arctic Ice Boot
Rated to withstand temperatures as low as -60F, these boots will keep your feet warm in even the bitterest cold. The upper-calf shaft length ensures the lower hems of your pants stay dry and mud-free. A truly practical, work-friendly pair of snow boots.
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Best Hiking: Columbia Bugaboot III

If you plan on getting some hiking done over the winter, you’ll love these Columbia snow boots.

The Bugaboot III is designed specifically to keep out the cold, with 200 grams of insulation beneath the waterproof leather upper. However, you can use them in warm weather, too. Columbia has outfitted them with their proprietary breathable membrane that will keep your feet dry and cool all day.

One thing I love about these boots (and every Columbia boots I’ve tried/owned) is the way the TechLite midsole molds to the shape of my feet. It makes for a more comfortable, personalized fit. My feet don’t slide around inside the shoes, so there’s less risk of blisters when hiking or snowshoeing.

What I Like

  • Breathable membrane keeps your feet cool even after long hours of hiking

  • Good waterproofing and insulation

  •  Built specifically for cold-weather and snowy hiking

  • Sturdy construction

  • Excellent ankle and arch support

  • Grippy traction; never slip on snow or ice

What I Don’t Like

  • Sizing runs a bit small (my wife had to buy a size up, though mine fit just fine)

  • Not ideal for very cold conditions

What Other Reviewers Say

With over 5,500 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it’s easy to see why these Columbia snow boots earned their place on this list. Reviewers love their durability, versatility, and their comfort. More than a few active users called it “the best winter boots I’ve ever owned” because of how well they performed with winter activities.

The Verdict

Columbia builds a good hiking boot, we all know that. So it’s no surprise that for anyone who wants to enjoy winter hikes or snowshoeing treks, the Columbia Bugaboot III is a top pick. You just can’t find a more comfortable, reliable pair of snow boots built specifically for active use and long-distance walking on snow and ice.

Best Hiking
Columbia Bugaboot III
Stay active this winter in style and comfort with the Columbia Bugaboot III. Crafted specifically for cold-weather use, these combine a sturdy leather upper, 200-gram insulation, and aggressive Omni-Grip outsole to produce a truly reliable pair of hiking snow boots.
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Best Designer: Ross and Snow Shearling Lined Puff Boot

If you prioritize form over function and want to go full “cute” for your winter outfits, the Ross and Snow Shearling Lined Puff Boot is the boot for you.

Don’t get me wrong: they’re warm enough for the winter. The quilted nylon upper is built like a puffer jacket and lined with shearling to ensure no cold can nip at your toes.

However, the tread is not at all aggressive, so the boots are best-suited to a relaxing apres-ski stroll around the ski village rather than hiking or farm chores.

But you’ll be sure to turn heads in this truly unique pair of puffy winter boots with its sleek white upper and hand-painted color accents on the rubber outsole.

What I Like

  • Ultra-stylish and eye-catching; clear to see they’re luxury footwear at a glance.

  • “Street” style is great for cold winters with minimal snow and ice.

  • Puffer upper with shearling lining is wonderfully warm.

  • Minimalist sole; they’ll feel like a pair of Chuck Taylors, but built for winter.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not the most durable or versatile winter boots

  • Minimal tread—expect some slipping if you encounter snow and ice

What Other Reviewers Say

Unlike the other boots on our list, these don’t come with a lot of reviews. But the few users who have left comments all praise how warm the puffer-inspired shearling-lined uppers are. The cushioned sole is also a “win” for people who prefer a more minimalist style of shoe without overly aggressive tread.

The Verdict

These lightweight boots are built for those who want to look their best all winter long. Sure, they’re not the most aggressive or useful for deep snow drifts, but they’ll be ultra-stylish when paired with your ski suit or winter social wardrobe. They’ll keep you amply warm and comfortable all winter long.

Best Designer
Ross and Snow Shearling Lined Puff Boot
Step aside function; these boots are all about “form”. Stylish to the extreme, they feature hand-painted details to call attention and a puffer-inspired design that is truly unique. The shearling inner lining keeps them warm enough to use all winter long. They’re great for an apres-ski stroll or a winter night out on the town.
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Best Lightweight: Baffin Zone

These were the first pair of snow boots I ever bought in Canada, and I’ve loved (and worn) them ever since.

Though the Baffin Zone on the shorter side (just above the ankle), they’re easy to slip on and off. They’re also incredibly lightweight compared to the other snow boots I’ve tried.

Over years of using them for hiking and snowshoeing, I’ve found they offer amazing ankle support. I can wear them for hours out in even extreme cold (I’ve used them in -22F) and my feet stay warm and comfortable.

The fact that they’re built for marathons and ultramarathons is what drew me to them in the first place. I can safely say they’re one of my all-time favorite snow boots to stay active during the winter.

What I Like

  • Performance design; created for hikers, trekkers, and marathoners.

  • Fixed-Fit multi-layer inner boot system offers multi-layered insulation that can shrug off even bitter cold.

  • Waterproof yet surprisingly breathable.

  • Excellent cushioning both under and around your feet while you walk or run.

  • Polar Rubber™ outsole offers amazing traction and lasts for years of daily use

What I Don’t Like

  • The shoes are a bit on the shorter side; falling snow can seep in at my ankles and wet my socks.

What Other Reviewers Say

I’m not the only one who loves these boots. Reviewers have posted so many comments on how comfortable they are for active and everyday use, and how they shrug off cold even in bitter Canadian/Northeastern United States winters.

Some have even called them “the most comfortable snow boots” ever—a statement I definitely agree with.

The Verdict

Whether you need a pair of boots to hike long distances, snowshoe through the winter forests, or just be comfortable around town, the Baffin Zone is my top pick for you. They’re lightweight, beautifully versatile, and warm enough to endure even the coldest winter temperatures.

Best Lightweight
Baffin Zone
Walk for hours and you’ll barely feel the Baffin Zone snow boots on your feet, that’s how light they are. With excellent ankle support, thick cushioning for your feet, and a truly aggressive tread, they’re snow boots that will keep you active all winter long.
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3 Most Important Factors When Picking New Snow Boots

When I shop for snow boots, there is a definite hierarchy of importance that governs my decision:

1. Insulation

It is winter, after all. If it’s going to be cold out—and here, “cold” can mean -25F—I’m going to need a pair of boots built to withstand temperature extremes.

2. Waterproofing

I may not have to worry about water seeping into my boots when the world is frozen solid. However, when the weather starts to warm up, snow and ice turn to slush, which can get into boots that aren’t properly waterproofed and make everything very uncomfortable.

And, don’t forget that you bring the snow and ice indoors with you. The last thing I want is for the snow on my boots to melt and soak into my socks while I’m standing in line at the bank, walking around the supermarket, or unloading my groceries.  

3. Traction/Grip

Snow doesn’t stay soft and fluffy all winter long. It melts when temperatures rise then hardens to hard-packed snow or freezes to ice when temperatures drop again. When shopping for winter boots, I look for a pair that will offer good traction on every surface from slippery ice to freshly-fallen soft snow and everything in between.

Get Frosty

For those cold winters when the temperatures are below freezing and there’s snow on the ground, a good pair of snow boots won’t just be a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

They’ll keep your feet warm, protect against frostbite, provide waterproofing to keep out the snow and ice, and ensure you’ve got solid footing on treacherous and slippery ground.

The Sorel Caribou have been the best snow boots I’ve tried over my years of living in Canada. Their mid-calf height, stylish design, solid waterproofing, and excellent insulation makes them a pair of boots I’m glad to wear all winter long.

Best Overall
Sorel Caribou

A stylish duck boot built for winter, the Sorel Caribou will endure snow and ice while staying warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. Though they’re quality is top-tier, their price tag is affordable enough to make them a top-value purchase.

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What kind of boots should men wear in snow?

Snow boots, of course.

Don’t get me wrong: a lot of different boots will be serviceable in the snow. You can wear leather boots, hiking boots, rain boots, even cowboy boots, if that’s your style. But at the end of the day, the best pair of boots to keep out the cold and wet and provide good traction on snow will always be a good pair of snow boots.

What is a good brand of snow boots?

As you can see by our list above, we’re big fans of Sorel, Columbia, NORTIV-8, and Baffin.

Other good brands of snow boots include The North Face, Kamik, Merrell, and L.L. Bean. We just liked the choices listed above best, but these other brands are also worth considering.

Is Sorel a good snow boot?

In our opinion, Sorel makes the “best snow boot overall”: the Sorel Caribou. They have a few other boot options (including the 1964 Pac Nylon, Explorer Mission, Buxton, and Cheyanne), but it’s the Caribou that we feel is the best overall snow boot worth purchasing.

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