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William Barton Founder & Chief Editor

William founded BootSpy in 2020 with a simple mission: test and review popular men’s boots and give a real, honest opinion. Since then, we've welcomed over 3 million readers on our boot reviews and boot care guides. Reach out to him for your own personalized boot recommendation at william@bootspy.com. You can also join 36,000+ subscribers on the BootSpy YouTube channel, or send him a message on the BootSpy Instagram.
How to Lace Boots Cartoon of Boot Laces Front On

How to Lace Boots Like a Pro: 17 Secure and Classic Ways

Are you wondering how to get your boot laces looking and feeling just right? Learn how to lace boots once and for all with these six expert methods.

How to Clean Suede Boots Cartoon of Chelsea Boots next to a Suede Brush and Vinegar Bottle

How to Clean Suede Boots in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to clean suede boots with these four easy and fast methods. You only need a few items to get started and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Thursday Boots Captain Review Product Shot of Thursday Boots Captain in Brown Worn on Blank Background Image New

Thursday Captain Boot Review: My Thoughts After 5 Years of Wear

Do Thursday Boots live up to their reputation? I’ve been wearing my Captains for over five years now, and I’ve learned a thing or two. Here’s my honest review.

How to Shrink Leather Boots Cartoon of Hairdryer Drying Rubber Boots Blank Background

How to Shrink Leather Boots Without Going to a Cobbler

Are your boots too big? No worries. Check out this quick guide to learn how to shrink your leather boots five different ways from the comfort of your home.

Clarks Desert Boot Review Product Shot of Clarks Desert Boots on Plain Background

Clarks Desert Boot Review: Amazing Classics or Outdated?

Clarks Desert boots are celebrating 70 years. But just because they’ve been around doesn’t mean they’re the best boot in town. Read our full review here.

How Should Hiking Boots Fit Cartoon graphic of man hiking Outside

How Should Hiking Boots Fit? 6 Tips for a Pain-free Trek

Not sure if you have the right size hiking boots? Our complete guide on how hiking boots should fit has everything you need to know before hitting the trails.

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit Image

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit? 3 Signs Your Boots Aren’t Right

Not sure if you have the right size cowboy boots? Our complete guide on how cowboy boots should fit has everything you need to know before hitting the ranch.

How to Break In Boots Sketch of guy sitting down and trying to pull on boots Plain background

How to Break in Boots Properly: 13 Painless Tips

Are your new boots giving you trouble? Never fear, BootSpy is here. Learn how to break in boots the right way with these 13 easy-to-follow tips.

Boots Like Timberlands Timberlands Lookalikes on Plain Yellow Background

11 Boots Like Timberlands: The Best Timberland Look Alikes

Love the Timberland look but don’t want to stump up that much dough? Check out these 11 boots like Timberlands to nail the style without nailing your wallet.

Hiking Boots vs Work Boots What s the Difference Cartoon of hiking boots and work boots next to each other

Hiking Boots vs Work Boots: What’s the Difference?

Wondering whether you can wear your work boots on a hike? Before you set off, you should consider these key things when comparing hiking boots vs work boots.

How Should Boots Fit 2

How Should Boots Fit? Your Guide to Perfect Fitting Boots

Getting the wrong boot size is both uncomfortable and bad for you. Learn how boots should fit once and for all and get a fit like Cinderella, every time.

Types of Boots Cartoon of a row of boots hanging on boot hangers plain background

17 Types of Boots Every Guy Must Know About

Gentlemen, these are the 16 types of boots you should know about before you pick up your next pair—including at least one you may not have heard of.